Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Spring Day (FTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT place on any website or in groups,without my written Permission.
The art I'm using is by Anthony Guerra and is sold Here 
The Scrap-kit and Cluster frame is by Dee and is called,"New Spring day", and can be found on her blog Here
Drop Shadow=DS=2,2,50,5 black
Lets Start.
800 X800
1.) Open Cluster Frame and Copy and Paste=C&P---as New Raster Layer= NRL
2.) With Magic Wand click inside frame--selection--modify--expand X6
3.) C&P Paper 6 (or one of your choosing) as NRL--on frame-invert---and on paper,delete on Keyboard. Select None=SN..DS both frame and paper layers.
4.) C&P tube as NRL- (Resize=R= if needed) Place under frame layer,cut or erase any part of tube sticking out from under the frame.
5.) Duplicate tube--Adjust--blur--motion--A/82 & St/53--ok
Blend Mode= Multiply ---opacity= 80% ok---now move blurred layer beneath the original tube layer,and Merge Down...DS
6.) El. 71--R=50%--adjust--sharpen--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL place below the tube layer--DS--flip--Tag Reference= TR
7.) El. 35--R= 50%--C&P as NRL and place beneath tube layer--DS---TR
8.) Close out Background and Merge Visible all layers.
9.) El. 58--R=80% C&P as NRl and place it on the right side of frame towards the bottom.DS
10.) El.1--C&P as NRL and place beneath the frame layer.--duplicate--mirror--TR--Merge down and then DS
11.) El.36--C&P as NRL--place just below frame layer---
12.) El. 56--C&P as NRL---Place on bottom left of tag and move beneath frame layer, I duplicated mine moved it up a little and made 1 big grass..DS
13.) El. 45--R=80% C&P as NRL and place near rocks on right. side bottom--DS--TR
14.) El.72---R--80%--Place beneath frame, duplicate--mirror--flip--TR--Merge down and then DS
15.) El. 69---R= 80%--sharpen--C&P as NRL--PLace on top of frame---right side--free rotate-left 25---DS--Duplicate--R=80%--place below the 1st beetle---free rotate--right--50---duplicate--R-=80%--free rotate--left--50%--TR
16.) Make sure all layers are open,then merge visible all layers--and R=63%---Sharpen
17.) C&P paper of choice as NRL--I chose Paper 9--Move it under merged layer--add mask of choice--delete mask--ungroup layers--then crop--opaque-(504 X504)--Merge visible all layers
18.) Add all Copy Rights and as Png..
I would like to see what you created..

