Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim this as your Own or place on any website without written permission from Me.
I'm using this Awesome kit made by Purple and can be found on her Blog Here 
And I'm using these Beautiful Ladies made by Michael Landefeld and are now sold Here
Eye Candy 5 Impact--backlight
Animation shop
Drop Shadow= 2,2,50,5,black
800 X 800
1.) First off open the truck and trailer element. with Lasso tool--point-point. anti alias--checked--feather---1, smoothing--0-- go around the trailer and when you are finished, copy and paste (C&P)  it onto a New raster Layer (NRL)--
2.) You can decorate the trailer but please keep Purples tou's in mind... I decorated mine with my B-I-L's logo, he's a of course he got
I used the font on the trailer and truck (Ithornet size 60,stroke foreground color.._)
3.) C&P--road 1 as a NRL-- place to upper right , move layer above background (bottom layer) Drop Shadow (DS)
4.) C&P Truck Resize = 95%--move it to look like mine (looks like its pulling the trailer) (DS) tag reference (TR)
5.) C&P Traffic lights R= 80% X 2 place to left top above the trailer (TR) (DS)
6.) Sign 4--R=80% X2- place beside stop light (DS)
7.) C&P Wire 3 as NRL place  above background layer, move it up a bit (TR)
8.) C&P Sign3 R= 80 % place on the right of canvas (DS) (TR)
9.) C&P Sign 2 R= 80% as NRL place in the middle, up on top...(TR) (DS)
10.) C&P tube or tubes of choice..Place them where ever you wish, add (DS) to all tubes.
11.) C&P road 2 as NRL--use your deform raster tool to flatten and fix the road like the ladies are sitting on it (TR) (DS)

To make the Background, open another 800X800 canvas,
open road 2, with lasso tool same settings, go around only the road (no white sides or the yellow lines...just road) C&P onto new canvas, place in center then go to MMCOPIES--- Wallpaper- (with these settings) default,,just change the # to 90

12.) C&P as NRL right above background...move it so it looks good (TR) (DS)
13. Now add NRL above the Bottom layer and Flood fill with C0C0C0
If You don't want to animate...Merge Visible all layers, Resize  63%, 
14.) Add all Copy Rights, and Name..then save as Png..
For Animation
1.) Bring layer #5, traffic light layer,close out..and MV all layers, go ahead and add your Copy right info now..and Merge these on there too...Now open Traffic light.
2.) With Lasso tool, go around Green light, once done and marching ants are going around, Promote selection to layer, close out the green, and do this for all 3 colors, rename them as you go, green,yellow and red.
3.) on the green one duplicate 2 X's = 3 this for the other 2 colors as well.. don't forget to rename them (ex.) grn1,grn2,grn3,and so forth.
4.) on green1, go to EC5 Impact--backlight--filled, decreasing opacity with front gho- and ex.2b

Click ok. close grn1, and on Grn2= same plugin- hit RS 1X--change Blend Mode(BM)= soft light
Grn3= change blend mode only= Exclusion
on Yellow 1, same settings as Grn1, change RS to 1..and repeat.
Yel2= same plugin--hit RS 1X= BM= hard light
Yel3= Change BM only = Luminance
Red1--same plugin- change RS to 1 and repeat
Red2--Same plugin, hit RS 1X --BM= Dodge
Red 3= Hard Light-

Ok,, now open AS.. close out all animations..
You should have 1 layer not animated, this will be your 1st frame..C merged and Paste into animations shop as New Animation, now open grn1, Copy Merged and paste into animation shop,after the current frame...close grn1, open grn2--copy merged and paste this after current frame, continue till you have a total of 10 frame,
Click on 1st frame..go to animation--frame properties and change it to=50
#2= 100
#3= 25
#4 = 25
#5= 100
#6= 25
#7= 25
#8= 100
#9= 25
#10= 100
View and once happy save as GIF.
Thank you

Irish Luck Danielle

 I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim this as your Own or put on any website without My written permission.
I am using this New Kit by Danielle at Scraps by Danielle,and can be bought Here 
You Can use Danielle's kit like I did, or you can choose another Tube..
Filters/Plugins used: Mura Meister---Copies
Eye Candy 5--Textures--Texture Noise
Mask--Vix Big MaskHere

1.) 800 X 800
2.) Using a Preset shape-Clover-- Colors--B/ 7cde13   F/ 56a110
Anti-alias--checked....- create on vector--checked..--Line width--- 2.. straight---- draw out a small clover---go to Objects--align--center in canvas--then Convert to rastor layer.
3.) Now with Mura Meister--Copies (settings)  Encircle-- Circle--behind--10,50,50,0,100,-25,100,0,100,-/0/-,0,-/30/-,  0 
-/#/- = (line through) ok
4.) Now grab Lasso tool and go around the center of clovers, carefully going to cut off the stems..

