Saturday, June 30, 2012

Emo Summer PTU

I wrote this Tutorial, any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. This Colorful summer kit is called "Emo Summer" and it's by Black Widow Creationz,Thanks Cari for letting me use it.. You can find it on her site  Here 
The Tubes I am using is from a very talented artist Amberly Berendson and can be found at MTA   Here 
  Filters --- Eye Candy 5 -- Impact -- Here
Mask is by CMC-- Here  
Supplies--EX- Here
Drop Shadow= DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Let's get started:
800 X 800
1.) EL 12--Resize= R=90% -Sharpen-- Copy and Paste = C&P=As New Raster = NRL= onto canvas-- place on bottom-- now duplicate and close original..
2.) On duplicate--with your Lasso tool go around  top half--- EX 1--- and then delete it --- EX 2 --- opacity = 70% and close out for now--- open original El 12
 3.) working on top layer --C&P--- EL 14--- bring it to the bottom--DS
 4.) C&P Tube as NRL--- place on left side of sand, and move layer between both bottom sand layers--- Duplicate tube-- adjust--gaussian blur--6--Blend Mode = BM = Hard Light --Opacity = 80 % -- Merge Down = MD--- DS
 5.) C&P 2nd Tube as NRL--(resizing if needed) place to the right and back a little, move between the 2 bottom sand layers-- duplicate tube --- gaussian blur= 6--- BM = multiply--- opacity = 90% --- MD--- DS
 6.) Now open up the duplicate and fix it in front of the tubes--- Tag Reference = TR
 7.) EL 13 -- R = 80% X 2-adjust--sharpen--un-sharp mask-- working back on top layer--C&P as NRL-- move it to the bottom- in between tubes -- DS
 8.) EL 23 -- R = 80 % X 2 --un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place it between both tubes-- DS-- and move this below both tube layers.
 9.) EL 26 --R = 60% - un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place between tubes --and move layer right below castle--- DS--TR
10.) EL 20--R = 60%--un-sharp mask-- mirror -- C&P-- As NRL-- place her in front of tube on the right--- DS --- place layer below castle.
11.) EL 21--- 50% & 80% X 2 -- un-sharp mask---C&P as NRL and place it on the left side of canvas on the bottom --- DS -- Rotate -- free rotate--- left 20%.
12.) EL 30 -- R--80% X2 -- un-sharp mask -- mirror --- place tree on bottom sand-- DS--- when happy with placement--- Duplicate and mirror ---MD --- TR
13.) EL 3 --R- 50% -- un-sharp mask --- C&P as NRL -- place on Bottom --- DS
14.) EL 34 -- C&P as NRL-- place it right above background Layer-- DS.
15.)  EL 33 -- R = 50%---  un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL --- place it in front of canvas -- DS -- TR
16.) EL 4 -- R = 50%--- un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place on left side, move this layer below lotion layer-- DS -- TR.
17.) EL 6-- R = 70% --- un-sharp mask -- C&P as NRL and place this layer below the ball layer -- DS--TR.
18.) EL 5-- R = 50% & 80% X 2 ---un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place on right side -- DS -- move layer below tree layer--- duplicate and mirror --- TR --- once happy MD.
19.) EL 9--- R= 60% & 80% X 3---  un-sharp mask --- C&P as NRL -- place in the middle of lifesaver -- DS --- TR
20.) With lasso tool draw a section under the boat -- EX 3--
on bottom layer add NRL -- flood fill with --- 10B2EE ---Select none.
21.) on flood filled layer go to -- Eye Candy 5 -- IMPACT--- Glass-- these settings -- Settings = Clear ---Basic --- 3,0,0, inside selection checked -- color---  10B2EE ---0,0,50,75,75,10.80,20  --- OK--- DS
22.) EL 7 -- R = 50% & 80% -- un-sharp mask--- C&P as NRL -- Place behind castle,and slightly in front of tube on the left -- DS --TR
23.) with the bottom background still closed--merge visible all layers... 
