Friday, March 9, 2012

GrapeVine BJ---

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely a Coincidence. Please do NOT claim this as your Own or Place it on any Website with out written Permission from Me.
I'm using this Beautiful fairy made by Barbara Jensen and can be bought Here 
The Awesome Scrap kit I'm using is by: Puddicat Creations called "Along the Grape Vine" and can be found on her blog.  Here  
Or Her other kits found at "Scrappin Naturally Stores" Here 
Grab Colors from tube:
Filters= Mura's Meister- Copies

800X800 canvas
1.) Doodle 2 Resize= (R)= 60% Copy and Paste (C&P) as New Raster Layer (NRL) and place in center of canvas
2.) MMCopies--color=60387A-settings= Circle=Normal- Encircle= 6,38,38,0,100,-25,100,0,100,/0/,0,/30/,0-- Ex.1

3.) Now grab your Ellipse tool-with these settings= Circle-create on vector- checked-- Line style- whip--size 3--anti-alias checked= draw a modest circle in the center of doodle-objects-align center in canvas,the Convert to Raster Layer  Drop Shadow= (DS) 2,2,50,5,black.
4.) With Magic Wand--click in center of circle---selections--modify--expand X4
5.) C&P tube as NRL=Duplicate tube, on top,--Blur--Gaussian 5--Blend Mode= Multiply  Opacity= 95% Merge Down...add(DS)
6.) I then added some elements around the tag.Working on top layer...
Ribbon 3-Place in center of tag,and move it up to top center above  tube,place layer below tube layer..
7.) Ribbon 5--With Deform tool squeeze the ribbon so it fits under the tube,at bottom (ex.2 and 3.)

9.) Pond 1---R=50%--Sharpen--unsharp mask--default settings--(DS)
C&P and place onto right side of tag--move below tube layer.
10.) Grapevine 2= C&P as NRL-- place on left side, move layer below the ribbon layer...(DS)
11.) Hearts1--C&P as NRL- place on top layer,and move to the left side--(DS)
12.) Flower 6-mirror-(R)=50% Place on the right side,move below pond layer--duplicate-R=80% and mirror and move it over to the right side a bit..(TR)
13.) Bush 1-C&P and place on the left side- move below- raster 3- clean up the edges--using your eraser tool or lasso tool. (TR) and (DS)
14.) Candle 1--mirror and place it on right, move below the flowers and pond,R=80% leave as is---(DS)(TR)
15.) Butterfly 2= R-70%  & 80% X2= sharpen-unsharp mask Place on left side of tag--(DS) (TR)
16.) Duplicate butterfly and R=80%--place on bottom grapes--(TR)
17.) Duplicate again, R- 80% Place above #16, mirror (TR)
18.) Close bottom layer, and Merge Visible all other layers.
19.) C&P Paper 9 (or your choice) as NRL--place it above the bottom layer.
20.) Apply a Mask--I used WSL mask 6 found Here  
delete mask--ungroup layers= merge visible all layers
21.) R=63%--- Xero--Porcelain--default settings.
22.) Add all Copy rights..Name...and save as png..
I would really love to see what you made..

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