Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Spirit of Spring 3 (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.Do Not Put on any Website or Group with out my written permission.
Here is another tut done with Myst's Beautiful kit "A Spirit of Spring" you can find it Here 
The tube I am using is by Anniebel Here
Her site is under construction,any Spring tag will do.
Drop Shadow= DS= 2,2, 50,5 black
  Filter= Eye Candy 5--Texture=texture noise
800 X 800
1.) Wood Bridge--R= 50% & 80% X2---Copy and Paste=C&P---as New Raster Layer= NRL--Adjust--sharpen--un-sharp mask--DS
2.) Preset Shapes--SK Random 25--egg shaped--anti-alias checked--create as vector--checked--line--solid--width--10 color--B/null F/448db6  draw a small area under bridge--EX.1
3.) Grab top node and move circle down--EX.2
4.) Now grab node again and move it up--bring layer below bridge--and move bottom node up--once happy with the water under your bridge--convert-to-raster-layer--in layer palette---DS--MD--rename pond
5.) Cluster 1--R= 20% and place in front of Bridge
6.) Open another Cluster Frame--R= 20%--with freehand selection tool-- go around part of the fence--we're going to make the fence larger on canvas--EX.3-6--copy and duplicate as many times you need to finish fence--after you have it like you want--close all other layers but fence and merge visible--crop opaque--rename fence if you want and then add DS.
7.) Desert Rose--R= 20% & 80% X4--un-sharp mask--place near pond,DS-- I duplicated mine and placed them around the pond--TR
8.) Paper 2--R=50% place behind fence--duplicate it and move dup. below original,and move it so it looks good-TR
9.) 86A274 Fill color--on background-with Lasso tool-place middle of fence and draw a square or so around bottom of canvas--EX.7
NRL flood fill layer
10.) EC5--Texture--texture noise= EX.8
Add noise to original layer--checked---11,7,7,10
rotate texture= 163---Diamonds
11.58,16.88,95 seamless tile--checked--random seed=2191

11.) Copy and Paste=C&P--Tube--as New Raster Layer= NRL-- resize if needed,place where you'd like--DS
12.) Add some elements--here is what I added
13.) Flower Vase 1=R= 20% & 80% X4--un-sharp mask---DS
14.) Flower Vase 2=R-15% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--place behind tube layer---DS
15.) Flower Bunch--R=15% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--DS--free rotate-left 90% and then left 45%--place near tube--DS--TR
16.) Goose--R=15% & 80% X2-- un-sharp mask---DS
17.) Lady bug--R= 10%--C&P as NRL and place near fence--I duplicated it a couple of times and resized by 80%,and moved them all over the fence
18.) Rocking chair with Kitten--R= 30% & 80% X2 ---mirror--place layer beneath goose layer.
19.) Ducklings--R=20% & 80% X3--unsharp mask--DS--duplicate---R= 80% and move them over-Duplicate--R=80%--mirror--place layer below frame
20.) Duck 1--R=15% & 80% X5--un-sharp mask--DS
21.) Merge Visible all layers--R= 63%--sharpen
22.) Add all Copy Rights and name and then save as PNG.
thank you for trying my tut