24.) PP 6 ---C&P as NRL-- place layer above Background-- Add mask -- I used one from CMCs Summer collection--June 16,2011 -- Myth mask 62--- after applying the mask, delete it- and ungroup layers..
25.) Now open background layer--Merge Visible all layers, and then Resize -- = 63%-- sharpen
26.) Add ALL Copy Right info and save as PNG..
I hope you can understand my tut and enjoyed it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SeaShells PTU

I wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence.
The lovely Mermaid is by Selena Fenech she was with CILM when I got her work and she can now be found Here and Here
This Beautiful Scrap kit is by Black Widow Creationz and can be found Here
Filters: Mura's Meister ---copies found Here 
Drop Shadow= DS=2,2,50,5 black
My Examples Here 
 At the end of this tutorial, I will show you how to animate the tag,there are examples in my supplies for the animated one as well..
Let's Start
800 X 800
1.) EL 36- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL-- Center-- now duplicate this one, and close original
2.) MMCopies--Line-Wraparound-Normal--feedback--center
change these--Numbers--= 6
X = 52 --- Y = -36  ---- Angle =  -10 ---- Rotation =  0 -- color = A0002E
Check EX.1
3.) On Duplicate --- opacity = 50% --open original and then merge down -= MD
4.) Now we are going to change the color of our rings..Get 2 colors from your sure to write them down,easier to do this,next step...I chose a dark ( 55889E) and a light (9cc9d3) you can use any color/colors you wish...
5) Adjust-- Color Balance-- Manual Color Correction--- Source Color = A0002E (color from original circles)
Target Color (I used the light color from my tube--you can use whatever color you wish)  EX 2..
6.) C&P Tube as NRL--Resize = R-- if needed...Place her in the middle of circles--and then move her slightly over to the left--DS--Tag Reference = TR.
7.) EL 17 R = 70% -- With Lasso Tool go around the top of the sand.. EX. 3
 Copy--and paste as new image, close this one ( you might want to use the mound part later) now delete-- then C&P the sand -- EX. 4
 as NRL and place on the bottom of the canvas..move layer right above background layer and place it  like EX 5
8.) Get your color from the Sand --- C5A87F--- MMCopies--
Line==H--tile Normal- feedback center--- 116 ---  -32 --- 73  ---  15 --- / --- / ---  68 ---  38 --- 0 ---  0 --- / 91
EX. 6  (move layer above background layer )
9.) With raster Deform tool/Pick tool -- move the sand down.. EX.7
10.) PP 10 -- C&P as NRL--place below the sand layer..
11.) EL. 12 -- R = 60 %  & 80% X2-- Place on Bottom left-- DS --
Duplicate-- == Dup.--- R -- 80% place on bottom-middle...if you want more dup.-- and resize--place them around the bottom..--MD-when finished.
12.) EL 15--- R = 50% & 80% X 2-- adjust--sharpen--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- DS -- place it on Bottom right and then dup.-- R -- 80% and move it over..Dup.-- and place around the bottom-- MD--when done.
13.) EL 6-- R = 80% -- move to right side of tag --DS-- dup-- R = 80% mirror -- move this layer --below the sand layer mound-- dup.--R = 80%- mirror --( I did a few of them to make the underwater look)
14.) EL 14--R = 60% & 80% X4 -- unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--dup.- and close duplicate. On original use your deform tool or pick tool,and turn it down some.Then with your Lasso tool go over the end of shell-when happy delete,and place shell like its stuck in the sand.. DS-- EX. 8-- on your original--R= 80% and place it where you want, you can dup. it again,resizing as you go if you wish,and add more shells..
15.) EL 19--R= 50% & 80% X4--unsharp. mask -- C&P as NRL and place it at the bottom.. I made a few of these as well, duplicating them and resizing as I went.
16.) EL 22- R= 80% --- C&P as NRL and place on the right side of canvas--dup. R= 80%-- Mirror-- Dont Drop Shadow--
17.) EL 25--C&P as NRL and place at the very bottom of canvas.
