Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim this as your Own or place on any website without written permission from Me.
I'm using this Awesome kit made by Purple and can be found on her Blog Here 
And I'm using these Beautiful Ladies made by Michael Landefeld and are now sold Here
Eye Candy 5 Impact--backlight
Animation shop
Drop Shadow= 2,2,50,5,black
800 X 800
1.) First off open the truck and trailer element. with Lasso tool--point-point. anti alias--checked--feather---1, smoothing--0-- go around the trailer and when you are finished, copy and paste (C&P)  it onto a New raster Layer (NRL)--
2.) You can decorate the trailer but please keep Purples tou's in mind... I decorated mine with my B-I-L's logo, he's a of course he got
I used the font on the trailer and truck (Ithornet size 60,stroke foreground color.._)
3.) C&P--road 1 as a NRL-- place to upper right , move layer above background (bottom layer) Drop Shadow (DS)
4.) C&P Truck Resize = 95%--move it to look like mine (looks like its pulling the trailer) (DS) tag reference (TR)
5.) C&P Traffic lights R= 80% X 2 place to left top above the trailer (TR) (DS)
6.) Sign 4--R=80% X2- place beside stop light (DS)
7.) C&P Wire 3 as NRL place  above background layer, move it up a bit (TR)
8.) C&P Sign3 R= 80 % place on the right of canvas (DS) (TR)
9.) C&P Sign 2 R= 80% as NRL place in the middle, up on top...(TR) (DS)
10.) C&P tube or tubes of choice..Place them where ever you wish, add (DS) to all tubes.
11.) C&P road 2 as NRL--use your deform raster tool to flatten and fix the road like the ladies are sitting on it (TR) (DS)

To make the Background, open another 800X800 canvas,
open road 2, with lasso tool same settings, go around only the road (no white sides or the yellow lines...just road) C&P onto new canvas, place in center then go to MMCOPIES--- Wallpaper- (with these settings) default,,just change the # to 90

12.) C&P as NRL right above background...move it so it looks good (TR) (DS)
13. Now add NRL above the Bottom layer and Flood fill with C0C0C0
If You don't want to animate...Merge Visible all layers, Resize  63%, 
14.) Add all Copy Rights, and Name..then save as Png..
For Animation
1.) Bring layer #5, traffic light layer,close out..and MV all layers, go ahead and add your Copy right info now..and Merge these on there too...Now open Traffic light.
2.) With Lasso tool, go around Green light, once done and marching ants are going around, Promote selection to layer, close out the green, and do this for all 3 colors, rename them as you go, green,yellow and red.
3.) on the green one duplicate 2 X's = 3 this for the other 2 colors as well.. don't forget to rename them (ex.) grn1,grn2,grn3,and so forth.
4.) on green1, go to EC5 Impact--backlight--filled, decreasing opacity with front gho- and ex.2b

Click ok. close grn1, and on Grn2= same plugin- hit RS 1X--change Blend Mode(BM)= soft light
Grn3= change blend mode only= Exclusion
on Yellow 1, same settings as Grn1, change RS to 1..and repeat.
Yel2= same plugin--hit RS 1X= BM= hard light
Yel3= Change BM only = Luminance
Red1--same plugin- change RS to 1 and repeat
Red2--Same plugin, hit RS 1X --BM= Dodge
Red 3= Hard Light-

Ok,, now open AS.. close out all animations..
You should have 1 layer not animated, this will be your 1st frame..C merged and Paste into animations shop as New Animation, now open grn1, Copy Merged and paste into animation shop,after the current frame...close grn1, open grn2--copy merged and paste this after current frame, continue till you have a total of 10 frame,
Click on 1st frame..go to animation--frame properties and change it to=50
#2= 100
#3= 25
#4 = 25
#5= 100
#6= 25
#7= 25
#8= 100
#9= 25
#10= 100
View and once happy save as GIF.
Thank you

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