Thursday, July 25, 2013

Springfully Delightful PTU

I wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please DO NOT add this to any website,forum or Group,without my permission.
 The Cute Spring kit is called: Springfully Delightful..and can be found Here
I'm using the art of PinUpToons and can be found Here
My supplies Here
2 tubes of choice
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5 black
Let's Begin
900 X 900
1.) Garden Vignette--Copy and Paste = C&P -- new Raster Layer = NRL-- place it on the center right of tag..DS & tag reference = TR
2.)  Sidewalk -- C&P as NRL--Resize = R = 80%- till it fits around the bench--DS--TR-use your deform tool till you have it around the bench.
3.) Tube-w/easel-- R = if needed  = 50% X2--sharpen -unsharp mask = USM--DS--TR--C&P as NRL--place on bottom left side.
4.) Tube #2-- R= if needed--C&P as NRL--sharpen-- DS -- TR
5.) Grass-- C&P as NRL--place under bench & sidewalk--TR
6.) Sky-- C&P as NRL-- Place on bottom layer--TR-- DO NOT DS
7.) Clouds--C&P as NRL-- R = 50% & 80 %--USM-- place on right side--duplicate = Dup--R = 80% sharpen--mirror--NO DS
8.) Sign 1-- R = 60% & 80% X 2 --USM--C&P as NRL-- DS --Place on left side . move layer below bench-TR
9.) Sign - R = 60% & 80-- USM-- C&P as NRL-- Place on right side--move below the bench layer-- DS -- TR
10.) Now we are going to make the flowers on the stim..--open a new canvas 600X600
stim-  C&P as NRL- Flower 9 - R = 50% and 80% X 2-USM--DS --duplicate = dup.--R = 80% X2-sharpen-move this one below the top-- dup. - R = 80% -- place on the bottom-- close out - if you want more than 1 flower-- just repeat # 10--until you have as many flowers as you wish, I did all the flowers..
11.)  Flowers 1-10--R = 50% only--sharpen- and DS-- TR\
12. )  Deco 4 --R = 50% --USM--C&P as NRL --place on top of stem -- Dup.--R = 80% --free rotate--right 20 - place this one on stem-- dup. -- R = 80 -- free rotate--right 20%.
13.) Repeat the above for Deco's 1-3-- TR
14.)When you are done adding all your flowers and Deco's--merge down till you just have 1 layer per flowers and decos--
15.) Now just Copy merged and place them where ever you choose, I placed mine behind the Bench..DS-- TR
16.) Water Can --R = 50% --USM--C&P as NRL --Place on the grass--DS--TR
17.) Hummingbird 3 -- R = 50% -- USM--C&P as NRL -- place upper right side --- DS --TR
18.) Hummingbird 2 --R--50% --USM-- C&P as NRL -- mittot--place in middle-- DS -- TR
19.) Hummingbird 1 -- R = 50% -- USM--C&P as NRL --Place upper left side--DS--TR
20.)  Butterfly 8--R = 50% & 80 % --USM--C&P as NRL -- place on bottom right--DS--TR
21.) Repeat #20. for Butterflys 6 & 7-- place them in front,or wherever you wish.-- DS--TR
22.) Butterfly 5 -- R = 50% & 80% --  USM--C&P as NRL -- free rotate--right 25--DS--TR
23.) Butterfly's 1-4-- Repeat # 22 -- with the same settings --except for rotating
24.)  #4 - Free rotate --= left 25
25.)  # 3 -- free rotate -- right 25
26.) #2-- free rotate -- left 25
27.) #1 -- free rotate -- right 25//
when happy with everything, merge visible all layers-- R= 56% -- sharpen-- Now add All Copy right Info -- and Name==then save as PNG
I hope you had fun doing my tut.. would really like to see what you've done..