18.) Close out Pearls,Bubbles,Seashells on top,seaweed on top,and tube--- Merge Visible all layers below tube.. then close out.. rename-- sea background
19.) open all other layers and Merge visible-- you should only have 2 layers--merged and sea background
20.) R==all layers---63%--sharpen both layers--now Add all Copy right info..and place them where you wish..if you do not want to animate--go ahead and Merge Visible all 3 layers and save as Png..
If you want to animate,continue 
Let's Animate
1.) Merge down, CR./Name layer with top layer,then close out top layer... C&P Sea background as new Animation.
2.) Effects-insert image effect--underwater--ok-- EX. 9
once done delete 1st frame..
3.) back to PSP-- close out Sea background and open top layer--C&P top layer and paste as New Animation- there are 2 ways to add your top-- you can either
A.) Click on frame 1--edit--select all- Propagate Paste--and then Paste Into Selected Frame--- this will place the top in all 24 frames-- now view and save as gif...
B.) 2ns animation-- on top layer, duplicate till you have 24 layers--
on sea animation, edit-select all- make sure all frame are blue highlighted--- then go to top frames--edit--select all--and make sure both sets are on top of each other--- EX.10
and then click on the top frames and slide them into the sea frames... EX. 11
View and Save as Gif.. 
Thank you for trying my Tutorial,I hope it was easy to follow,and I would like to see what you have is at bottom of my profile.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spring in the Air PTU

I wrote this Tutorial,any Resemblance to others is purely by coincidence. Please DO NOT place them on any Website,Group or Forum,Without my Permission.
The art I am using is by Bez Boardman  Here 
This Beautiful kit is by Black Widow Creationz called "Spring in the Air" and can be found  Here 
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5
Let's begin
800 X 800
1.) EL 37--Resize = R= 80% Copy and Paste = C&P---as New Raster Layer = NRL.
2.) with Magic Wand clink inside frame--Selections--modify--expand X6
3.) PP11-C&P as NRL--Place over frame--on frame layer--invert and on Paper layer--delete--Select None= SN---DS both Paper and frame. Move paper below frame
4.) EL 55---C&P as NRL and place it on paper below frame--Move layer below frame layer---DS
5.) EL 6--C&P as NRL and place behind #3) DS
6.)EL 52--R= 80%---C&P as NRL place below frame---DS---Tag Reference= TR
7.) Close off background layer--merge visible = MV--all layers--then move up to the right a little---TR
8.) C&P Tube as NRL--R--if needed.Sharpen if needed---DS
9.) EL 5--C&P as NRL---Place above background layer--move it towards bottom left--DO NOT DS--TR
10.) EL 13--R= 80% X2--place on lower bottom right---DS--duplicate--R-80% X2--sharpen--place lower left bottom--move layer below tube.
11.) EL 10-- R--80% X4-adjust-sharpen-unsharp mask--place on lower bottom--DS (if you wish, duplicate and place a few around canvas --resizing some)
(For Animation---Duplicate 7 X's--working from top #1-R--80% X3-free rotate RT.--30-- this should be about 2 squares from top
#2- R= 80% X2-- free rotate Lt--30--this should be 6 rows from top
#3--R-80%- free rotate Rt--30--this should be 3 rows from #2
#4- free rotate Lt--20--move this one below #3 a little.
#5- free rotate Rt--20--move this one below #4 a little.
#6--  leave and move it down a little from #5
#7--move this one to the bottom of canvas,TR
Close out all layers but 7 )
12.) On top Layer---EL2--R--80% X2--unsharp mask-C&P as NRL and place on left side of frame--use deform tool to position--DS--TR
13.) EL 18--R= 60% & 80% X2--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place on bottom right--DS--duplicate and Mirror--place below petal layer.
