Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vanilla Butter

I Wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence.
Please do NOT claim this tutorial as your own, or place it on any Website without my written permission.
I am using the fabulous artwork of Shawli,and can now be bought at PTE Here
And this Beautiful Scrapkit "Vanilla Butter" made by Acowgirlscreations which can be purchased Here 
I use a lot of shorthand so I am going to give you the definitions:
Drop Shadow = (DS)-----New Rastor Layer = (NRL)-----Select None = (SN)
Copy & Paste - (C&P)----- Resize = (R)----Tag Reference = (TR)----Blend mode = (DM)
DS = 2,2,50,9 black
Filters needed = Xenofex 2---constallations,--Xero--Porcelain
Tube of Choice.....Font of Choice.....I used---a_dark_wedding
1.) 800X800 transparent canvas
2.) C&P--VB Frame 5 ---as NRL.
3.) grab selection tool--magic wand--click in center of frame--selections---modify--expand 10
4.) C&P  Paper 4--as NRL---(you may have to move the paper up a little so it looks nice under the frame) on frame layer --selection--invert...on paper layer hit delete button on the keyboard,(SN)move  paper below frame.
5.) C&P Tube as NRL. --repeat the above steps,and put tube below frame..Now add (DS) to all 3 layers.
6.) Working on tube,duplicate---on dup. go to adjust-blur-gaussian ---raster---5---BM= Hard Light----Opacity = 85..Merge Down--On tube layer--(BM)--Luminance (legacy)--- close out background layer,---and Merge Visible----R=80% (move up to the right corner---adjust--sharpness-unsharp mask (default settings) (TR)
7.) Duplicate---Mirror  and move to lower left bottom---(TR)
8.) C&P VB ribbon 2 as NRL---place between frames, near the middle(TR)---duplicate--and move this below both frames--working on top ribbon--grab your Lasso tool--point-to-point----add shift---feather= 1----smoothing = 0 ---anti-alias--checked--draw around ribbon like example1-

delete--and (SN)--(DS) on bottom ribbon.
9.) VB Owl ---R=60% all layers checked.---80% X2--adjust--sharpness--unsharp mask--default settings.Mirror--and C&P as NRL--place it on the bow--right side of tag-(TR) & (DS) now crop selection--layers opaque---grab nodes and move to all sides---example 2--

this will cut the other pinecone off as in Example 3

10.) C&P--VBNet as NRL--place on right side of canvas,now move this layer right above Background layer.--(DS)---duplicate--flip--Merge Down--place in the middle (TR)
11.) C&P---VBGrid--- as NRL--place evenly in Middle and move to layer above net--(DS) & (TR)
12.) VBHearts-- R= 80%--place on left side of Grid--move above the grid layer---(DS)
13.) VBHat--R=80 X3--C&P---as NRL-- ---with raster deform tool- move the hat layer up  a little to the right.and place below the heart layer --(DS)
14.) VBGold sprinkles--R=80 X3 place on bottom right--over net--adjust--sharpness--unsharp mask--move below layer frame..
15.) VB greens-for color--place on right side--move layer below frame layers---(DS)
16.) VB Flower Doodle---R=80% X2---Unsharp mask--mirror flip--place below the frames,and move layer above the greens layer (DO NOT DROP SHADOW)
17.) Duplicate the doodle--Mirror---flip--place in middle of hearts--(MD) (TR)
18.) VB dried Leaves---R= 80 X2--C&P--as NRL--place on right side of tag,move below frame.--(DS)--duplicate--mirror---flip--(MD)
19.) VB Bit--R=60% & 80% X 2--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--(DS) and place between tboth frames (TR) move layer below top ribbon layer
20.) VB Candles-- R=60% & 80% X2---place on lower right side (DS) (TR)
21.) VB Corset--R= 60% & 80%,unsharp mask and Mirror-- place on candles--(DS)
22.) C&P paper 3 as NRl..move to frame above background--apply any mask you want--I used WSL-5---delete mask--ungroup layers
23.) close out all layers below flower layers (layer 10)including flower layer--Merge Visible top layers-open all layers below flower layers,and close out merged and flower layer---merge visible..rename top and bottom--now resize all layers-63%
24.) Effects--Xero--Porcelain--default settings on all layers but if you don't want to animate it..go ahead and merge visible all layers..
25.) add all Copy rights legibly,and save as png.
If you want to animate--don't merge layers,add All copyrights and name,then close out all layers but flowers.
26.) with lasso tool-same settings, go around both flowers..
27.) duplicate layer 3x's = 4 layers---rename them 1-2-3-4-,and close out all but layer 1..working on 1.
28.) Xenofex2--Constellations--with these settings--2,40,40,25,50,75,45, keep original image checked--random seed =1
On layer's 2-4, repeat constellation- hitting Random Seed 1 X...close out all constellations,except layer 1.
29,) starting with layer want to copy merged,and open Animation Shop---copy and paste as New Animation..
PSP---close out layer 1, open layer 2 copy merged..and Paste after current frame..
Continue with 3 and 4.. you should now have 4 frames.
30. In animations shop.--on frame 1.. go to Edit--Select all---Animation--animation properties--check opaque--white--ok
31.) change frame properties to 20
View and Save as GIF.
I would like to see what you do,please just email me..