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lazy Days FTU

I Wrote this tutorial, any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please do NOT add this to any website,group or forum, without my permission.
This awesome scrapkit called " Lazy Days"  is by Cari at Black Widow Creationz, and is part of Sweet Creations Blogtrain you can find Cari's on her site Here  
The Tube is by Elias Chatzouis and can be found Here  
My Supplies Here  
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Animation Shop
Let's Begin
900 X 900
1.) Sabd- (in supplies) -- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer= NRL = Place on Bottom-
2.) EL 12--C&P as NRL--mirror -  place on right side of sand..DS--tag reference =- TR
3.) EL 13-- Resize =R=80%-sharpen---C&P as NRL--Place on left side on top of sand--DS--TR
4.) EL 14---C&P as NRL-- place on left side behind behind EL13--DS--TR--duplicate= dup-- R = 80% sharpen--and mirror,make sure this one is on the right side--TR
5.) EL 15 --R=75% & 80%--sharpen--unsharp mask - Usm---C&P as NRL--place it in between EL 13 & EL 12-- DS --TR.
6.) EL 10-- R = 50% & 80%--Usm--C&P as NRL--place on left middle--free rotate - 90-- DS -- TR
7.) EL 16 -- R = 50% -- Usm--C&P as NRL-- Place on right side of EL 12-- DS -- TR
8.) EL 3 --R = 50% Usm--C&P as NRL-- place on left top--DS -- TR -- dup.--R = 80% -sharpen- place upper right corner- dup, again R =  80% -place in center--TR
9.) EL 4 -- R = 50% & 80 % Usm--C&P as NRL--place near starfish -- DS -- TR-- dup.- R = 50% place on left side move layer above sand-- TR
10.) EL 5 -- R = 50% & 80% -- Usm --C&P as NRL-- place on left side center of sand-- DS -- TR
11.) EL 6 -- R = 50% & 80% -- Usm--C&P as NRL--place on front left side --DS --TR
12.) EL 7 -- R = 50% & 80%--Usm--C&P as NRL-- place on front right side-- DS -- TR
13.) EL 8 -- R = 50% & 80% --Usm--C&P as NRL--place in center front -- DS -- TR
14.) Tube -C&P as NRL--- R =if needed (if you resize remember to sharpen..) place in front -- dup.-- adjust-blur-Gaussian 6--Blend Mode = Hard Light -- opacity = 80% -- Merge down-- DS --
15.) Water ---C&P as NRL--place tight above background layer--merge down-- rename - bottom.
16.) EL 9 -- R = 50% & 80% X4--Usm--C&P as NRL-- place on bottom right center between other shells-- DS -- TR -- dup. R = 80% mirror
17.) Now we are going to merge layers-- Close out Tube,dark water,and  both 2 bottom layers-- Merge Visible - all other layers--rename --(Ov) now open water  (rename bottom)- you should have 4 layers left-- now we will add some fish.
  working on top layer-
18.) EL 1 --R = 50% X2 & 80%-- Usm--C&P as NRL--    place on left front--DS--TR--dup. R= 80%--place it around-TR - I did 3 a piece on the Fish..
19.) EL 18-- R = 50% X2 & 80% -- Usm.---C&P as NRL--mirror --place upper right side- DS -- TR--dup.- R = 80% -- (repeat what you did for #18.)
20.) EL 2 -R = 50% X2 & 80% -- Usm --C&P as NRL-- Place on center top-- DS-- TR--dup. R = 80% (repeat #18)
21.) EL 20 -R = 50% X2 & 80%- Usm--C&P as NRL-- place on bottom center -- DS -- TR- dup. -- R = 80% (repeat #18)
22.)  Merge down -background with dark water-- rename bottom. Close bottom and tube layers-Merge Visible -- fish layers--rename--top-now you should have 3 layers.
23.) EL 22 - R = 50% -Usm--C&P as NRL-- place on left - dup.--mirror - R = 80% --place on right--dup.-R = 80% -sharpen--place in center--now Merge down to fish.
24.) R= all layers 56%-sharpen - Sparkle 2 =-C&P as NRL-- place below the fish layer --place on top--
25.) Add All Copy right info.-- if you don't want to animate- go ahead and merge visible all layers, add your name and save as PNG.
Let's animate
Close out all layers but bottom layer -- open animation shop--
26.) copy merged-- and place as new animation-- dup. the same  # of bubbles--  on bubbles-- click on the first frame--edit -select all - copy and paste  into selected frame--continue to copy and paste - place them around to make tag look good.. once happy go back to PSP.
27.) PSP- close out background==open all other layers and Merge Visible-- copy merged -- in animation shop ---edit -select all- working on your frames--Propagate paste- paste into selected frame- once you are done you should have a total of 6 frames-- go to edit-select all and go to animation and then Frame properties --place it at 15-- when happy view and then save as GIF..
Thank you for taking the time in following me, I hope you like this tut, and please fill free and send me your tags, I would love to see what people have made.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Caribbean Breeze PTU