Hit delete with lasso tool again-point-to-point-feather=2--smothering=0...go around center again.. Selections--Modify--Expand X 4-- get paper 10 from the kit, Copy-n-paste (C&P) as New Rastor Layer (NRL) in frame---sel., invert and on paper hit delete..
Now Crop opaque, make sure your nodes are on all sides to the end of canvas, going to crop excess paper...
5.) place paper below clover frame...add a modest Drop Shadow (DS) 2,2,50,5,black... also add (DS) to frame.
6.) (C&P) Clover shain as (NRL) place on upper middle of frame, then move layer below frame layer...copy and flip..(DS) both...Tag Reference (TR)
7.) Now place your tube on top layer as (NRL) you can also use the one she has,if you are making one to match mine. (DS)
8.) Close your background layer (bottom) and Merge Visible (MV) all other layers. You can rename this layer (ex. Mgframe) sometimes renaming the layer helps you when you animate. 
9.) C&P--Harp as (NRL) place on lower right corner (DS) resize if needed.
10.) C&P Glass of Beer as (NRL) and place on the left side bottom. (DS) 
11.) C&P Word Art place below frame, on bottom center (TR) if you are going to animate don't add a (DS)
12.) C&P mouse R = 80%..(DS)
13.) C&P Bear Resize if needed..(70 or 80 %). place it in front of harp (DS) (TR)
14.) on Bottom layer C&P Paper 11 as (NRL) add your mask--merge group.
15.) Working on top layer... C&P--Hat,coins and clover as (NRL) Mirror and place on upper left corner--- free rotate to the Left 25% (DS)
16.) Horseshoe with Lucky==R= 80% X2, C&P as (NRL) and place on upper right corner--free rotate Right 25%. (DS)
17.) If your not going to animate MV.. All Layers--R= 63%- all layers checked,ADD CR and as PNG.
To Animate..
18.) Working with the Word Art...Duplicate 3X's = 4 layers..Rename them WA1,2,3,4..
Working on 1 (all others closed) EC5- Texture- Texture Noise with these settings---Color= 56a110--add noise to solid colors--0,0,28,39 rotate textures= 344,texture= diamonds= 49.99,60.00,invert texture--checked..-- seamless tile--checked-- Random seed= 8144...ok
close 1 and open 2...repeat texture...hitting Random Seed 1X
close 2 and open 3, repeat steps and hit RS 1X
close 3 and open 4 repeat steps hitting RS 1x...close out layers 2-4.. Now lets finish...
Copy Merged and Paste 1st layer in Animation Shop as New Animation...Close layer 1 and open layer 2..Copy Merge and paste after current animation..continue to do this till you have all 4 layers in animation shop..
Now go to Edit--select all, and animations--animation properties..opaque--white, this gives you a white background..then with them still all selected and go to animations---frame properties and change the # to 25..
Now, Copy all 4 frames, click on 4th frame, make sure its the only one that is selected, and paste all 4 frames after current frame..go to animations and click on Reverse frames, this will change the last 4 frames...
 view and save.
I would really like to see the finished result

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Purfect Pleasures Daniela

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.Please do NOT claim this as yours or put it on any website with out my written Permission.
I'm using this Beautiful scrapkit called:"Purrrfect Pleasures" made by Scrazy-Scraps and can be bought Here 
The tube is by KT.Bryan..who is retired now, but was sold at CDO store Here 
Any Close-up will do.
1.) Copy frame 1 as New Raster layer=(NRL)
2.) With Magic Wand click on the inside of the frame.
Selection--Modify--expand X6 ----2 X's
3.) Copy and Paste = (C&P) Paper 9 as (NRL), invert on frame layer and delete paper crop opaque---make sure your nodes are spread to the width of the canvas, your cutting off unnecessary paper..
move paper under frame, give it a modest Drop shadow=(DS):2,2,50,5 black
4.) working on top layer,(C&P) tube as (NRL),duplicate tube layer,and move this one below the  frame. Close out duplicate.
5.) Working on top layer,with your Lasso tool, point to point---feather=1---smoothing= 0
go around the part of tube,outside of frame..once your done, open bottom tube and delete the part that's sticking out.(DS)  duplicate..close bottom layer (background) and Merge Visible=(MV) all layers. Rename Frame layer
6.) (C&P) Element= EL. 66 as (NRL) No (DS) move slightly to the left 
7.) El 56 Resize=R 60% & 80%---mirror--(C&P) as (NRL) place on lower right corner...duplicate and Mirror..
8.) El.53 ---R= 60% & 80% X1-- (C&P) as (NRL) move to upper left side..(DS) see tag for Reference= (TR)
9.) El.52--R= 60% X2--(C&P) as (NRL) move to upper right side (DS) (TR)
10.) El. 48---R=60% & 80% X2---adjust-sharpness-Unsharp mask (default settings) (C&P) as (NRL) move to under the corset (TR)
11.) El.47---(C&P) as (NRL)--place over to the right corner (DS) & (TR)
12.) El.42--R=60% (C&P) as (NRL) move over to almost on the skate...
If your not going to animate skip the next steps: and go to--# 13...
Now for animation your going to need--Animation shop..when were done..
A.) DO NOT Drop Shadow the pinwheel..
B.) With Lasso tool--point to point---feather-1--smoothing--0---anti-alias checked.. go to top of the pinwheel, and go around the shown in Example 1....