14.) EL 11--R--80% X 2--C&P as NRL --Mirror--DS and move layer below #7
15.) EL 35--R= 80% X2--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--Place behind Tube--DS-TR
16.) EL 23--Flip--C&P as NRL--DS-Place on left side of frame,move layer below merged layer--duplicate --mirror--move it down a little--TR
17.) EL 25--R--60% & 80%--C&P as NRL--mirror-- move to left side --DS--place layer below tube and lily layers
18.) EL 16--R= 60% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL Place on right side and on bow--use deform tool to turn it,move it until your happy..Move layer below # layers
19.) Duplicate-- R= 80% and mirror-- place below #1 (TR)
20.) EL 33--R= 80% X2--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--Plae on right corner below Bow
21.) Make sure you Layers #1-7 and background layers are closed... now MV all layers
22.) PP5 (or one of your choice) C&P as NRL--place above background--add  mask of choice-- I used WSL # 56 Here
on layer palette--delete mask--ungroup layers
23.) open background,leave layers #1-7 closed,--MV all layers and R--63%= 504 X 504--add all Copy Right information and your name-- save as PNG if your not animating,,
Now lets animate--Open animation shop and 
Starting with #1, C&P for a 7 frame tag..once all downloaded--go to edit--all--animation properties--animation--opaque--white--- this puts the white background on all frames now lets change frame properties..
Click in frame 1-- go to Frame properties and change to 100--
#2= 110
#3= 120
#4= 130
#5= 140
#6= 150
#7= 200
View and save as GIF--
thank yo for trying my tut..
Here is a PNG tag

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Cutie--PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,and resemblance to others is Purely a coincidence. Please do NOT place this on any Website,Group,or Forum with out Permission from Myself.
The tube is by Anastasiya Igolochka Here
And this Awesome kit is by Purple Kreationz and can be found Here
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5 black
No Outside Filters
Let's get started
800 X 800
1.) Frame 1- Copy and Paste = C&P= as New Raster Layer = NRL
2.) With magic wand- click inside the frame--Selection--Modify--Expand X6
3.) Paper 22 or paper of choice---C&P as NRL-- on frame-- invert and on paper delete Select None = SN---- now Crop--opaque (800 X 800)--- move paper below frame and DS both.
4.) C&P Tube as NRL---Resize = R--if Needed and don't forget to sharpen.  Place tube under frame and erase any that is outside of frame.
5.) Duplicate tube--adjust--blur--Gaussian--6--blend mode= BM- Soft Light--merge down= MD--DS-- close bottom layer and Merge Visible= MV
6.) Duplicate--free rotate right 30, Duplicate original-- free rotate  left 30--- move both behind the original--play with them till all 3 frames are even across the bottom...MV--Tag reference = TR---Move it up a little
7.) Wire 1--move it up in the middle of canvas,place layer below merged--duplicate and flip--MD
5.) Wing 2--Place on bottom wire--DS-- and move it to the side--TR--Duplicate and Mirror, place this one on  the wire--TR--MD
9.) Web 2--working on top layer (in layer palette) C&P as NRL--place on bottom wire...DS
10.) Tombstone 2-R= 80X2-- adjust--sharpen--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--Place between wings on the bottom--DS
11.) String 1 R=80%--place top middle-sharpen--DS
12.) Stars 3--place on bottom right --DS --duplicate--flip--mirror.
13.) Stars 1-- mirror-- C&P as NRL--place on left side-- Ds-- duplicate--flip-- mirror--TR
14.)  Cake1---R= 80% X3--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--place on left side of tombstone---DS
15.) Splat 2--C&P as NRL-- place in the middle of canvas--once happy--in layer palette--place splat right above background layer.
16.) Rose 8--R = 60% & 80% X 2-- un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--Place on right side of tombstone--DS---TR---- duplicate it--R= 80%--place on the right next to 1st rose--duplicate this one and place it on the left of 1st rose.--TR
17.) Rose 6-- R= 60% & 80%-- C&P as NRL and place behind Cake--DS 
18.) Rose 2 -- 60% X 80 -- un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place it on the lower right side of tombstone ----behind the dark roses---DS---duplicate--mirror--and place it next to the other rose--TR.