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Love

I wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely coincidence.
Please do NOT claim this tutorial as your own..or place it on any website without my written permission.
I am using the fabulous artwork by Anatasiya Igleolkina Here
And this Beautiful Scrap-kit called Sweet Love by Purple and can be found Here  
Drop Shadow (DS) 2,2,50,9 black
NRL = New Raster Layer
C&P = Copy and Paste
Select None= SN
Tag Reference= TR
Font of choice---I used LHF English Rose

1.) Copy and Paste as New Raster Layer Frame 4
2.) With Magic wand click in the middle of top left frame..
Selection---Modify--Expand 8X
3.) C&P-- Paper 10 as NRL,click on frame and Selections--Invert...and on Paper layer..hit delete on your keyboard..SN
(then crop the paper, crop--layer opaque--move the nodes to the edge of the canvas.(this clears up the edges) 

 Once done move paper Below frame.
4.) Repeat 1-3, but use Paper of choice, I used #15..SN and Crop like Examples.
5.) Repeat 1-3,but use paper of choice, I chose Paper #14, SN and Crop.
Now add DS's to all layers.
6.) I closed out all paper Layers, makes it easier for me to do the next step.
With magic wand, working on frame inside the middle of frame..
Sel.--Mod--Expand X8, C&P tube as NRL, Resize if needed. you want to paste a piece of the tube in the frame..once happy with placement, Sel.--invert--(on frame layer) and delete on tube layer.(SN).if there is any part of the tube layer that goes over the canvas, then crop it like before.
7.) Duplicate tube,go to Adjust-Blur-Gaussian blur X5..blend mode---Hard Light--Opacity- 80
Merge down..(DS) paper layer, below tube layer, --Blend Mode---Multiply on tube layer.... and merge down layer with paper
8.) Repeat Steps 6 & 7 for the other frames.--- changing the position of the tube--also remember to crop tube layer if it goes over canvas. You can also play with the Blend Modes,to something you might like I did with the tag on the bottom....
9.) X out Background layer and Merge Visible all layers..rename---frame.
10.) Now add any element you wish, I added
String 3---move to lower right.-- duplicate-- move duplicate below frame layer---then on top layer--got to your Selection tool, grab your Lasso tool set at---point to point---add shift---feather--1---smoothing--0---anti-alias checked..--gently go around bow,like in Example 3
then hit delete on your keyboard---SN.
11.) Balloon 1 -- Resize= 80%--adjust--sharpness--unsharp mask (default settings)
C & P as NRL  and move to left top of canvas...(DS)
12.) Charm 1 Resize = 80% X2--(DS) move over to right place on Bow..(DS).(TR)
13.) Gift---Resize = 80% X2--adjust-sharpness--unsharp mask... move to left side on the bottom of canvas...(TR)
14.) Butterfly 1--Resize = 80% X2-- sharpness---unsharp mask--C & P as NRL--place between top 2 frames--- free rotate-- Right--25 all layers unchecked---(TR)
15.) Candy Cane 1--C & P as NRL place it above butterfly -- between the 2 frame... free rotate---left 25--(DS)---duplicate--candy cane and move dup. below frame layer..
then with Lasso tool again ,go around the Candy cane that is above the right frame, and then delete it..(TR) SN
16.) Cookie----Resize= 80% X 2 (DS) free rotate---left 25--place in lower right corner on bottom part of frame...(TR)
17.) Heart Candies--Resize---80% X 2---C & P as NRL, move to top left frame, place in middle--right below balloon-(DS) (TR)...Now Duplicate candies---Mirror--Flip--place over the star and charm..
18.) Now with background still closed out....Merge Visible all layers..
You now can choose paper of choice, I chose Paper 1, Above the Background layer, C&P Paper as you can add a mask of choice...I chose WSL---10...once done...
delete mask and ungroup layers...
19.) open background layer and merge all visible...then you want to resize your tag 84%
I added a nice Plugin---Xero----Porcelain (default settings)
20.) Add all Copy Rights and your name..
Save as Png..
I would really like to see what you have done with this tut...Please send them to my email..