Now Promote selection to layer..Select None= (SN)
C.) Now with lasso tool again, go around the base handle, once done Promote selection to layer, now rename these:  wheel 1 and stem 1
D.) Working with Wheel 1,duplicate and--- Image---rotate and free rotate (all layers unchecked) and rotate it 25 degrees to the left...then rename it Wheel 2, and then duplicate it..
E.) Continue to duplicate--free rotate--left 25 degrees,until your wheel,has gone all the way around.
also don't forget to rename your layers..
F.) now you will need to do the same with the stem, you might need to duplicate stem 2 X's ,and merge them to make the stem longer..--line the stem up with the pinwheel,after having a stem for all your pinwheels,you need to close them out and then add a stem to each pinwheel,merging down and renaming each layer as shown in ex.2 ( I only showed 4 layers,but it took more than that...7 layers in all)

Close out all layers except bottom one,and lets continue with the tag...

13.) El 20--R= 60% X2--(C&P) as (NRL) Place on bottom of frame, (DS) (move layer below frame layer)
14.) El 1--(C&P) as (NRL) Move to the right side,and then place it under frame layer..with background still closed, close out the pinwheel layers and MV all other should have (working from bottom---up)
background...MV Layer....and 7 pinwheel layers...o
15.) Click on background layer---(C&P) paper 10 As (NRL)
add a mask of your choice---I used WSL-93---once added...delete mask layer--click yes---then merge ungroup layers..
16.) (C&P) paper 9 as (NRL) add same mask--and same settings.  Resize 90%
17.) With Pinwheel still closed out, Merge Visible all layers again..
18.) working on top layer..we're going to Resize 63 % which makes the size 504 X 504..
ADD ALL COPY RIGHT INFO...if not animating..merge all visible and save as PNG..

To animate,open layer well as the merge Visible layer and the CR and Name layers..
Copy Merged..and Paste into animation shop as New Animation..
Close layer 1,open layer 2 and copy merge, and in animation shop..Paste after current frame..continue to do these steps till you have all your layers in animation shop... Then go to edit,on 1st frame select all,animation --animation properties--opaque--check it,and change color to white-- this gives you a white background,so you won't have the white image around your GIF.. view your image, when Happy save as GIF..
Thank you.

Friday, February 17, 2012

For Moon Forum set

I wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim as your own,or place on any website with out written permission by me.
I wrote this for my friend Moon,there is no scraps needed..
I used this beautiful Tube from Barb Jensen and you can purchase it Here 
For this tut all you need is a nice tube and a close-up...I chose 2 colors from my tube,to make the background color.
 My SuppliesHere
Filters used Mura's  Meister  copies
VM Natural--Sparkle
Drop Shadow=(DS) 2,2,50,5 black

