Sunday, May 12, 2013

Citrus Summer FTU

I Wrote This tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.Do NOT add this to any Website,Yahoo-group or Forum with out my permission.
This Cute summer kit is called "Citrus Summer" By Mirella at A Space Between and can be found Here 
This awesome Poser is by Becky at Belles Graphics and can be found  Here 
I used "Olesya" Poser
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5 black
Filters used- Mura's Meister -Copies
Let's begin
1.) EL 8 - Resize = R = 10%- sharpen -unsharp mask= usm-Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL--place in center of canvas.- go to Mura's Meister--copies- and using the default settings, just change size to ok
2.) Get dark color from tube, in materials pallete, make the dark color Background,and forground color close this out.
Get your Ellipse tool--circle-create as vector-line--solid--width-10--anti- alias -checked--draw a circle the size of the flower frame you just made--object--align- center in canvas--convert to raster layer--then move layer below frame-DS--both and merge down= MD
3.) With Magic wand-click in center of frame-selection-modify-expand 20--
Paper 6 (or one of choice) R=22%- ,---sharpen--C&P as NRL-   place in center  of frame--invert on frame--delete on paper --select none = SN
4.) Tube of choice (R= if needed)- -C&P as NRL- duplicate-=Dup.--move this one below frame--erase any part of tube that's hanging over or under frame..DS- on Dup-- close bottom layer and Merge visible all.
5.) EL 11-R = 22%- -USM--  -C&P as NRL- Move to lower left side--DS--Dup--R 80%-sharpen- place above other flower.
6.) EL 20 --R=15% -USM-  -C&P as NRL- place on bottom right side --DS - Dup.- R= 80%- sharpen-move to left side of 1st flower--tag reference = TR
7.) EL 22-R = 26 % & 80%--USM- -C&P as NRL- DS-place layer right above bottom layer--TR--Dup. & Mirror--MD
8.) EL 38--R=15%--USM-  -C&P as NRL- rotate--free rotate-90 left--DS--place on right hand side top--TR
9.) EL 46-R= 15% -USM- -C&P as NRL- place top left side--TR--move layer to above bottom layer.
10.) EL 53--R= 25%--USM--C&P as NRL- -place on right side--DS-TR
11.) EL 39 --R = 25% & 80% X3--USM---C&P as NRL- Place on right bottom--free rotate--right 20--DS
12.) EL 36 - R =22 % & 80 % X2--USM--  -C&P as NRL- --place layer below wheel layer--DS--TR
13.) EL 40- R = 20% & 80% X 2 --USM- -C&P as NRL- --place on left side of water pail--DS-TR
14.) EL 9--R = 20%- USM- C&P as NRL-free rotate-left 90%  place on left side DS--TR--move layer to right above bottom layer.
15.) EL 47--R = 20% & 80%--USM--C&P as NRL- place on bird house--mirror--DS
16.) EL 7 -R = 22 % & 80% X2 -USM--C&P as NRL-place on lower left side--DS--Dup.--R = 80%--sharpen--mirror and place above previous layer--Dup. R= 80%--place on upper right corner--TR
17.) EL 51--R=25%-USM--C&P as NRL-place on lower bottom-and move layer right above merged layer--DO Not DS--TR
18.) EL 54 --R= 20% -USM--C&P as NRL- --Place in center--DO Not DS--TR
19.) With bottom layer still closed..Merge Visible-R= 56%--sharpen
20.) Paper 2- (or one of choice)  R = 15%--sharpen-C&P as NRL-   place above background -add mask of choice--delete mask--ungroup layers--crop opaque-504X504--open bottom layer--merge visible all layers. 
21.) Add ALL Copy Right info--Name--and save as PNG.
Thank you for doing my tag..

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