Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stupid Cupid 2 PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please DO NOT place this on any Website or post it in groups without my permission.
The tubes I used are from Adrie Janssen-Stark and can be found Here 
You have to be a member to access the tubes.
The awesome kit is called "Stupid Cupid" and is by Purple's Kreationz and can be bought Here 
You need a close-up tube and a regular tube.
Filters used: VM Natural--Lightburst
Drop Shadow=DS---2,2,50,5 black
And Animation Shop 3
800 X 800
1.) Copy and Paste = C&P--Frame3 as New Raster Layer= NRL
2.) With Magic Wand click on the inside of frame--selections--modify--expand X6
3.)C&P Paper of choice _ I chose Paper 15--paste as NRL-- invert on frame layer--delete on paper layer---Select None= SN---move paper below frame,give both a DS.
4.) C&P close-up as NRL-move below frame-- erase any beneath the frame--
5.) Duplicate close-up--adjust--blur--gaussian X5---blend mode= BM---Soft Light---opacity=80%---MD---DS
6.) Close out Bottom layer and Merge Visible--rename layer--frame----move frame to left side---tag reference= TR
8.) SC Wire--C&P beneath frame--move to right center--(Do not DS)
9.) C&P Tube as NRL--place to right side--resize if needed--Mirror--(Do not DS) duplicate--gaussian blur 5--BM= Hard Light---Opacity= 80%---MD
10.)Rose 4---C&P as NRL--place on upper left corner of frame---DS
11.) Open a new Canvas 600 X 600
12.) SC Skull---C&P as NRL
13.) C&P Roses 5 as NRL--duplicate- and place dup. below skull---X-out bottom rose--and on top rose erase the part of stem that is on top of skull--so it looks like the roses are coming out the eye socket---once happy--MV--
14.) C&P Skull with flowers as NRl and place on the left bottom of tag.
15.) C&P Tatooed heart 1 as NRL==Resize= R-80% X2--place on the left side of canvas, other side of frame--DS--TR
16.) C&P Tatooed Heart 2 As NRL--R= 80% X 4---place on red heart--DS---TR
17.) Roses3 ---R= 80%--C&P as NRL and place below frame,mirror ---DS---TR
18.) C&P Black Clouds as NRL---mirror and place below black roses under frame--(Don't DS) TR
19.) SC Cupid R=70% and 80% C&P as NRL--Mirror--DS--and place it above the flower/skull---TR
20.) SC Fan---R=80% C&P as NRL---free rotate---25 left--position under left rose on top---DS
21.) Sc Spider--R= 80% X 2--C&P as NRL--place at bottom of frame==DS
22.) Skullfly--R=80% X 2---sharpen---unsharp-mask--C&P as NRl and place between flowers and frame=DS----TR
23.) Close out Skull-fly and tube--and MV all layers--now resize all 63%
24.) C&P paper of choice (I used Paper 17) Place this layer above Background layer----add mask of choice--I added AWD--Smokey mask---delete mask--ungroup layers--now MV-- open skullfly and tube...
25.) Add All Copy Rights---and if your not going to animate,,MV all layers, add name and save as PNG..if your going to animate--proceed.
"To Animate"
26.)Merge CopyRight and tag...
27.) On skullfly--duplicate 2X's= 3 layers---rename fly 1,2,3
close out 2 & 3 and on fly1---with raster deform tool--move the wings a little towards the middle--by grabbing the nodes on the side and moving them toward the middle--(close out layer and open next one) repeat this with fly 2 and 3 moving them a little a time (see Example below)

28.) On tube layer---with Lasso tool--point to point---feather= 1, smoothing= 0, anti-alias checked
go around the lantern and the ball in her hand--once done-duplicate it 2 X's= 3 layers--rename them light 1,2,3, close out layers 2 & 3, and working on light 1--go to Effects---VM Natural--Lightburst--use these settings--
128,128, frequency 12,18,36---ok
close out 1, open light 2---repeat effect but change frequency by adding (10) = 22-- close out #2, open light 3 and on frequency add (10) = 32--ok (SN)
29.) Close out 3, now open both Light 1 and fly 1---copy merge and paste into animation shop as New animation--
30.) (PSP) Close layers #1---open both layers #2 and copy merged and in animation shop---paste after current frame--
31.) (PSP) Close layers #2--open both layers #3 and paste after current frame in AS.
32.) You should have 3 frames.. go to edit--select all--Animation--Animation Properties--opaque--white
32.) While all frames are still selected--go to animation--Frame Properties and change it to 20--
once happy view and save as GIF..
Thanks for trying my tut..below is a PNG version..


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