I Wrote this tutorial any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please do NOT add this to any website,forum or group,with out my permission.
This Awesome Summer kit is called " Caribbean Breeze",By Margie of "Fancy Flair Designs", you can find her kits Here 
The Tube is by a Anastasiya Igolochka and can be found Here 
My Supplies ( Examples) Here  
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 blank
Filter-- Mura's Meister --- copies
Let's Begin
900 X 900
1.) Swim 2-Resize = R = 50% and 100% X3--sharpen = Un-sharp mask = USM- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL-place in center of canvas, You can change the suit's if you wish..
2.) Mura's Meister -- go to copies-Encircle--default settings : circle-(tile mode) Behind--12,50,50,0,100,-25,100,0,100,o/,0,30/,0 (the ones with /,those are the ones lightened) EX1 & EX.2
 3.) Tube-R-if needed-C&P as NRL- (sharpen if you resized)--now duplicate-blur-gaussian-6--blend mode=hard light--opacity=80- Merge down=MD -DS- Tag Reference = TR
4.) Picnic Bag --R = 56% X 2--USM.---C&P as NRL- mirror and place--on bottom right.-DS--TR
5.) Swim R = 30% & 50% --USM.---C&P as NRL-  Place on bottom left corner--TR &DS
6.) Swim Bed 1 -R = 20% & 60%--USM.---C&P as NRL- (EX.3)- On pool-(EX.4) dup. bed--close out the original-with freehan selction tool-these settings: point to point-add shift-Feather=1 - smoothing=0 -anti-alias-checked-open original and do the same-once done,where it looks like the bed is coming out of the pool--DS,on bottom bed-merge down with pool.
7.) Swirl 1-- Open it up as new raster layer--(you are going to re-color- it, the next ( EX.5- EX.8,)so I wont go into it,just follow the examples.) Use a nice color from tube...mostly the light color
Now R = 48% & 35%  USM.---C&P as NRL- place this one on upper left side--DS--TR--now dup.-mirror and place this one right above the bottom layer. TR
8.) Flip Flops--R = 20%  USM.---C&P as NRL- Place it on the bottom in the middle- DS--dup. and mirror--MD--TR

 9.) Swim 2 = R = 50% X2 --USM.---C&P as NRL-DS--move below tube layer--Rename  Sw1
 10.) Ribbon 1-R = 20%--USM.---C&P as NRL-Move it to the upper left side,on top of the swirl--dup..R = 80%--mirror--Place right over Swim2--rename A1--TR 
11.) Bubbles 1 =R=30%--USM.---C&P as NRL-Place on left center--DS--TR--dup. R = 80% - move this one down a little--TR
12.) Now if you don't want to animate--go ahead and open bottom layer and then Merge Visible= MV---Resize 56% sharpen--
Add ALL copy rights and name--then save as PNG--
If you want to animate then continue..
Open Animation shop
13.) Close out all layers Below tube -- then MV-- re-name- top
B.) close out A1 and Sw1--MV all layers below--re-name bottom
C.) Sharpen all 3 layers--and add ALL CopyRights and MD to top layer.
14.) Dup. Sw1 2X=3 layers--close out top 2, we're going to add noise first..Rename layers--Sw2 and Sw3
on Sw1-add/remove noise--add noise--Gaussian-30--monochrome checked-close open Sw2- change 30 to 40 and hit Ok--repeat this for Sw3 change 40 - 50--close and open Sw2- we don't need to change Sw1
15.) working with Sw2- free rotate 25-- (EX.9) you want to even them out,like in the EX.--close out
16.)  open Sw3--repeat rotate but change it to Right 25--as in EX. 10- even them out..close open Sw1- make sure your on that layer in layers pallete- Now Copy Merged = CM--and paste into animation shop as New animation--
17.) back in PSP--close Sw1-open Sw2- make sure your on layer 2
CM and paste after current frame= back in PSP--
Close Sw2 and open Sw1-make sure your on that layer
18.) CM -and paste after current frame close Sw1 and open Sw3-make sure your on that layer
19.) CM and paste after current frame-- you should now have 4 frames--
20.) Now go to Edit- select all- animation-animation properties--opaque and change it to white
21.) now with all layers still checked you want to change your frame properties--go to frame properties and change it to 25, now you should have all 4 frames running at 25.. once happy-- view--and then save as gif..
I sure hope you had fun with this everyone has ever said, this is just a tut on how I did this, you make it yours..As always I sure would love to see what you did..

