Saturday, March 24, 2012

ClockWork Days

I Wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is strictly coincidental. Pleas do NOT add this to any website or Group,without Written permission by me.
The kit I am using is "Clockwork Days" By Lins at Here and can be Bought Here
The tube is by Wendy Gerber and can be found Here 
Mask CMC_ heart mask- ells #5 found Here
1.) Copy and Paste = (C&P) as New Raster Layer (NRL) LC-16 (Resize= R) 60% with magic wand click on the inside of frame--selections--modify--expand X6
2.) C&P Paper 7 as NRL. Invert on frame and delete on paper...then crop-opaque- make sure nodes are pulled to the sides of canvas..
3.)  C&P #18 as NRL and place it under heart frame, lower left side, dup...and on original,erase any of the balloon sticking out.Close out #1,and dup..#2,move the duplicate one up a little toward the right..close out #2, duplicate and repeat this till you get to the other side of heart, at least  5 times..on #4 change the opacity to 50% and on #5 change the opacity to 20%
4.) Now on top layer C&P Close-up of tube and place it on the left side of the heart,move beneath,and above the balloon.Erase any of the tube that is overhanging underneath of heart.(DS) (TR)
5.) C&P # 17 (R)= 10%, adjust--sharpness--unsharp mask,place it on top of frame...(DS)
6.) C&P # 15 (R) 30%--unsharp mask-- place where you want, I placed mine on left bottom,below frame (DS)
7.)C&P #13 (R) 30% --unsharp--mask--C&P as many as you want around your canvas. (DS) each.
8.) C&P #19 (R) 15 % & 80% X2 (DS) Place on lower right side.
9.) C&P # 22 (R) 20%--unsharp mask-- place on your upper right side.
10.) C&P paper 9 as NRL- place above bottom layer add mask of choice I used a mask from Creative Misfit Creations. Delete mask and ungroup layers.
11.) C&P # 5 as NRL and place above the mask layer, Duplicate and Mirror, move the duplicate down a little (TR)
12.) C&P #8  (R) 20% as NRL--unsharp mask--place on left corner.
13.) C&P Tube as NRL--duplicate and on dup...Blend Mode = hard light and Opacity= 80% merge down
14.) C&P # 25 as NRL (R) 20%--Gradient Glow= 3 fat and then (DS) place on top of canvas, in center (TR)
15.) C&P #24 (R) 20% and 80% X2---unsharp mask--place on top left side---mirror--DS (TR)
16.) Find 2 colors from tube I used B/ 331408   F/ 755A2E
Add NRL on top Flood fill with color, select all, float defloat, modify--contract X4 and hit delete, select none..
17.) Now Resize your tag 63%.... add all Copy right info,and Name..
Lets animate..
Close out all balloon layers but bottom..Copy Merged and paste into Animation shop as New animation..
close bottom balloon,open the one above...copy merged and place after current frame...continue to do this till you have moved across the heart...and used all 5 layers...
now---edit---select all- animation properties--opaque---white
Lets change the frame properties..
click on #1-FP= 100

Click on 2,hold shift and click on 3 and 4, now change the frame properties to 90 for all the layers..
Click on 5, frame properties= 100
view and save as gif.
Thanks for doing my tut.


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