1.) We'll start with a 600X250 canvas
Flood fill with color from tube.
2.) Copy and Paste (C&P) as new rastor Layer (NRL)
resize if needed..I resized mine 80% X3 ..Adjust-sharpness-unsharp mask..
3.) Apply MMCopies--Duplicate---default settings--
use the examples in my supplies.
4.) Now Duplicate that layer and on original layer- repeat MMCopies--Duplicate Cross--default
use the example in my supplies.
5.) Mirror and on duplicate (top layer) adj-blur-gaussian 5----Blend Mode--Multiply now merge down and change Blend Mode = Luminance (Legacy) 
Opacity= 80%
6.) C&P Tube as a NRL--Resize if needed--i resized mine 80% X2-- mirror and move to the right side (tag reference) Duplicate and Mirror--merge down
7.) Now if you don't want to animate--go ahead and Merge Visible all layers 
8.) add NRL and floodfill with colors from your tube
I used a foreground/background gardient (background color dark) (foreground color light) Linear--angle/20--repeats/3
9.) all-modify--contract X3--hit delete on none
10.) add a Inner bevel (2) 8,0,20,0,0,white,315,50,30
and DS. make sure you've SN.. resize 84% 504X168
11.) Now add all Copy rights make it legible.
and Save as PNG..
Now if you want to animate..hold off doing #8-11
Copy #6 2X's = 3 layers..rename from bottom to top-sparkle 1,2 & 3---close out 2 and 3
working on layer 1- go  to VM Natural Sparkle-- use these settings--56,255,255,255,255, random seed 142 
close 1 and on #2 same settings but change Random seed to 152
on #3 same settings but change random seed to 162.
Now do #'s 8-11..and then open
 Animation shop
working on sparkle 1, make sure 2 and 3 are closed.and copy merge and paste into animation shop as New Animation.
On 2 and 3 paste after current frame
you should have 3 go to edit-select all- and then animations--frame properties change it to--15
when happy view and save as a GIF.
Now for Avatar
Grab your crop tool and crop out the section you want as your avatar.what I did was crop selection,copy and paste onto a canvas 150X150..then add Copy right. 
If you do this, I would really love to see your outcome.
Just email me

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Give Me Summer

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please do NOT claim this as your own or put it on any website with out written permission from me.
The beautiful Scrap kit I am using is "Give me Summer" by Zlata and can be bought here 
and I am using the Awesome artwork By "PinUpToons" and can be bought at CDO here
For this tut you will need 2 tubes of choice,by the same artist..
Mask of choice, I used Babes designz mask #18,but any round one will do. 
My supplies here
Font of choice: I used Absolution
2 Colors from tube.
Drop Shadow= DS= 2,2,50,5 black
Lets get started..1st we're going to make the flower basket.
Canvas 800X800, Hold Shift, D..this will duplicate the canvas..
1.) Working with 1 canvas, El 21- resize (R) 30% 
2.) we're going to add some flowers, so just pick out some and have fun..this is how I did mine.
El-22-(R) 30% and 70%...move to right side,duplicate and mirror.
El-25 (R) 30% and 70%,move it to the right and place under the flower,duplicate--mirror, I made 3 {Tag reference}= (TR)
El-23--30%,80%,and on the leaves,and duplicate a few X's.
El-31--(R) 30% & 80% place in middle and mirror.
now close bottom 2 layers and Merge Visible (MV) the flowers..
Open the basket layer and then duplicate the flowers and place below the basket layer. Working on top layer of flowers,go to Selection tools and get your Freehand Selection tool--point to point-- add shift--feather 1--smoothing 0--anti-alias carefully go around the parts of the flowers that are hanging down so that it looks like the flowers are in the basket..(TR) once done add DS to bottom flowers and on basket..
3.) El-10 Bow--(R) 20% & 80% 4X' on basket..Now MV. (R) 80% X's 3-Adjust=Sharpness-Unsharp Mask
4.) Working on the other Canvas, get the grass from my supplies.Copy and Paste (C&P) as New Rastor Layer (NRL), duplicate so that it goes all the way across..Merge Down (MD)
(C&P) your flower basket as (NRL) and move it to the left side.
5.)El-40--(R) 37% & 80% Unsharp mask
6.) With magic wand- click on the inside of your frame--Selections-Modify--expand 4
7.) (C&P) Paper 9 (R) 19% as (NRL) place over the frame, on frame layer invert,on paper layer--hit delete on keyboard. now crop--layer opaque--move nodes so they are on the edge of canvas,and your #'s are still add (DS) to both paper and frame layers
8.) (C&P) Tube as (NRL) move it under the frame, and either take your freehand sel. tool or your Eraser and remove any part of the tube that is outside of the frame.
9.) Duplicate tube--adjust - blur - gaussian 5...Blend mode= multiply==Opacity=90 and (MD) On tube layer--Luminance (legacy) Close out background,flowers and grass and MV..Tube and frame layers. Open closed layers.
10.) El-43-(R) 45 & 80 X2--(C&P as NRL)Place top left behind the frame layer
11.) El- 2 (R) 40% & 80% X4 (C&P as NRL)Mirror and place on top of the net (TR) cut off the bottom half.
12.) El-14--(R) 30% & 80% 3X's--Unsharp amsk- (DS) Duplicate and (R) 80% place below top flower, Duplicate this layer and (R) 80%,place it under 2nd flower. (TR)
13.) El-52-- (R) 30 % and 80% (C&P as NRL) place it under the net layer (TR)
14.) El-54 (R) 30% & 80% X2--Place on top of leaves to the left(under flowers) (DS) (TR)
15.) El-38 (R) 30% & 80% X2 --(C&P as NRL) and place beside flower basket
16.) El-12 (R) 20% & 80% X3 unsharp mask,duplicate a few X's and place them on the bottom around the flower basket.
17.) Close the Bkgrnd layer and MV all layers.
18.) (C&P) Paper 1 or Paper of Choice---(R) 23 % as (C&P as NRL) place above the Background layer
Now add Mask of choice...Delete mask-and ungroup layers.
Merge Visible..
19.) Resize 63% and add all Copy Rights info, and Name.
Save as a PNG.
I would like to see anything you make, please send them to my addy.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines dream1