Non animated


Monday, July 1, 2013

Delicate Beach PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please DO NOT add this to any Website, Group or Forum, without my permission.
This Beautiful Sea/Beach Kit is by Cari at Black Widow Creationz and is called "Delicate Beach" which can be found Here  
The Beautiful Mermaid is by Ismael Rac and can be found Here  
My Supplies: Here  
Open my supplies,these are your Examples.
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Let's Begin
900 X 900
1.) EL.9--Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL-- Place on the bottom left -- DS-- duplicate = dup..and Merge Down = MD..
2.) EL.13--C&P as NRL --NO DS-- place on top of other sand..Tag referene = TR
3.) EL.14 ---C&P as NRL -- place on right side--move layer below sand layer--DS
4.) EL.10--C&P as NRL --place on right side-- move layer below sand layer--free rotate-Right25--DS
5.) EL.8--Resize = R = 60% --sharpen--un-sharp mask = USM--C&P as NRL --place on right side bottom--NO DS-TR
6.) EL.5--R= 60%-USM--- C&P as NRL --place behind El.14--DS--TR
7.) EL.5--R=80%--sharpen---C&P as NRL --place behind board..DS--TR
8.) Tube--R= if needed--C&P as NRL -- dup.- gaussian blur =6--blend mode - Hard light --opacity = 80% --MD-DS
9.) EL.4 --R = 50% USM---C&P as NRL --Place in front of san castle--DS--Mirror
10.) Sand-(Color-DE0491-37-137-184-)--C&P as NRL --Place right above bottom layer--NO-DS
11.) Water---C&P as NRL --place it above the bottom layer--TR -NO -DS- with Raster deform tool-defaut settings--EX.3-6-grab node top of sand-move it down- now grab the top left node-hold CTRL , key--move it down and out--grab the one on the side-and move it over--do the same for the water-- once done--crop selection-opaque-for both the sand and water layers--TR
12.) EL.20-R = 75% sharpen ---C&P as NRL --place on right side -- free rotate left 20--DS--TR
13.) EL. 27--R = 45% X2- USM--C&P as NRL --place in front of tube--free rotate R = 25--erase a little from the bottom-to look like its in the sand--TR--DO NOT DS
14.) EL.18--C&P as NRL --TR--Move layer below tube layer--DS
15.) EL.19 -R = 50% -USM--C&P as NRL --Place it beside the sand castle--move layer below top layer--DS--TR
16.) EL. 30 -R= 50% X 2 --USM --C&P as NRL --Place on bottom layer - DS -dup.(R= if needed) -Place a few shells around--(dup. and resizing them)
17.) EL.6 -R= 50% & 80% X2--USM--C&P as NRL--Place it above water layer-- and behind the rest--DS--TR
18.) Sky-C&P as NRL -- place it below water layer-NO-DS-
19.) EL. 17--C&P as NRL --place on right side -- NO DS
20.) EL. 21--R = 60% X2-USM--C&P as NRL --place om bottom layer-(I dup. it a couple of times, I also resized them)
21.) EL.2-R =60% USM---C&P as NRL --Place behind tube -DS
22.) EL.23-C&P as NRL --place on top--NO DS--TR
23.) EL.32--C&P as NRL --mirror--place layer behind tube layer--DS
24.) Sparkle--C&P as NRL --(I duplicated mine-) mirror dup., flip (No DS)
25.) PP1-C&P as NRL -- Place it right above bottom layer.
26.) Open Bottom layer-and Merge Visible all layers-
27.) Resize = 56% --sharpen
28.) Add ALL Copy right info--name-and save as PNG.
Thank you so much for looking at my tut.