A Spirit of Spring 1 & 2 (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial,and Resemblance to others is purely coincidental.Do NOT place it on any website or Group without my written permission.
This Beautiful kit is by Myst called "A Spirit of Spring" and can be found Here
And of course this Beautiful Tube is By Barbara Jensen and can be found at her store Here 
Drop Shadow=DS=2,2,50,5 black
 You need 2 tubes for this or, a close-up & tube set.
800 X 800
1.) Frame 5 --Resize=RS--40 %--sharpen - un-sharp mask 
2.) With Magic wand click inside the frame--selections-modify--expand X5.
3.) Paper 10 (or one of choice) R=22%--invert on frame,delete on paper,Select None= SN..
crop Opaque
Move paper below frame,DS on both.
4.) Copy and Paste= C&P --Tube as New Raster Layer=NRL---place under frame--erase any of the tube that is sticking out..
5.) Duplicate tube---adjust--blur--gaussian X5---Blend Mode =BM= multiply---opacity 80%--merge down both tube layers,DS
6.) Ribbon 1--R=20--un-sharp mask-C&P as NRL--place it on bottom of the frame--DS--Tag Reference= TR
7.) Sweetpea--R=20% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it on the left side of the ribbon---DS---duplicate--and mirror--move duplicate a little--TR-- with background closed off Merge Visible all layers---R= 80% X2==sharpen
8.) Bead String--R=20%--un-sharp mask--place below frame--DS
9.) Flower Cluster 1--R=70% & 80% X2-- un-sharp mask-C&P as NRL  move it down a little past frame--then place layer above the background layer--DS--TR
10.) Swirl 2--R=50% & 80%X2--un-sharp mask--duplicate and mirror--and place 1 on each side of the frame---TR--merge down & place Layer right above the background layer--DS
11.) Topiary 2--R=50% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--DS--place on left move layer on top of background.
12.) Fuchsia--R= 40% & 80% X3--un-sharp mask--DS- and place it on right upper side of tag--TR-
13.) C&P main tube  as NRL--R= if needed---Place it where you think it'd look good---I placed mine on the bottom of tag--DS--TR
14.) Daffodil Bunch--R= 20% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--place it on bottom of plant--DS--TR
15.) Bubble--80% C&P as NRL--take raster deform tool--or pick tool--place bubble over frame,and using your deform to move the nodes and strech it to fit around the frame,nicely--DO NOT DS-
16.) Brad 1-R=50% & 80% X3--un-sharp mask-- place it on left upper side between the plant and the doodle--DS--TR
17.) Ducklings--R=20% & 80% X1 un-sharp mask--place it on left bottom--DS
18.) Duplicate ducklings ( I resized mine X80% per ducklings-) and place them where you'd like.
19.) Sunflower1-R=10% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--Place on her left side, move layer beneath tube layer--DS-
Duplicate & Mirror--place below chicks on the right--TR
20.) Rose1--R=20% & 80% X3 un-sharp mask--Place on bottom of tag--below tube--TR--DS--Duplicate and R= 80% X4--Place under tube--keep repeating until your happy---TR
21.) On tube--duplicate--blur--motion blur--A/182--St..53
BM--Multiply--Opacity= 80%---move layer below tube layer---DS
22.) Spring Hat--R=10% & 80%--C&P as NRL--Place it on plant--DS--merge visible all layers but background
23.) Paper 1--or of choice--R=23% & 96%--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL right above background..add a mask of choice---in layer palette--delete mask--yes--un-group layers
24.) Now merge Visible all layers--including background--R=63%--sharpen
25.) Add ALL Copy rights and your name..Save as PNG.
Alternate Background
26.) Instead of using a mask--I used a background to give it the illusion of a forest.--then just Merge Visible All layers--Add all Copyrights and name--then save it as PNG..
I have an alternate tag below--Hope you enjoyed my tut.

Serenity Park (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely by coincidence. Do NOT upload or Copy this to any website or group without my Written Permission.
The Beautiful Tube I am using is by Rachael Tallamy and can be bought Here 
This Awesome Scrap Kit is by Jackie Jewels and you can buy it Here 
Filter  used: VanDerLee---Snowflakes
Drop Shadow=DS= 2,2,50,5 black

1.) Grass--Copy and Paste= C&P as New Raster Layer= NRL--place it on the bottom. Duplicate and flip--move it under 1st layer--merge down (EX.1)

2.) Duplicate--mirror--merge down--DS--duplicate--move up- and merge down.
3.) With raster deform tool (pick tool)--stretch the grass out a bit,to fit all the bottom section of canvas.--crop--opaque
4.) On top layer--C&P Tube as NRL--duplicate--adjust--blur--gaussian--5--Blend Mode=BM=multiply--Opacity= 70%--Merge down---DS
5.) Fountain--Resize=R--50% & 80%--adjust--sharpen--unsharp mask--default--C&P as NRL and place on left side DS--tag reference=TR
6.) Flower bundle2--R= 80% X 3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL place near tube--DS
7.) Flower Floaties--C&P as NRL and place below tube layer
8.) Flower petals--C&P as NRL and place at bottom of canvas
9.) Fence 2--R=50% C&P as NRL--DS--TR---Duplicate and Mirror
10.) Fence1 R= 50%--C&P as NRL and place next to fence2--once all layers are lined evenly--merge down fence layers.
11.) Bench--R= 70%--sharpen--DS--place behind tube
12.) Tree 1---R-80%--C&P as NRL--Place it behind the fountain--DS--duplicate,R=80% (add a few trees to backgound--resizing as you go) TR
13.) Purse--R=80% X4---unsharp mask--put it on the bench behind the tube.
14.) Stone Path--R=80% unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it on the grass--in front of tree and under tube---DS--duplicate--flip and join the ends once happy--merge down, place it so the walk looks like mine.
15.) Umbrella--R= 80% X3---unsharp mask--DS--TR--and place layer below tube layer
16.) Street lamp--R--60% unsharp mask--place behind the bench layer--DS--duplicate--mirror---place this one brhind fence---TR
17.) Puppy 1--R=60%--sharpen--place bottom left--DS
18.) Flower 1--R= 70% & 80%--C&P as NRL--place behind tree layer---duplicate and mirror--move up just a bit--merge down---TR
19.) Growing VIne--C&P as NRL--place it on the fence--make it look like its growing on fence--DS--duplicate and Mirror---TR
20.) Flower 3--C&P as NRL and place them on the fence,near the gate--DS--duplicate and mirror (TR)
21,) C&P Paper 3--place it right above the background layer,move it down so you have green behind the fence as your grass---TR
22.) In material pallette-- put 9BD2C5--now on background layer--add new raster layer--Flood fill with that color--rename sky if you want
23.) Clouds--C&P as NRL--place on top layer--duplicate a couple of times--DS--TR
24.) Balloon 2--R= 50% unsharp mask---place it on your sky--DS---TR-
25.)Balloon with Puppy--R=50%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL on top layer, near one of your clouds--DS--TR
26.) Kite--R--50%--unsharp mask--Mirror--C&P as NRL and place it behind tree--like its floating away--DS--TR
27.) Frog--R--50%--C&P as NRL and place it on the walkway---DS--TR
28.) If you don't want to animate--then resize all 63%--sharpen,add all Copyright info---and Name
then save as PNG
29.) to animate do these next steps:
30.) close out all layers above the fountain,close out fountain..then merge visible all layers below fountain---rename bottom.
31.) now close out bottom, open all layers above fountain (except puppy--keep closed) --merge visible all layers--rename top
32.) Now resize all layers 63%--sharpen all layers-there should be 4--bottom--fountain--top---puppy
Add all Copyrights and now lets animate
open fountain layer
33.) Duplicate fountain layer 2X = 3 layers
close out top 2 layers--now working on the bottom layer--first you want to get your lasso tool--(freehand selection tool) point to point--add shift--feather=1--smoothing=0--anti-alias--checked
go around the outside of fountains water as shown in EX.2
on #1-- go to vanderlee snowflakes--these settings:
amt= 250
Min. =0
max. = 20
Hard.= 100
Tran. = 0
Basic = Icy Blue
Random seed = 1
close out-layer 1
open layer 2-= add same filter change random seed to--20
close out 2--open layer 3---change random seed to--30.
close out layer 3
Open animation shop.
Open all layers but 2 and 3 of animated fountain
copy merged and place into animation shop as a new animation.
close out ani.1--open ani. 2--copy merged and paste after current frame.
close out ani.2 and open ani. 3---copy merged and paste after current frame.
Now you should have 3 frame layers--once your happy.
save as gif.
Thanks for trying my tut.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Lovin (PTU)

I wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.
The Artwork I am using is by Popeye Wong and is FTU you can find it Here 
This awesome scrap-kit is called "Summer Lovin" by Stina and It is being sold at Scrappin Naturally Here  
I used the Poser from the kit, As Popeye Wong does allow it,as long its okay with the other Artist..Please if you do use the posers,make sure the artist you use,allows mixing.
Drop Shadow= DS=2,2,50,5 black
800 X 800
1.) Jukebox--Resize-=R=60%--sharpen-unsharp mask.Move to the left side and in the middle--DS---Tag reference= TR
2.) Copy and Paste=C&P--Tube as New raster layer= NRL. Place tube on the right towards the bottom of canvas..DS---TR.
3.) Rockabyebabe # 5--R=60%--unsharp mask- place near jukebox---DS
4.) Drive-in---R=60%---move behind all layers,layer should be above background layer---DS
5.) Clock--R=50% unsharp mask---place it up left corner--DS--TR
6.) Caddi 1--R= 50% C&P as NRL and place it behind your tube---DS
7.) PK Ladies Jacket---R= 50% ---unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place layer right above background layer ,and move the jacket in the middle of canvas---DS---TR
8.) Teddy Bear---R= 50% & 80% X 2---unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place in front of jukebox,DS ---TR
9.) Shake 1---R=50% and 80% X 2---unsharp mask---C&P as NRL and place between the tubes toward center of canvas--DS----TR
10.) Shake 2---repeat the steps above,and place it next to shake 1..
11.) Hearts 7--C&P as NRL and place it right above back ground layer---flip and place---TR
12.) Hearts 2,C&P as NRL and place it over the other heart layer,move toward the bottom,mirror----DS---TR.
13.) Close out background layer and Merge Visible all others, now find a paper of choice---I used Paper #18-- make sure it's below merged layer..
14.) Add a mask of choice---I'm using one of Becky's Creations----apply--delete mask--ungroup layers..
15.) Heart 1--R= 50% and 80% X3---unsharp mask---C&P as NRL--I placed it in front of the teddy---DS--TR.
16.) Duplicate heart--R= 80% ---and place it where ever you wish--add a few- R==80% each time,before you place them.
17.) Lip 1 R= 50% and 80% X5---unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it on top of the clock----DS---TR--
Duplicate lips--R-=80% mirror and place it on the right..TR
18.) Word Art--Summer Lovin (or 1 you want) R= 50% and 80% X2----unsharp mask--place in center on the bottom--Gradient Glow 3 fat and then DS.
19.) Merge Visible all layers--R= 63% sharpen 1 X--
20.) Add all Copy Rights and Name and once happy save as PNG.
Thanks for looking.