19.) Ribbon 1--R-- 60% & 80%--un-sharp mask--place it right side of canvas--on the wing--angle it if you wish--DS--move layer below merged,and above wings--TR
20.) Demon Skull--R--60% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it on splat--DS
21.) Barbed Heart 1-C&P as NRL and place it on the right side of canvas in the Middle...DS
22.) Lips1 (or your choice)-- R= 60% sharpen--place it on left side of frames--DS--TR-- duplicate  and place it around the canvas--R=80% and sharpen--for each lips--TR
23.) Barbed wire-- R= 80% X 2-- un-sharp mask-- place it under the string layer-- DS--TR
24.) With background still closed--MV all layers
25.) C&P P19--( paper of choice ) above background layer--add mask of choice--I used "Babes designs mask 7"--now delete mask in layer palette--and ungroup layers-
26.) Open background layer and MV all layers--
27.) R= 63%= 504X504--- Add ALL Copy Right information--name and save as PNG..
For the Fonts.. I used a Monogram--size 60  stroke 2--and I used the colors from the tag...
For the name I used a Goth font--size 48 stroke 2--same colors..
Thanks for doing my tutorial,and I hope it was easy to follow.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Raceday PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely by coincidence. Please do NOT place it on any Website or Yahoo-group/Forum, without Permission from Me.
The Awesome kit I am using is by Black Widow Creationz called "No Limits" and can be found Here
I'm Using the awesome Tubes by KennyK who used to be at AMI and is now at CDO and you can find them Here 
Filter= Mura's  Meister---Copies
Drop Shadow= DS=2,2,50,5 black
1.) El 38 Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL--onto Canvas--with magic wand--click inside Element--Selection-Modify--Expand X6 Add NRL-- and Flood Fill with Black---select none = SN--and move below the frame layer.
We're going to make a road.
2.) Open New Canvas and in your material palette make one of your colors white.
3.) With selection tool--rectangle--add shift--feather = 1--anti alias checked.---draw a medium rectangle--up and down -- once done add NRL and flood fill with white...SN--(EX. 1)

4.) Resize = R= 75% and go to MMCopies use these setting--Line--off--normal---line and change # to 6,leave all others alone--default settings.
5.) Now go to Images-Rotate and Rotate clockwise 90%---(EX.2)

6.) C&P as NRL on top of frame if the lines are still too big resize them--I resized mine (50% & 70% & 80% X2) duplicate--and flip-- bring them together-- so they look like (EX.3)

I Made mine big so you can see it clearly.Move under frame  and erase any that hangs over.Merge Down = MD
 once done..Close out bottom layer and merge all visible.. free rotate left 90% --Image--Mirror
7.) EL 44 and 43-R= 50%--selections--sharpness--un-sharp mask. C&P them onto canvas as NRL , place them where you wish----Merge Visible all layers & R= 70% sharpen--and move up a little---(tag Reference=TR)
8.) EL 4--R= 75% * 80%--un-sharp mask- place on top right side---DS
9.) EL 5 -- R= 75% & 80% --un-sharp mask-- place on left side--DS
10.) EL 8--R= 75% X2 & 80%-- Unsharp mask-- place on bottom left-- DS
11.) EL 7-- Place on bottom right-- DS--TR
12.) EL 55-- R= 75% X2 -- un0sharp mask-- Place on bottom right--TR-- DS--- Place layer above background layer
13.) EL 28--R= 80% X2 -- Place bottom left--duplicate-- place right next to each other--MD and DS
14.) EL 15--R= 70% --- Place on Bottom layer-- move to left middle--DS--
15.) Add any Tube you want--place them where you wish--add DS
16.. on new canvas 800 X800 C&P EL 30---as NRL--R= 70%-- sharpen--go to MMCOPIES--- Wallpaper-- (Random-tile-normal) default settings--ok
C&P as NRL place on bottom right above background..
Add any mask you wish---delete mask--ungroup layers..