Other way of using Blend modes and different Elements...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deanna's Heart

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely
a coincidence. Please do NOT claim this tutorial as your own,or Place it on any Website without written permission from me.
I am using A Beautiful Scrap kit called Sincerely by: Butterfly Kisses Scraps and can be found at Scrappin Naturally store Here  Or her Website: Butterfly Kisses Scraps Here 
I Am using the lovely art work by Keith Garvey and is now sold in stores at PTE     Here
For this tut you will need..
a Closeup of a Male and a Female (or tube of choice)
Font I used "Goldy's Valentine" 
Plugins:  EC4--Gradient Glow    and    Xero--Porcelain
(DS) Drop Shadow = 2,2,50,9 black
Colors from tube,I used F / EB839D, B / 78022C
lets get started.
800X800 canvas
               First off we are going to make a heart shaped frame..
         Using a paper from Kit, I used Paper 10,and go to Materials-Pattern,--find the paper-- Angle / 1, Scale / 155
Place it as your Background layer and close out foreground...
Find a good heart shape in your presets,and draw out a nice sized heart.(we'll resize later) use these settings:
Anti-alias checked...
Create as Vector
Line Style= solid
Width= 14
meter limit= 15
Once drawn, go to Objects--Align--Center in Canvas---convert to raster layer..Now we'll add a nice Inner Bevel with these settings
Bevel = 2, Width = 14, Smoothness = 4, Depth = 4, Ambience = 0, Shininess = 0, Color = white, Angle = 315, Intensity = 50 Elevation = 30
Now go to your selection tools and grab your magic wand..Click inside the center of your heart. Now go to Selections- Modify-Expand X4
Copy and paste a paper from your kit, I used Paper 2, as new raster layer, activate frame layer, go to Selections---Invert...activate Paper layer and hit delete on your keyboard.
Place paper below frame. X- out..
On Frame Layer again, use your Magic wand,and click in center of frame...get your Male tube and copy and paste it as new raster layer: Move over to right side of frame..
.on frame layer go to Selections---invert--- and on tube layer hit  delete on Keyboard...move tube below frame.
Duplicate tube,and working on the duplicate go to Adjust---Blur--Gaussian blur--5..Blend Mode--Hard Light---Opacity--70....Merge Down, and on merged---Blend Mode---Multiply---Opacity---75
X out....working on frame again, With magic wand,click inside the middle, Copy and paste as New Rastor Layer,your female tube. I mirrored mine---move her to left side of frame----open male tube layer, to check positioning,Once your happy... on frame layer, selections---invert and on tube layer---delete on keyboard...Move tube under frame...(tag reference)  DS all layers.
Now grab Ribbon 2- resize=50%  C&P as NRL-- (DS)
Now go to Selection tools and grab your Lasso tool with these settings:  Point to point---add shift---anti-alias checked---feather---1---smoothing---0
go around the edges of heart, and cutoff the overhanging in example:

