Sunday, March 18, 2012


I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is Purely coincidental. Please do NOT put this on Any website without written permission from me..
The Beautiful Scrap-kit I am using is called "Waves" from Rissa Designs and can be found Here  
They Tube I am using is by Elias Chatzoudis and can be found at PTE Here  
 Tube of Choice
Font of Choice--I used "Acrylic Brush"
Filter: Xero--Porcelian (optional)
Drop Shadow= (DS) 2,2,50,5 Black
800 X 800
1.) Copy and Paste= C&P-- Paper 4 as New Raster Layer (NRL)-- with deform tool- scrunch it all the way down...Ex.1

Now grab the middle node and move it up..Ex.2

2.) RD14-- C&P as NRL--move to the left side (tag reference= TR) (DS)
3.) RD15--Resize=(R) 50% and 80% X3-- sharpen--unsharp left of tree (DS)
4.) RD22--R=50% and 80% X4--unsharp mask- (DS) place in front of grass.
5.) RD2--C&P as NRL--DS
6.) With Pen tool- B/Null  Fill/CDBCAC---settings= Draw Freehand --tracking-10, Create as vector checked,Line= Solid--- Width= 3, anti-alias is checked, draw kinda like a circle in the corner (TR) once happy convert to raster layer, Ex.3

Move this layer below layer 2.
Go to Effects= Texture--texture--grain fine cloudy--size-81,0,1,0,0,289,50,31,white...ok    (DS)
7.) RD1--R= 40% and 80% X3 unsharp mask---place on top of mound (DS) merge down
8.) C&P cloud as NRL= R= 50%  move it over toward the lighthouse and move it under layer 2--but above the ground--place to your liking (DS)
9.) C&P cloud again R= 70% flip  (On top layer) C&P as NRL (DS) Move it toward left side (TR) Duplicate this one and R= 80% X4--unsharp mask, place to your liking
10.) On top layer--NRL- FF/ 0C719F---Blend Mode= Soft light
11.) C&P Tube as NRL, Place her like shes laying on the chair.. If you use the same 1 I did, duplicate and place the dup, below the chair layer, on the top tube layer,take your eraser tube and gently erase the part you with..(TR)
12.) Duplicate tube again,and this time change the Blend mode to Multiply and Opacity to 85 then MD.
13.)  On the bottom tag I added more elements, resizing and sharpening them as I went, here is what I used.
a.) RD9--R=50% and 80% X3--unsharp mask (DS) moved mine to look like it fell from the tree..
b.) RD10== R=50% and 80% (DS) move below the chair layer.
14.) Add any other elements you wish..
15.) Merge Visible all layers, and Resize all layers 63%
Xero- Porcelain- default settings
16.) Add All Copy Rights and Name
Save as PNG..
I would like to see anything created by my tuts, please just email them to me.

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