Now Merge Visible all layers-- Resize 63% 
17.) Add all Copy right info.. your name and then save as PNG.
Thank you for doing my tutorial

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Puppy Tails (PTU)

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental..Please DO NOT place it on any website or Yahoo-group/ Forum with out my written permission.
This Awesome Animal kit is by Alika's Scraps named" Puppy Tails" and is sold here 
The Tube is by Jose Cano..I got mine at MPT..but he is now with PTE and you can find it Here 
Drop Shadow= DS- 2,2,50,5 black
Let's get started..
800 X 800
1.) Frame 82-- resize - R= 90% & 80% -sharpen - Copy and Paste = C&P-- as New Raster Layer = NRL
2.) With Magic Wand click in the center of frame--selection--modify--expand=6
3.) C&P Paper 4 as NRL place over frame...Invert on frame and delete on paper...then crop --opaque--800x800--move paper below frame,and add DS.
4.) C&P Tube as NRL (R= as needed)  place over frame...duplicate tube and place below frame--- on top tube,with your erase tool gently go over the part of tube that is over the frame..-- on duplicate add X out background layer and Merge Visible all other layers (you can leave background closed)
5.) Resize 90% --sharpen--move up to the 3rd box from top..
6.) El. 16-- R- 80 % --sharpen--unsharp  mask-- Place on lower right side of frame--DS--Tag Reference = TR
7.) El 18 -- R= 80 X 3-- unsharp mask-- Place next to dog house-- DS
8.) El 2 ---R- 80% X 2-- unsharp mask-- Mirror---Place next to bowl--DS
9.) El 30 -- R= 80% --- unsharp mask-- place on top of frame--right--DS--TR
10.) El 33--Place on left side top frame--then move layer below merged layer---DS---TR
11.) El 34--Mirror---Place on left middle--flip and place below dog house---DS--TR
12.) El 48-- Place below merged layer--with lasso tool--point to point- add shift--feather=1---smoothing=0---anti-alias=checked--- go around bottom loop-- then hit delete on keyboard--DS
13.) Paper 13---Place on bottom above background layer---add mask of choice ( I used Artmama's mask 15) delete mask-- and ungroup layers..
14.) El 9--R-80% X 6--unsharp mask-- place on bottom left of canvas--DS---next to puppy--TR
15.) El 8-- R 50 % and 80%  C&P as NRL --place below El 9 layer DS and TR
16.) El 5--R= 50% C&P as NRL place right above background layer--unsharp mask--place on top of left corner--DS
17.) El 54 --Mirror--C&P as NRL and place it on right side in the middle---DS-- mirror---merge down-- place this layer on top of background layer--duplicate--flip and merge down
18.) El 102-- C&P as NRL--DS-- place layer on top of mask layer 
19.) El 65--- R=50% X 3--unsharp mask-- C&P on doghouse as NRL---Gradient Glow--3--med...--DS-- TR
20.) El 68--R= 50% unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL place layer above background layer--duplicate it a few X's--I did 5 X's and placed it around the canvas---TR
21.) El 7-- R= 80% mirror---C&P as NRL--place on top layer as NRL--move to right side--DS--TR---
Un-X background layer
22.) Merge Visible all layers---R= 63%--sharpen
23.) Add all Copy Right info..your name and save as PNG.
The font I used is Ennobled Pet --thought I'd add that, since it took me awhile to find it...
Thanks for trying my tutorial

Sunday, June 3, 2012

MD~Purple (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please DO NOT place this on any website or post it in a group/forum,without my written permission.
This Lovely Scrap-kit is called "Mothers Day" by Purples Kreationz and can be found Here 
This Beautiful Tube is by Barbara Jensen and you can purchase it Here 
Drop Shadow= DS= 2,2,50,5 black
unless otherwise stated.
Any tube will do..
Let's get started.
800 X 800
1.) Frame 2---Copy and Paste= C&P as a New Raster layer = NRL-
2.) With Magic wand--click on the inside of frame, selections--modify--expand X6-
3.) Paper 6 ( or one of your choosing) C&P as a NRL and on frame --selections--invert--on paper hit delete on keyboard. Place paper below frame...DS--both frame and paper layers.