add (DS)
Now C&P Sparkels as NRL---move to upper right side of frame,over the male tube..
Doodle from kit= R= 80% C&P as NRL and move to top of tag...(DS) and move layer right above Background Duplicate doodle and flip...X out background,and Merge Visible all layers---resize 80% (all layers Not checked)
Copy and paste paper of choice as NRL,move it to right above background layer. Now you want to add a Mask of choice..
I am using WSL--10, delete mask, and ungroup layers...
Add any other elements you wish.. I added
Butterfly 1 R= 80% X 5 C&P as NRL place on top left of doodle---rotate---free rotate--right--25 (DS)
Duplicate---R= 80%---Free rotate ---left---50----place on top right, below doodle (tag reference)
Flower 2---R=45% & R=80% X2---duplicate it a few times,and place them all over the bottom side of tag, I duplicated mine 18 X's...Close out (X) all layers but flower ones, Merge Visible the flowers, and move layer right above mask layer....making it look like frame is sitting on the flowers (Tag Reference) open all other layers....
Bow 3 C&P as NRL in center of flowers below heart frame.
Button--R= 29% & 80% X4--sharpen--unsharp mask--0.01,58,0
Place on Bow..give both (DS)
Flower 1---R = 50% X1 & 80 % X2 place left side of bow (TR)(DS)
Duplicate flower and Mirror---Merge Down and move below Bow Layer..
Butterfly 2--R= 50% & 80% X3 Place it on left side of flower on the bottom of tag...(DS) Free rotate---right--25%
Duplicate and R = 80%...move below other butterfly...
C&P Ribbon 1 as NRL (DS) and place on left side of heart,,,move layer below heart layer...duplicate and mirror,make sure this ribbon layer is below the butterfly on the right.(TR)
Stars R= 80%  C&P as NRL and place on lower part of tag, (DS) Duplicate and flip...
Tape with shadow...R=80% X 8,C&P over the silver ribbon on the left side.. duplicate and mirror...make sure its on the ribbon..then Merge down and move this layer below the star layer..
Now Resize all layers at 63% - 504X504
Xero---Porcelain---default settings..
Add all COPYRIGHT info...and your name..
save as PNG
I would love to see anything you make..just send it to me.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winters Beauty

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is Purely a Coincidence.
Please do not claim this tutorial as your own,or place it on any Websites without Written permission by Me.
I am using a Beautiful Cluster Frame By Raspberry Road Designs and could be found Here
And the ADD-ON for the CF can be found at their store Here
The Name is Winters Beauty
I am using the Lovely Art By Outlaw By Designs and can be found on her site Here
I also used a few Elements from Rainbow Coffi. You can get them in my supplies  Here
(DS) Drop Shadow on all , 2,2,50,9 Black
700X700 New Image
Copy and Paste Cluster Frame as New Rastor Layer, Resized 19%= 684X684
You can use a nice background or you can use the supplies I have.
                                 Christmas tree by RainbowCoffi R= 80% X3 & 90% X 3. Move it under layer 2 (CF)
                                    Add NRL above Background layer...
                                       With Selection tool, Rectangle draw a rec. 1/2 the size of your about middle of the frame..

Making sure your on  the layer above the Background, Flood fill with White,Select None, (DS) to both Tree and FF Layer.
NRL Above the Background layer...with your Lasso tool,point to point,add shift... go around the frame


Flood fill with BCD8FA  Select None.

On top layer,Copy & Paste Cloud as  NRL R= 80% X 2 , hue and saturation  H= 255  S= 128
then I took it to Adjust-color balance-manual color correction
Source use the clouds ,H=255, S=0, L=128, go back to Hue & Saturation  H=255  S=0
Blend Mode = Luminance (legacy)   Opacity=70
Move layer below tree layer---(DS)
C&P deer from supplies--R=80 X6  Sharpen= Unsharpen  mask
Decorate the tree any way you wish,I used some candy canes and elements  from the add-on kit..
I also supplied the tubes,add any you wish..but remember to check Outlaw's TOU's..
Close out background layer and Merge Visible all others..
Add some doodles underneath MV layer.
On Background layer Copy and Paste Paper of choice, if your using one from the Kit you will need to Resize it to fit the canvas...Now add Mask of choice. delete mask and ungroup layers.
Add any other Elements you wish. Once happy Resize all layers checked...72%
Effects- Xero- Porcelain--50-128-126
Add All Copyright well as name.
Save as PNG.
I would like to see anything you create with my Tut..Please email me.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5,2012

