Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Self Injury Awareness--Purple

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT place this on any Website without written Permission from Me.
This lovely new kit is called "Self Injury Awareness" by Purples Kreationz and can be found Here 
The Beautiful tube is by the very Talented Barbara Jensen and can be found on her website,Here 
Filters used: Xero-Porcelain
Eye Candy 5--texture---animal fur
Drop Shadow= (DS) 2,2,50,5 black
1.) Copy and Paste=C&P-Sha-Couch 2 as New Raster Layer (NRL) and (DS)
2.) C&P Sha-Paper 12,place above the background layer- stretch to fit.
3.) Color/ F/ EE5115_- NRL--with selection tube  mark out a large Rectangle- as in ex.1--then go to EC5Textures -animal furs-as in ex.2--place layer the couch layer.

4.) Sha-doodle2 -C&P as NRL-below couch- dup. layer,mirror..merge down (DS)
5.) With sel - tool choose a selection and draw out an area. I chose the Hexagon..add shift--feather=0--anti-alias checked-- then on the layer above the background, hit delete on the keyboard,this should delete an area in your background,the foundations of a window.
6.)  Now if you have a pre-shape to match your shape, find it and with a solid color (i used the one we used for the rug) have that in the background color,and foreground= null.. draw out a shape to fill your hole.. use these settings= anti-alias checked--convert as vector layer checked--line width=10--when happy then, convert to raster layer.
7.) Now find you a nice outdoor stock photo,one that is okayed to it in the background as your scene through the window---don't forget to add (DS) to all layers...
8.) Now add any elements you wish--I added these:
a.) She-clock- Resize=R=80% X 2--sharpen--unsharp mask--default settings---DS
b.) She-books--R-80% X3--unsharp mask--DS--I added photos to mine to look like creative
c.) She-Chocolate- R=80% X2--unsharp mask--DS
d.) Bag--80% X3--unsharp mask--DS
e.) Candles-80%X3--unsharp mask--DS
f.) Cushon1--80% X 4--unsharp mask--DS---duplicate a couple of times and place them where you want...
g.) Cushion2--80% X4--unsharp mask--DS-- do the same to these cushions.
h.) Flip Flops--R=80% X3--unsharp mask--DS--Duplicate--and place next to the other...move them where ever you want..
I.) Glass--80% X3--unsharp mask--DS--place where ever you want.
J.) Open a new Canvas, 800X800....C&P--Vase as NRL-- open Shells-and with freehand selection tool or your Lasso tool--point to point--feather=0--smoothing=0--anti-alias checked..go around each shell one at a time,and C&P them onto the vase..R-80%--DS
then duplicate each and R=80% again,and place these---(TR)
k.) Flowers1- C&P as NRL and place behind the vase...--duplicate--R-80% move flowers together and Merge down..DS--place flowers behind vase,once Happy--merge visible-C&P vase and flowers as NRL onto working canvas--move to the right,or where ever you want...R=80% X3---DS
9.) C&P Tube as NRL place where you wish, DS
Now Resize all layers=63%=504X504---nice size and not too big..
ADD ALL Copy Rights and Name, when Happy Save as PNG.
If you like my tutorial,please let me know..

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