Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5,2012

Angelia's Garden

I wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely a coincidence...
I am using the Lovely kit named Angelia's Garden made by ACowgirlsCreations which can be found at Scrappin Naturally Here
The Tube is Butterfly Love by Barbara Jensen and can be purchased Here
Drop Shadow I use is: 2,2,50,7, black
Grab 2 colors from your tube I used : Background/ 263e00  Foreground/86b842
Font your choice..
1.) New Image 700X700, you will resize later
2.) Copy and Paste as new raster layer AGFrame 3..leave it in the middle.
3.) With Freehand Selection tool, Point to Point, Add shift, Feather= 1, Strength=0, Anti-alias checked. Trace around the frame, you want to try and stay in the middle, once you click you should see marching ants...then go to Selections---Modify---Expand 2...
4.) Copy and Paste Paper 5 as new raster layer...activate frame later, go to selections---invert-- activate paper layer,and hit delete on your keyboard...Select none...
Now we want to crop the paper layer, so there will not be any excess..go to crop--custom settings,and choose layer Opaque..make sure your nodes are the same size as your canvas, then crop, you should be the same size as before, 700X700
Drop Shadow both the paper and the frame..move paper below frame.
5.)  Activate top layer and add Tube as new raster Layer, move it to the left side of the frame..X out,you do this by clicking on the eye in your layer palette.
Now using the Freehand selection tool ,same setting as before. Carefully go around the frame like before.Once done, go to selections---invert,and then on  tube, hit delete on the keyboard..
Move tube below frame,and above paper,add drop shadow to tube.
6.) Duplicate tube, on duplicate go to Adjust---Blur---Gaussian blur---Radius 5.....go to your layer palette,and open up the layer properties...Blend Mode---Multiply--(or use whatever one you want,this is just a guide) Opacity--80%
merge down..
7.) Copy and Paste AG Charm as new raster layer,move it below the frame, and to the right of tube..add drop shadow.
8.) Now, Copy and paste AG Garden Arch place it above the frame layer,and with Deformation tool or Pick tool, you want to grab the middle node on the left and just stretch it to the same size as the frame...
9.) Grab your Freehand Selection tool again,same settings, and carefully go around the bottom legs of the arch, we want to remove the brown area's(just hit your delete key on your keyboard)SN ,but leave the flowers, once done,add drop shadow..then..X out background layer (bottom) and Merge Visible all you want to move the MV layer,slightly to the right of your canvas.Tag Reference
10.) Copy and Paste Fairy Clouds as new raster layer...Duplicate,and Mirror..Merge Down...Duplicate, then flip...Merge Down again, now move this layer to right above the bottom layer.
11.)Activate top layer... Copy and Paste the Chicken Wire as New raster Layer. Move layer to right above the cloud layer..
12.) Copy and Paste the Doodle as new Raster layer,Place it to the left and underneath the Merge Visible layer..see tag for reference...add drop shadow to doodle.
13.) Copy and Paste Crate as New Raster Layer,make sure it is top layer..Resize 80%....(making sure all layers are not checked) move this to the lower left side,on the bottom...add drop shadow.
14.) Copy and Paste Cattanine tails as new raster layer...resize 80% move it to the left side,in the middle of canvas, and move the layer below the MV layer.
15.) Working on top layer....Copy and Paste AG Bench as new raster layer,resize if needed...move to lower right side bottom..drop shadow.
16.) Copy and Paste Branch as New raster layer.Resize 80% X 2. place to the bottom left of canvas,in front of the crate and bench. drop shadow..
17.) Copy and Paste Belle Bouquet as new raster layer...resize 80% X rotate left 90 on top of bench, to the right of canvas...move layer below the branch layer..add drop shadow.
18.) Copy and Paste Angel Fountain as New Raster Layer..resize 80% X 3..adjust---sharpen--unsharp mask.....radius 0.01   strength 58, Clipping 0, Luminance only unchecked... Drop Shadow...Move it to the lower left side, in front of branch.and next to the bench..
19.) Copy and paste Hat as New Raster Layer..resize 80% X 3, do Unsharp mask as before...Move hat to the lower bottom of tag,right below the angel so it looks like its sitting on the bench.
20.) Copy and Paste the Butterfly as New Raster Layer..resize 80% X 2, Move it to the upper left side,drop shadow.....see tag.
Duplicate Butterfly...resize 80%,and Mirror, then place the butterfly,below the 1st one...duplicate it again, resize 80%, Mirror and place it below the 2nd one...(or wherever you wish) 
21.) Now if everything is the way you want it,and your happy with the outcome..(if not you can always undo...until you fix it )
You want to Merge Visible All Layers...
now it's time to resize you tag...I do mine at just need to resize it 72%,all layers checked..
for 497X497...just resize it 71%..
I use Xero--Porcelain.... softness= 50, Strength= 128, Brightness= 128.....ok
Add all Copyrights and save as PNG..
I would love to see your results,just email them to me at..
Thank you,

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