Angelia's Garden

I wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely a coincidence...
I am using the Lovely kit named Angelia's Garden made by ACowgirlsCreations which can be found at Scrappin Naturally Here
The Tube is Butterfly Love by Barbara Jensen and can be purchased Here
Drop Shadow I use is: 2,2,50,7, black
Grab 2 colors from your tube I used : Background/ 263e00  Foreground/86b842
Font your choice..
1.) New Image 700X700, you will resize later
2.) Copy and Paste as new raster layer AGFrame 3..leave it in the middle.
3.) With Freehand Selection tool, Point to Point, Add shift, Feather= 1, Strength=0, Anti-alias checked. Trace around the frame, you want to try and stay in the middle, once you click you should see marching ants...then go to Selections---Modify---Expand 2...
4.) Copy and Paste Paper 5 as new raster layer...activate frame later, go to selections---invert-- activate paper layer,and hit delete on your keyboard...Select none...
Now we want to crop the paper layer, so there will not be any excess..go to crop--custom settings,and choose layer Opaque..make sure your nodes are the same size as your canvas, then crop, you should be the same size as before, 700X700
Drop Shadow both the paper and the frame..move paper below frame.
5.)  Activate top layer and add Tube as new raster Layer, move it to the left side of the frame..X out,you do this by clicking on the eye in your layer palette.
Now using the Freehand selection tool ,same setting as before. Carefully go around the frame like before.Once done, go to selections---invert,and then on  tube, hit delete on the keyboard..
Move tube below frame,and above paper,add drop shadow to tube.
6.) Duplicate tube, on duplicate go to Adjust---Blur---Gaussian blur---Radius 5.....go to your layer palette,and open up the layer properties...Blend Mode---Multiply--(or use whatever one you want,this is just a guide) Opacity--80%
merge down..
7.) Copy and Paste AG Charm as new raster layer,move it below the frame, and to the right of tube..add drop shadow.
8.) Now, Copy and paste AG Garden Arch place it above the frame layer,and with Deformation tool or Pick tool, you want to grab the middle node on the left and just stretch it to the same size as the frame...
9.) Grab your Freehand Selection tool again,same settings, and carefully go around the bottom legs of the arch, we want to remove the brown area's(just hit your delete key on your keyboard)SN ,but leave the flowers, once done,add drop shadow..then..X out background layer (bottom) and Merge Visible all you want to move the MV layer,slightly to the right of your canvas.Tag Reference
10.) Copy and Paste Fairy Clouds as new raster layer...Duplicate,and Mirror..Merge Down...Duplicate, then flip...Merge Down again, now move this layer to right above the bottom layer.
11.)Activate top layer... Copy and Paste the Chicken Wire as New raster Layer. Move layer to right above the cloud layer..
12.) Copy and Paste the Doodle as new Raster layer,Place it to the left and underneath the Merge Visible layer..see tag for reference...add drop shadow to doodle.
13.) Copy and Paste Crate as New Raster Layer,make sure it is top layer..Resize 80%....(making sure all layers are not checked) move this to the lower left side,on the bottom...add drop shadow.
14.) Copy and Paste Cattanine tails as new raster layer...resize 80% move it to the left side,in the middle of canvas, and move the layer below the MV layer.
15.) Working on top layer....Copy and Paste AG Bench as new raster layer,resize if needed...move to lower right side bottom..drop shadow.
16.) Copy and Paste Branch as New raster layer.Resize 80% X 2. place to the bottom left of canvas,in front of the crate and bench. drop shadow..
17.) Copy and Paste Belle Bouquet as new raster layer...resize 80% X rotate left 90 on top of bench, to the right of canvas...move layer below the branch layer..add drop shadow.
18.) Copy and Paste Angel Fountain as New Raster Layer..resize 80% X 3..adjust---sharpen--unsharp mask.....radius 0.01   strength 58, Clipping 0, Luminance only unchecked... Drop Shadow...Move it to the lower left side, in front of branch.and next to the bench..
19.) Copy and paste Hat as New Raster Layer..resize 80% X 3, do Unsharp mask as before...Move hat to the lower bottom of tag,right below the angel so it looks like its sitting on the bench.
20.) Copy and Paste the Butterfly as New Raster Layer..resize 80% X 2, Move it to the upper left side,drop shadow.....see tag.
Duplicate Butterfly...resize 80%,and Mirror, then place the butterfly,below the 1st one...duplicate it again, resize 80%, Mirror and place it below the 2nd one...(or wherever you wish) 
21.) Now if everything is the way you want it,and your happy with the outcome..(if not you can always undo...until you fix it )
You want to Merge Visible All Layers...
now it's time to resize you tag...I do mine at just need to resize it 72%,all layers checked..
for 497X497...just resize it 71%..
I use Xero--Porcelain.... softness= 50, Strength= 128, Brightness= 128.....ok
Add all Copyrights and save as PNG..
I would love to see your results,just email them to me at..
Thank you,