Friday, April 27, 2012

Golden Spring (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT add this to any Website or group with out my written permission.
I am using An amazing kit by Heppy at HF-Projekte It's called "Golden Spring" and is sold Here
The tube I am using is by Zindy S.D. Nielsen and is sold Here
Let's get started.
You'll need a close-up and a regular tube.
Drop Shadow=DS- 2,2,50,5 Black..unless otherwise specified.
Filters= Mura Miester--Copies
800 X 800
1.) GS 13 frame and Resize= (R)-=61%, Copy and Paste (C&P)= as New Raster Layer (NRL) onto canvas..
2.) With Magic wand click inside the frame--selections--modify--expand X 6
3.) C&P Paper 2--R--20%--place as a NRL--invert on frame layer---delete--on paper layer, move paper below frame and DS both.(Select None= SN)
4.) C&P close-up tube as NRL,(R if needed) place beneath frame, and erase any of tube that is below frame.DS
5.) Duplicate tube and go to Adjust--blur--gaussian X5-- Blend mode= multiply---opacity= 80% merge down,add DS.
6.)Close bottom layer and merge visible all other layers--rename frame..
7.) Duplicate frame--and then go to MMCopies--V-wave,-V-tile,-Behind--(preset menu) [*=seamless]-8,46,46,10,47,,0,/30/,0
ex. below
8.) add mask of choice (I used AWD- sins mask) once done--delete mask  and ungroup layers. Make sure this to place this layer above background layer. 
9.) GS 4- R=64%  C&P as NRL--place below frame--free rotate 25 to right--DS----duplicate and mirror.Merge Down.
10.) #34---R=40% C&P as NRL onto bottom of frame-(your choice--I added a Gradient Glow--3-m-) and add DS...Tag Reference= TR
11.) #19--R=40% X 2--adjust--sharpen--unsharp mask--place on top left of frame--free rotate--left--25--add DS
12.) Flower 17--R=40%,50%,and 80% X2 Place on bottom of frame..
13.) flower 18-- R= 40%, 50%, and 80% X 3--place it on bottom of frame too..(next to each other...TR) DS---duplicate---mirror and then place both below ribbon layer.
14.) #7-R=30% and 80% X2 ---unsharp mask--place on ribbon on frame---DS--
X out bottom 3 layers---mask,doodles,and background...merge visible all others..then move frame over to the right a smidget...
15.) C&P other tube as NRL,(R= if needed)--place tube on bottom left of 5--Blend Mode= multiply--opacity = 80%---Merge Down--and DS
16.) Add any other elements you wish: I added
  #1--R-25% and 80 % X3--unsharp mask--place on bottom right of tag--DS
17.) #2--R= 25% and 80% X 4--unsharp mask--mirror--C&P onto lower right corner--(DS) (TR) Merge down--and duplicate-place this one behind tube on left side.
18.) Butterfly 11--R=25% and 80% X2--C&P as NRL and place it on top right corner of frame,---rotate free left--25--DS--TR-
19.) Butterfly 12-- R= 25%  and 80% X3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it below top Butterfly--free rotate Right 25%--DS---TR
20.) Butterfly 9---R=20% and 80 % X2---unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it on upper left corner of frame. Mirror---TR--DS
21.) make sure all layers are open and then Merge Visible all layers---R=63%--sharpen--add ALL Credits and save as PNG..
thank you for looking at my tut.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sailing (PTU)

I wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please DO NOT place this on any website or Group,with out my written Permission.
The artwork I used is FTU and is by Faye Whittaker and can be found on her blog HERE 
The Awesome summer kit I used is called "Sailing" by the very talented kit maker Kerrie at Mandogs Scraps and can be bought   Here
For this tut you will need either 2 tubes by the same artist,or a closeup and a regular tube..I used 3 from Faye's art..
Drop Shadows--DS= 2,2,50,5 black
800 X 800
1.) SBoatFrame--Resize =R= 43% and 80%-- adjust-sharpness--unsharp mask---DS
2.) With Magic wand, click in the center of frame---selections--Modify---Expand X4
3.) Copy And Paste = C&P-- as New raster layer= NRL-- invert on frame and delete on paper..Select None= SN--DS--and move paper below frame layer.
4.) Paper 10 (or paper of choice) R= 19%--with magic wand--click in center of frame---sel.--mod.--Ex. X5-- C&P as NRL---invert on frame and delete on paper layer--SN--move paper below tube--DS
5,) Close out background layer and Merge rename it Frame--R= 70%--move to right side of Canvas---Tag Reference =TR.
6.) C&P main tube as NRL---R= if needed--move to the left side bottom---DS
7.) With freehand selection tool--point to point--feather = 0---draw around the bottom of tag (EX. 1)

C&P Ex.2 As a NRL and place in the selection--(the picture is by me and is to be used in the tut CR needed) DS
EX. 2

8.) On top layer--sailing Light House---R= 35 % and 80% X 3---unsharp mask-C&P as NRL and place it in far background--TR--move layer right above background DS---& (DS=  -2,-2,50,5 black)
9.) Ladder--R=20% and 80% X 3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it in front of Light house--DS.
10.) Paper 4 (or your choice) R= 23%---C&P as NRL and place on background layer---this is your sky. DS
11.) Cloud 1--R= 23 % and 80% X 200unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place in upper left corner---DS--duplicate,and Mirror--or place where you want.
12.) Cloud 2-- R= 23% and 80% X 3--unsharp mask- C&P as NRL and place it where you wish, I placed mine like it was in the distance. DS
13.) C&P any other Embellishments as you wish--here is what I pasted:
A.) Coral--R= 10%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--place where you want.
B.) Flag--R= 30% and 80% X3--unsharp mask--place where you want,I placed mine like it was on the boat.
C.) Rod=R= 25% and 80% X3--unsharp mask-- Place anywhere
D.) Anchor--R= 10%---unsharp mask--with Lasso tool, go around part of the anchor--when you get your ants--go to Edit-Cut-SN--
Now with your Soften tool, go over the edges and get a good smudge..see EX. 3

E.) Board--R= 25% and 80% X 3-- unsharp mask--write on it if you want, I added a couple of word arts and resized as well as used unsharp mask to make them not so dull..once happy-C&P the board as NRL,place where ever you want, TR..

