Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stupid Cupid 1 (PTU)

I wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please Do NOT place this on any website or group without my Permission.
The art is from Adiene (Krista Holewinske) and can be found Here
And the Scrap I am using is "Stupid Cupid" By Purple's Kreationz and is sold Here
Drop Shadow=DS=2,2,50,5 black
2 tubes--closeup and regular.
800 X 800
1.) Copy and Paste = C&P-- SC Frame 2 as New Raster Layer (NRL)
2.) With magic wand, click inside the middle of all three layers,in the frame...Selection--modify---expand X6
3.) C&P--Paper 13 (or your choice) as NRL- Invert on frame and delete on paper--Select none= (SN) move paper below frame--DS---on both.
4.) Click on frame again,and with Magic wand click in center of each layer.. Sel---Mod--Expand--X6
5.) C&P Close-up  tube as NRL--invert on frame and delete on tube--Move tube below frame--DS and Again -2,-2,50-5
6.) Close out bottom layer--and Merge Visible all layers, rename "frame" move to the upper right corner,leaving a space or 2 from the side..
7.) C&P--SC wire as below the frame--move it upwards so it looks center of canvas, (Do Not DS) (Tag Reference= TR)
8.) C&P tube as NRL-- Mirror-- (resize if needed)  Place on left of frame..duplicate--gaussian blur= 5---Blend Mode= Multiply---Opacity= 80, now Merge Down (MD) DS
9.) SC Roses1-C&P as NRL--mirror---place on left side of frame--move below tube layer and DS
10.) SC Roses 3--C&P as NRL--Place on left side of canvas move under tube layer (DS)
11.) SC Roses 2--C&P as NRL and Place below frame DS and flip (TR)
12.) C&P Skull and place between flowers at top--R= 80% (TR)DS--- Duplicate--R=80% place on Bottom right corner---duplicate and mirror--MD
13.) Heart with Wings--R= 80% X3--sharpen-unsharp mask--rotate free left 25% and C&P as NRL-- place on black roses (DS) duplicate--mirror---and place on top right corner of frame.
14.) C&P Black Clouds as NRL--place behind tube ---DS---TR
15.) Clawed Heart-- R= 80% X4--Unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place on top of clouds--Gradient Glow--3-fat and DS (TR)
16.) SC Cupid--R= 50%---unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL--place in middle of tag,between frame and roses--DS--Duplicate and move dup..below tube...working on top cupid, erase any over the tube,and over the skull (TR)
17.) SC Devil Heart 2--R= 80%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place beneath tube--GG3Fat--DS (TR)
18.) SC Fan---R= 80% --C&P as NRl--place below skull and cloud layer free rotate-- left--25%  DS (TR)
19.) SC Lips 1---R=60% & 80% X2--unsharp mask--GG3 Fat--DS--
free rotate left 20%---move to top middle frame (TR)
20.) SC Lips 2--R= 60% & 80---unsharp mask---GG3 Fat--DS---free rotate Right 20%--place on center frame (TR)
21.) C&P--Paper 18 (or paper of choice) as NRL--  place above background layer--add mask of choice----I used Artmama  mask 13---delete mask--ungroup layers.
22.) Make sure all layers are open..--Resize all layers 63%---Xero--Porcelain --default settings (Optional)
23.) Add all Copy Rights and name---Save as PNG..
Thanks for doing my tutorial--I would really like to see anything made with this tut..

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