Friday, February 17, 2012

For Moon Forum set

I wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim as your own,or place on any website with out written permission by me.
I wrote this for my friend Moon,there is no scraps needed..
I used this beautiful Tube from Barb Jensen and you can purchase it Here 
For this tut all you need is a nice tube and a close-up...I chose 2 colors from my tube,to make the background color.
 My SuppliesHere
Filters used Mura's  Meister  copies
VM Natural--Sparkle
Drop Shadow=(DS) 2,2,50,5 black

1.) We'll start with a 600X250 canvas
Flood fill with color from tube.
2.) Copy and Paste (C&P) as new rastor Layer (NRL)
resize if needed..I resized mine 80% X3 ..Adjust-sharpness-unsharp mask..
3.) Apply MMCopies--Duplicate---default settings--
use the examples in my supplies.
4.) Now Duplicate that layer and on original layer- repeat MMCopies--Duplicate Cross--default
use the example in my supplies.
5.) Mirror and on duplicate (top layer) adj-blur-gaussian 5----Blend Mode--Multiply now merge down and change Blend Mode = Luminance (Legacy) 
Opacity= 80%
6.) C&P Tube as a NRL--Resize if needed--i resized mine 80% X2-- mirror and move to the right side (tag reference) Duplicate and Mirror--merge down
7.) Now if you don't want to animate--go ahead and Merge Visible all layers 
8.) add NRL and floodfill with colors from your tube
I used a foreground/background gardient (background color dark) (foreground color light) Linear--angle/20--repeats/3
9.) all-modify--contract X3--hit delete on none
10.) add a Inner bevel (2) 8,0,20,0,0,white,315,50,30
and DS. make sure you've SN.. resize 84% 504X168
11.) Now add all Copy rights make it legible.
and Save as PNG..
Now if you want to animate..hold off doing #8-11
Copy #6 2X's = 3 layers..rename from bottom to top-sparkle 1,2 & 3---close out 2 and 3
working on layer 1- go  to VM Natural Sparkle-- use these settings--56,255,255,255,255, random seed 142 
close 1 and on #2 same settings but change Random seed to 152
on #3 same settings but change random seed to 162.
Now do #'s 8-11..and then open
 Animation shop
working on sparkle 1, make sure 2 and 3 are closed.and copy merge and paste into animation shop as New Animation.
On 2 and 3 paste after current frame
you should have 3 go to edit-select all- and then animations--frame properties change it to--15
when happy view and save as a GIF.
Now for Avatar
Grab your crop tool and crop out the section you want as your avatar.what I did was crop selection,copy and paste onto a canvas 150X150..then add Copy right. 
If you do this, I would really love to see your outcome.
Just email me

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