14.) Merge Visible all layers, now Resize 63%   add all Copy Rights and Name then save as PNG..
Thanks for doing my Tut..


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stupid Cupid 2 PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please DO NOT place this on any Website or post it in groups without my permission.
The tubes I used are from Adrie Janssen-Stark and can be found Here 
You have to be a member to access the tubes.
The awesome kit is called "Stupid Cupid" and is by Purple's Kreationz and can be bought Here 
You need a close-up tube and a regular tube.
Filters used: VM Natural--Lightburst
Drop Shadow=DS---2,2,50,5 black
And Animation Shop 3
800 X 800
1.) Copy and Paste = C&P--Frame3 as New Raster Layer= NRL
2.) With Magic Wand click on the inside of frame--selections--modify--expand X6
3.)C&P Paper of choice _ I chose Paper 15--paste as NRL-- invert on frame layer--delete on paper layer---Select None= SN---move paper below frame,give both a DS.
4.) C&P close-up as NRL-move below frame-- erase any beneath the frame--
5.) Duplicate close-up--adjust--blur--gaussian X5---blend mode= BM---Soft Light---opacity=80%---MD---DS
6.) Close out Bottom layer and Merge Visible--rename layer--frame----move frame to left side---tag reference= TR
8.) SC Wire--C&P beneath frame--move to right center--(Do not DS)
9.) C&P Tube as NRL--place to right side--resize if needed--Mirror--(Do not DS) duplicate--gaussian blur 5--BM= Hard Light---Opacity= 80%---MD
10.)Rose 4---C&P as NRL--place on upper left corner of frame---DS
11.) Open a new Canvas 600 X 600
12.) SC Skull---C&P as NRL
13.) C&P Roses 5 as NRL--duplicate- and place dup. below skull---X-out bottom rose--and on top rose erase the part of stem that is on top of skull--so it looks like the roses are coming out the eye socket---once happy--MV--
14.) C&P Skull with flowers as NRl and place on the left bottom of tag.
15.) C&P Tatooed heart 1 as NRL==Resize= R-80% X2--place on the left side of canvas, other side of frame--DS--TR
16.) C&P Tatooed Heart 2 As NRL--R= 80% X 4---place on red heart--DS---TR
17.) Roses3 ---R= 80%--C&P as NRL and place below frame,mirror ---DS---TR
18.) C&P Black Clouds as NRL---mirror and place below black roses under frame--(Don't DS) TR
19.) SC Cupid R=70% and 80% C&P as NRL--Mirror--DS--and place it above the flower/skull---TR
20.) SC Fan---R=80% C&P as NRL---free rotate---25 left--position under left rose on top---DS
21.) Sc Spider--R= 80% X 2--C&P as NRL--place at bottom of frame==DS
22.) Skullfly--R=80% X 2---sharpen---unsharp-mask--C&P as NRl and place between flowers and frame=DS----TR
23.) Close out Skull-fly and tube--and MV all layers--now resize all 63%
24.) C&P paper of choice (I used Paper 17) Place this layer above Background layer----add mask of choice--I added AWD--Smokey mask---delete mask--ungroup layers--now MV-- open skullfly and tube...
25.) Add All Copy Rights---and if your not going to animate,,MV all layers, add name and save as PNG..if your going to animate--proceed.
"To Animate"
26.)Merge CopyRight and tag...
27.) On skullfly--duplicate 2X's= 3 layers---rename fly 1,2,3
close out 2 & 3 and on fly1---with raster deform tool--move the wings a little towards the middle--by grabbing the nodes on the side and moving them toward the middle--(close out layer and open next one) repeat this with fly 2 and 3 moving them a little a time (see Example below)

