Sunday, May 19, 2013

Isle Esme PTU

 I Wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please Do NOT place this on any Website, Groups or Forums.
The Tube is By Elias Chatzoudis and can be founHere 
This Awesome Summer kit is called "Isle Esme" and is by Cari at Black Widows Creationz Here
My Files Here  
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2, 50, 5 black
Let's Begin
900 X 900
1.) Paper 1- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL--place on bottom of canvas-- from bottom up--13 squares-- and leave 5 1/2 squares open on the right==crop opaque--900 X900--DS-- tag reference = TR
2.) Dirt 2--C&P as NRL- move to lower right side--Duplicate = Dup.--close this one,and on the original--free rotate - left 35--move it to the corner (EX1) open dup. and place it like (EX2).MD--
3.) With smudge brush--go around corners of merged layer--and smudge--(settings EX 3) Refer to (EX 4)--rename Sand
4.)  Close out Sand layer--and on paper layer--grab top center node - (EX 5) move it down as (EX 6) then move it up slightly as in (EX 7) and (EX 8--chart )  grab top right node move it out and down (EX 9) Still using your Raster Deform tool--on the Sand layer grab the center node and repeat the steps you used foe the "Blue Water"-play with it til you achive the same as I did (EX 10) DS--sand
5.)  Grass---C&P as NRL- -Resize =R--50% --sharpen -- unsharp mask-= USM--place on left bottom--With smudge brush--(size 25--rest the same) smudge your grass a little TR-- and then use the soften brush.
6.) Tube---C&P as NRL-  ( R--if needed) We're going to work around her on left side on the grass--dup.--blur--gaussian 6--Blend Mode= hard light --Opacity = 80% --merge down--DS-
7.) EL 5--R = 75% & 80 %--USM--C&P as NRL- place on top of sand-right side--Do NOT DS.
8.) EL 11-R = 50% --USM--C&P as NRL-place on left bottom--move layer below grass layer--Ds--TR--dup.-r = 80%--move below sand layer--and place it toward the right side--TR
9.) EL 13--R = 75%-- USM--C&P as NRL--place next to 11--DS--dup--& R=80%--move the other plant--TR-dup.--R = 80%--move to other side of plant --TR
10.) EL 12--R= 60% & 80%-- USM--C&P as NRL-Place on sand--right bottom side--DS--TR-Mirror
11.) EL 14--R = 50% - USM--C&P as NRL--Place top right of sand move layer below castle layer--DS--TR
12.) EL 10--R= 50% & 80%-- USM--C&P as NRL--place left side of shell --DS--TR--move layer below shell layer.
13.) EL 15--R = 50% & 80% -- USM--C&P as NRL---place on bottom front--DS--TR
14.) EL 2 --R = 60% & 80% --USM--C&P as NRL- free rotate-- Right--45%--place on top of fins--DS-TR--move layer below shell layer
15.) EL 8 --R = 50% & 80% X 2 --USM--C&P as NRL-Place on right side -- free rotate--right 45% DS TR--place layer below sand layer
16.) EL 6 --R = 50% --USM--C&P as NRL--- place in center of water background--DS -- TR--place Octopus above background layer
17.) EL 3--R = 50%-- USM--C&P as NRL-Place on left side of tag--move layer below sand--DS--TR
18.) Sky-- C&P as NRL- place above background--dup--mirror--flip
19.) Clouds --C&P as NRL--place top left--dup--R=80%--sharpen--place on right side --dup.-R = 80%--place in center --Do NOT DS
20.) EL 45 --R = 50% & 80% --USM--C&P as NRL- place on right side--DS--free rotate-Left 35%-- TR--dup. R=80% --sharpen--and mirror-place under the 1st butterfly--I did 3rd--dup. - R = 80%-sharpen & mirror--TR
21.) Open background layer-Merge visible all layers-R = 56%-sharpen---ADD ALL CR info--& name, then save as PNG. 
Thank you for doing my tutorial..I really would like to see any may have

Oh and this one is the same tutorial,but using a tube by Ismael Rac..