Valentines Dream 1

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidence. Please do NOT claim this as yours,or put it on any website,without my written permission.
I am using the Beautiful scrapkit "Valentines Dream" by Scrap Dimensions which can be found on her blog here and can be bought Here 
I am using the Beautiful Artwork done by Olivia, I am sorry to say, she is retired right now,so you cannot get this tube...but any tube will do..Just follow the tou's of our Scrapkit
font used  Script-p720-swatches
Drop Shadow= DS-- 2,2,50,9 or otherwise stated.
1.) 800X800
2.)Copy & Paste, (C&P) Tube of choice as NewRastorLayer= (NRL)--
Duplicate,and on (Dup).. adjust-blur-gaussian 5, Blend mode, (BM) = multiply Opacity=(OP) 80,Merge Down= (MD)
Right now we're going to work around tube, so if you'd like to rename to help keep up,please do.. now change the (OP) to 60,
and on top layer
3.) (C&P) VD_Mailbox Resize= (R) 63% and 80%,move to left side on bottom..(DS)...move layer below tube layer.
4.) VD Key (R) 40 & 80 X2-adjust-sharpness-unsharp mask.(DS)
5.) VD Hearts (R) 50 & 80 X3 (C&P) as (NRL) and move to right side bottom.
6.) VD Heart 1-(R) 40 & 80X3-unsharp mask-move to upper left on tag , tag reference = (TR)
7.) VD Paper 7- (R) 67% (C&P) above the background layer.
Add Mask of choice, I choice "Tammyheartmask4"Creative Misfits Creations and can be foundHere
Go to Layers-new mask layer--from image--find it--source luminance checked, delete mask,and then Merge-ungroup layers.
8.) VD-Paper 4 (R) 67%--place it above black mask layer..
Redoe #7 using same mask. after ungrouping, (R) all layers unchecked 85% and merge down..
9.) go ahead and change (OP) on tube to 100%, and move tube down a bit. (TR)
10.) Color from scrapkit==B/ 980002 and a light red F/ e30000
grab your heart shape-preset- and draw out a heart with these settings: Heart3=Line=straight ===anti-alias- checked---create on vector-checked---size=14==make a heart--over red mask layer as in example1

 Convert to Raster Layer (DS) and move this heart to above mask layer.
11.) VD Decor-(R) 30% (C&P) onto top of heart--Gradient Glow _(GG) 3 fat colors--red-(980002)----white and (DS) then (MD) with heart frame.
12.) VD Scattered hearts -- (R) 50% move under tube and box of in center of tag.
13.)I also added a small kiss,found in your brushes,then place them where ever you want, I rotated mine--free rotate right 20/and then rotate free left 20..
14.) If you don't wish to animate-MV all layers and (R) 63% then add all Copy rights and your Name..
For Animation
15.) Resize all layers 63% and on top add all Copy Rights and name..
16.) on the heart frame layer--with magic wand,--click inside the center--selections-modify-expand X6
MD heart frame with Mask-- then duplicate 2X=3 Layers..rename them 1,2,3..
17.) Now close off layers 2 and 3...working on layer 1 go to- adjust--add/remove noise---add noise---gaussian 35, monochrome checked.
18.) Close off layer1 and open layer 2.repeat noise moving the # to 45
19.) Close off layer 2,and on layer 3 open and repeat noise moving the # to 50..Select None--
20.) close out #3, and open layer 1
Copy merged--and in Animation shop Paste as New animation..
21.) Repeat above with layers 2 and should now have 3 frames..
22.)clicking on 1st frame go to Edit--select all- animations-animation properties- opaque--white.
23.) then change Frame Properties to 15
View and Save a GIF..
If you do this tutorial, I would really like to see it.