28.) On tube layer---with Lasso tool--point to point---feather= 1, smoothing= 0, anti-alias checked
go around the lantern and the ball in her hand--once done-duplicate it 2 X's= 3 layers--rename them light 1,2,3, close out layers 2 & 3, and working on light 1--go to Effects---VM Natural--Lightburst--use these settings--
128,128, frequency 12,18,36---ok
close out 1, open light 2---repeat effect but change frequency by adding (10) = 22-- close out #2, open light 3 and on frequency add (10) = 32--ok (SN)
29.) Close out 3, now open both Light 1 and fly 1---copy merge and paste into animation shop as New animation--
30.) (PSP) Close layers #1---open both layers #2 and copy merged and in animation shop---paste after current frame--
31.) (PSP) Close layers #2--open both layers #3 and paste after current frame in AS.
32.) You should have 3 frames.. go to edit--select all--Animation--Animation Properties--opaque--white
32.) While all frames are still selected--go to animation--Frame Properties and change it to 20--
once happy view and save as GIF..
Thanks for trying my tut..below is a PNG version..


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stupid Cupid 1 (PTU)

I wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please Do NOT place this on any website or group without my Permission.
The art is from Adiene (Krista Holewinske) and can be found Here
And the Scrap I am using is "Stupid Cupid" By Purple's Kreationz and is sold Here
Drop Shadow=DS=2,2,50,5 black
2 tubes--closeup and regular.
800 X 800
1.) Copy and Paste = C&P-- SC Frame 2 as New Raster Layer (NRL)
2.) With magic wand, click inside the middle of all three layers,in the frame...Selection--modify---expand X6
3.) C&P--Paper 13 (or your choice) as NRL- Invert on frame and delete on paper--Select none= (SN) move paper below frame--DS---on both.
4.) Click on frame again,and with Magic wand click in center of each layer.. Sel---Mod--Expand--X6
5.) C&P Close-up  tube as NRL--invert on frame and delete on tube--Move tube below frame--DS and Again -2,-2,50-5
6.) Close out bottom layer--and Merge Visible all layers, rename "frame" move to the upper right corner,leaving a space or 2 from the side..
7.) C&P--SC wire as below the frame--move it upwards so it looks center of canvas, (Do Not DS) (Tag Reference= TR)
8.) C&P tube as NRL-- Mirror-- (resize if needed)  Place on left of frame..duplicate--gaussian blur= 5---Blend Mode= Multiply---Opacity= 80, now Merge Down (MD) DS
9.) SC Roses1-C&P as NRL--mirror---place on left side of frame--move below tube layer and DS
10.) SC Roses 3--C&P as NRL--Place on left side of canvas move under tube layer (DS)
11.) SC Roses 2--C&P as NRL and Place below frame DS and flip (TR)
12.) C&P Skull and place between flowers at top--R= 80% (TR)DS--- Duplicate--R=80% place on Bottom right corner---duplicate and mirror--MD
13.) Heart with Wings--R= 80% X3--sharpen-unsharp mask--rotate free left 25% and C&P as NRL-- place on black roses (DS) duplicate--mirror---and place on top right corner of frame.
14.) C&P Black Clouds as NRL--place behind tube ---DS---TR
15.) Clawed Heart-- R= 80% X4--Unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place on top of clouds--Gradient Glow--3-fat and DS (TR)
16.) SC Cupid--R= 50%---unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL--place in middle of tag,between frame and roses--DS--Duplicate and move dup..below tube...working on top cupid, erase any over the tube,and over the skull (TR)
17.) SC Devil Heart 2--R= 80%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place beneath tube--GG3Fat--DS (TR)
18.) SC Fan---R= 80% --C&P as NRl--place below skull and cloud layer free rotate-- left--25%  DS (TR)
19.) SC Lips 1---R=60% & 80% X2--unsharp mask--GG3 Fat--DS--
free rotate left 20%---move to top middle frame (TR)
