Friday, April 27, 2012

Golden Spring (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT add this to any Website or group with out my written permission.
I am using An amazing kit by Heppy at HF-Projekte It's called "Golden Spring" and is sold Here
The tube I am using is by Zindy S.D. Nielsen and is sold Here
Let's get started.
You'll need a close-up and a regular tube.
Drop Shadow=DS- 2,2,50,5 Black..unless otherwise specified.
Filters= Mura Miester--Copies
800 X 800
1.) GS 13 frame and Resize= (R)-=61%, Copy and Paste (C&P)= as New Raster Layer (NRL) onto canvas..
2.) With Magic wand click inside the frame--selections--modify--expand X 6
3.) C&P Paper 2--R--20%--place as a NRL--invert on frame layer---delete--on paper layer, move paper below frame and DS both.(Select None= SN)
4.) C&P close-up tube as NRL,(R if needed) place beneath frame, and erase any of tube that is below frame.DS
5.) Duplicate tube and go to Adjust--blur--gaussian X5-- Blend mode= multiply---opacity= 80% merge down,add DS.
6.)Close bottom layer and merge visible all other layers--rename frame..
7.) Duplicate frame--and then go to MMCopies--V-wave,-V-tile,-Behind--(preset menu) [*=seamless]-8,46,46,10,47,,0,/30/,0
ex. below
8.) add mask of choice (I used AWD- sins mask) once done--delete mask  and ungroup layers. Make sure this to place this layer above background layer. 
9.) GS 4- R=64%  C&P as NRL--place below frame--free rotate 25 to right--DS----duplicate and mirror.Merge Down.
10.) #34---R=40% C&P as NRL onto bottom of frame-(your choice--I added a Gradient Glow--3-m-) and add DS...Tag Reference= TR
11.) #19--R=40% X 2--adjust--sharpen--unsharp mask--place on top left of frame--free rotate--left--25--add DS
12.) Flower 17--R=40%,50%,and 80% X2 Place on bottom of frame..
13.) flower 18-- R= 40%, 50%, and 80% X 3--place it on bottom of frame too..(next to each other...TR) DS---duplicate---mirror and then place both below ribbon layer.
14.) #7-R=30% and 80% X2 ---unsharp mask--place on ribbon on frame---DS--
X out bottom 3 layers---mask,doodles,and background...merge visible all others..then move frame over to the right a smidget...
15.) C&P other tube as NRL,(R= if needed)--place tube on bottom left of 5--Blend Mode= multiply--opacity = 80%---Merge Down--and DS
16.) Add any other elements you wish: I added
  #1--R-25% and 80 % X3--unsharp mask--place on bottom right of tag--DS
17.) #2--R= 25% and 80% X 4--unsharp mask--mirror--C&P onto lower right corner--(DS) (TR) Merge down--and duplicate-place this one behind tube on left side.
18.) Butterfly 11--R=25% and 80% X2--C&P as NRL and place it on top right corner of frame,---rotate free left--25--DS--TR-
19.) Butterfly 12-- R= 25%  and 80% X3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it below top Butterfly--free rotate Right 25%--DS---TR
20.) Butterfly 9---R=20% and 80 % X2---unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it on upper left corner of frame. Mirror---TR--DS
21.) make sure all layers are open and then Merge Visible all layers---R=63%--sharpen--add ALL Credits and save as PNG..
thank you for looking at my tut.

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