4.) Get 2 colors from your tube,a dark and a light..add a NRL above the paper layer and get a brush( size-5-step= 25--density= 100--rotation-= 0--opacity=100--continuous and wet paint look--checked,add a nice brush,I added a few, I also put them on their own layer, so I can rearrange them to my liking..once done with each brush add a DS if you desire one...
5.) C&P Paste tube as NRL--Resize-= R== if desired.Place her like she is sitting on frame.Duplicate--adjust--blur--gaussian--5--blend mode= multiply---opacity= 80%--merge down--duplicate again and place this layer below on top tube,with lasso tool go around the part of tube you want to delete,I went around her feet, to get the look like shes sitting on the corner...use your imagination...(tag reference-=TR)
6.) KeyChain-R=80% X2--adjust-sharpeness-unsharp mask--(default settings) C&P as NRL and place on the paper..TR.--DS
7.) Ring---R= 50% and 80% X2-unsharp mask--C&P and place it on paper, move it below frame layer and duplicate a few times, placing them all over the paper..TR.
8.) Rose- C&P as NRL--DS-- place on bottom right side of frame (TR)  duplicate--R=80%, place right below other rose--Merge Down.
9.) Windmill- R=80% X2--unsharp mask- C&P as NRL, place it on paper--duplicate a few times moving them all over the paper-- DS---ALL--TR
10.) When happy with this part of tag, close bottom layer (background) then merge visible all layers..
11.) Balloons--C&P as NRL--DS-- and move to left top side of frame.
12.) Bear (optional-- with lasso tool go around a letter, once happy--promote selection to layer--with it still selected,Flood fill with desired color..then add a inner bevel,the one I used was--2,5,49,2,9,12,Color (what you used for letter) 307,50,30 ---DS--2,2,50,5 (color--dr. color from tube) merge down-)-R= 80% X2 unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place at the bottom on the right---DS--TR
13.) Bag--R=80% X2 unsharp mask---C&P as NRL,place near the bear, and move this layer below bear layer--add DS--TR
14.) Card and Envelope--R--80% X4---unsharp mask---C&P as NRL and place on bottom left of tag--DS--
15.) Champers C&P as NRl and place behind the envelope,move this layer below envelope layer----DS--
16.) With Raster Deform tool or Pick tool, activate envelope layer and angle it slightly (TR)
17.) Bow 3---C&P as NRL and place on the upper right side of frame,DS--TR
18.) Open Rose 2--select all-float--promote selection to layer--close bottom-- on the promoted layer, keep selection activated,go to adjust-color balance-manual color correction---source--dark color on the element--
target--color from tube---ok
adjust---hue and saturation--(find the #'s of the color for this on your materials the color manager--and find the hue and sat---for color--place these #'s  there.._)
19.) Now R=80% X3 unsharp mask---C&P as NRL, place on the left side of frame--DS-- place this layer below the champers layer--Duplicate- mirror--and with the lasso tool--cut off the stem--and then place this rose,right above the other roses...TR
20.) Doodle--C&P as NRL--DS= -2, -1, 50,5 blk.
place layer above background layer--duplicate--mirror--flip--then Merge Down..
21.) Paste the doodle as a new image--your gonna change the color like we did before--using the manual color correction---once happy--activate top layer of tag--C&P as NRL--flip----mirror and place on top right corner---duplicate--flip--mirror--merge down, and place this layer right above the other doodle..
22.) Once happy--merge all visible (except bottom/background layer)
C&P a dark paper above bottom layer-- I used Paper4--with raster deform tool-stretch it to fit canvas--now find a nice mask and add it to paper layer---delete mask-- ungroup layers--open bottom layer and merge all visible
23.) Resize all layers 63%----504 X 504
ADD all Copy Right Info along with the your LIC.#
add name and save as PNG..
Thank you for trying my tutorial