20.) SC Lips 2--R= 60% & 80---unsharp mask---GG3 Fat--DS---free rotate Right 20%--place on center frame (TR)
21.) C&P--Paper 18 (or paper of choice) as NRL--  place above background layer--add mask of choice----I used Artmama  mask 13---delete mask--ungroup layers.
22.) Make sure all layers are open..--Resize all layers 63%---Xero--Porcelain --default settings (Optional)
23.) Add all Copy Rights and name---Save as PNG..
Thanks for doing my tutorial--I would really like to see anything made with this tut..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simply Charming, PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim it,as yours,or place it on any website without permission by Me.
This Beautiful Scrap-kit and Posers are from a kit called "Simply Charming" by "Becky's Creations" which is now---"Artragious Designs" and can be found Here
Drop Shadow = DS-- 2,2,50,black
Tag Reference = TR
800 X 800
1.)  Frame 1 Resize=R-65% & 90% ,Copy and Paste= C&P--as New Rastor Layer=NRL.
2.) With Magic Wand- Click inside the frame,making sure all the ants are around the frame..go to Selections--Modify--Expand X 20
3.) C&P- Paper 14-as NRL--R=89%- invert on frame and delete on paper--Crop opeaque- making sure its set at 800 X 800..move paper under frame,add drop shadow to both.
4.) C&P DB Karen 4- as NRL- R= 28%--adjust--sharpness-unsharp mask-- move beneath frame--Place at bottom right--erase any of the poser hanging at bottom of frame. DS- (TR)
5.) Duplicate--on dup.-adjust-blur-gaussian-X5-Blend mode= multiply--opacity=80%
6.) Bottlecap 1--(R) 28%-- unsharp mask- C&P as NRL-- place it on paper--DS--and place it on upper left corner.
7.) BCDoodle1-R=80% X 3,sharpen and C&P as NRL- Move it over to the left bottom and then move layer behind poser layer.
8.) BC Flower1-R= 40% X2--unsharp mask- place it on the upper right side of paper,move below doodle layer-DS--Duplicate -Mirror & flip.
9.) Divider 2--R= 80% X2--unsharp mask--place it on left side of frame--DS.
10.) BC Charm-R=30% and 80% X2- unsharp mask-DS--place on upper left frame,on top of doodle- duplicate and move duplicate below frame layer- on top layer-erase some of the top of charm,to make it look like the divider is through the charm--TR-
11.) BC Flower5--R=65% & 80% -- Mirror--C&P as NRL and place behind frame--DS--Duplicate and mirror.
12.) BC Floral - R= 40% & 80% X3--unsharp mask-DS- place on left bottom side of frame--TR
13.) BC ornament 2- R= 80% C&P as NRL-place beneath BC Floral--dup.-mirror-flip
14.) BC Border 2- R=50% and place it on top of frame..DS--TR
15.) BC Wordart 1--R=50% & 80%, C&P as NRL--place on top of frame-EC4-Gradient Glow--3--fat--DS (optional)
16.) DB Karen 1-R=50% & 80%- unsharp mask- C&P as NRL and place her on left bottom of canvas.DS.
17.) Duplicate- then adjust-blur- gaussian X5--Blend Mode= Soft light--Opacity = 80%--merge down.
18.) BC Embroidery 3-C&P as NRL and place above background layer--DS.
19.) C&P Paper 8 as NRL-(or paper of choice) place underneath embroidery--Add a mask of your choice-delete mask-ungroup layers
20.) BC Basket-R=40% & 70% X2 unsharp mask.C&P as NRL --place on bottom, just right of poser..DS--TR.
21.) BC Apple 1-R= 50% & 80% X3--unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL---place bottom right corner of canvas--DS
22.) BC Apple 2--R= 40% & 80% X3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- Place near the 1st apple. DS
23.) BC Apple 3- R= 30% & 80% X2-- unsharp mask--C&P as NRL placce near # 2
24.) duplicate Apple 2 R=80%--place on right side of bottom basket.
25.) Duplicate Apple 3--R=80% and place on the left side of bottom basket.
26.) Merge Visible all layers--R=63% and use Xero-Porcelain-default settings (optional)
27.) Add all Copyrights,and Name'
Save as PNG..
I would really like to see what you have done with this tut,just email me.