Friday, March 30, 2012


I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others, is purely coincidental..Please do NOT post on any website without my written permission.
This Awesome Scrap-kit is called "Ladybug" by ACowgirlsCreations you can find it Here 
The artwork is by Carolina D and can be found Here 

 Drop Shadow= (DS)  2,2,50,black

800 X 800
1.) Copy and Paste= C&P--LBhearts duo---as New Raster Layer= NRL.  Selections--Modify--Expand X5
2.) With Magic Wand Click inside right heart,-C&P LBPaper 2 as NRL..-place over bottom heart,invert on frame and delete on paper, Select None= crop opaque--800X800.Move paper below frame,
3.) C&P Tube as NRL--place over heart, resize if duplicate-- on dup.. adjust-blur-gaussian- 5, Blend Mode= hard light--opacity= 80 merge down.
now duplicate tubes again,place duplicate below frame, on top,erase any of tube hanging over frame,and the same with duplicate,then DS both duplicate and paper..close out background and Merge Visible..
4.) With Lasso tool-set on point-to-point,add shift--feather-1--smoothing= 0--anti-alias-checked, go around the heart,and then promote selection to layer. Keep Selected.
5.) C&P LBPaper 1 as NRL--invert--on promoted layer--delete--on paper layer. select none---crop-opaque-800X800,when happy move paper below frame and give paper  a DS.
6.) C&P Tube again,mirror and place over heart..duplicate--gaussian--blur--10, blend mode= soft light-- opacity= 80--merge down,duplicate tube again,move dupl. below the frame,and erase any of the tube that is over the frame.Repeat with the bottom tube,once happy, DS tube,and merge visible all layers,but background.
7.) LB Hearts Scatters--C&P on Bottom layer (below the merged) Move it up and over to the top right--duplicate--mirror---flip--and merge down.
8.) LB Doille-- place below the hearts--dup.--flip-merge down - duplicate again,with rastor deform tool turn it sideways, till the doille is large--(tag reference) Merge down.
9.) LB Doodle--C&P place above hearts-mirror move up to almost the top (TR) duplicate--mirror--merge down.
10.) LB Envelope-R= 75% & 80% X 2- C&P as NRL and place at bottom left--DS
11.) LB Hearts png---C&P as NRL--Place on the upper right corner.
12.) LB Red Berry Tree-- Place on left side below merged layer---DS
13.) C&P LB Rose 2 as NRL-- place it above the berry tree--then move it down a little (TR)
14.) Working on top Layer--- C&P Corsette as NRL R= 60%-- mirror and place it on lower right bottom of canvas. DS
15.) LB Charms 2 = R= 60% & 80% X 2,sharpen-unsharpen mask--and put it on top of corsette--DS
16.) LB LadyBug- R= 60% and 80% X 3--unsharp mask-place it on bottom,right side of the envelope--duplicate and R=80%,place wherever you wish, I also duplicated and mirrored,and resized them, and placed them all over the canvas...
17.) Merge Visible---63%--Xero--Porcelain--(If you wish)
Add all CR and your name.  Save as PNG
Thanks for trying the tut..

Saturday, March 24, 2012

ClockWork Days

I Wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is strictly coincidental. Pleas do NOT add this to any website or Group,without Written permission by me.
The kit I am using is "Clockwork Days" By Lins at Here and can be Bought Here
The tube is by Wendy Gerber and can be found Here 
Mask CMC_ heart mask- ells #5 found Here
1.) Copy and Paste = (C&P) as New Raster Layer (NRL) LC-16 (Resize= R) 60% with magic wand click on the inside of frame--selections--modify--expand X6
2.) C&P Paper 7 as NRL. Invert on frame and delete on paper...then crop-opaque- make sure nodes are pulled to the sides of canvas..
3.)  C&P #18 as NRL and place it under heart frame, lower left side, dup...and on original,erase any of the balloon sticking out.Close out #1,and dup..#2,move the duplicate one up a little toward the right..close out #2, duplicate and repeat this till you get to the other side of heart, at least  5 times..on #4 change the opacity to 50% and on #5 change the opacity to 20%
4.) Now on top layer C&P Close-up of tube and place it on the left side of the heart,move beneath,and above the balloon.Erase any of the tube that is overhanging underneath of heart.(DS) (TR)
5.) C&P # 17 (R)= 10%, adjust--sharpness--unsharp mask,place it on top of frame...(DS)
6.) C&P # 15 (R) 30%--unsharp mask-- place where you want, I placed mine on left bottom,below frame (DS)
7.)C&P #13 (R) 30% --unsharp--mask--C&P as many as you want around your canvas. (DS) each.
8.) C&P #19 (R) 15 % & 80% X2 (DS) Place on lower right side.
9.) C&P # 22 (R) 20%--unsharp mask-- place on your upper right side.
10.) C&P paper 9 as NRL- place above bottom layer add mask of choice I used a mask from Creative Misfit Creations. Delete mask and ungroup layers.
11.) C&P # 5 as NRL and place above the mask layer, Duplicate and Mirror, move the duplicate down a little (TR)
12.) C&P #8  (R) 20% as NRL--unsharp mask--place on left corner.
13.) C&P Tube as NRL--duplicate and on dup...Blend Mode = hard light and Opacity= 80% merge down
14.) C&P # 25 as NRL (R) 20%--Gradient Glow= 3 fat and then (DS) place on top of canvas, in center (TR)
15.) C&P #24 (R) 20% and 80% X2---unsharp mask--place on top left side---mirror--DS (TR)
16.) Find 2 colors from tube I used B/ 331408   F/ 755A2E
Add NRL on top Flood fill with color, select all, float defloat, modify--contract X4 and hit delete, select none..
17.) Now Resize your tag 63%.... add all Copy right info,and Name..
Lets animate..
Close out all balloon layers but bottom..Copy Merged and paste into Animation shop as New animation..
close bottom balloon,open the one above...copy merged and place after current frame...continue to do this till you have moved across the heart...and used all 5 layers...
now---edit---select all- animation properties--opaque---white
Lets change the frame properties..
click on #1-FP= 100

Click on 2,hold shift and click on 3 and 4, now change the frame properties to 90 for all the layers..
Click on 5, frame properties= 100
view and save as gif.
Thanks for doing my tut.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is Purely coincidental. Please do NOT put this on Any website without written permission from me..
The Beautiful Scrap-kit I am using is called "Waves" from Rissa Designs and can be found Here  
They Tube I am using is by Elias Chatzoudis and can be found at PTE Here  
 Tube of Choice
Font of Choice--I used "Acrylic Brush"
Filter: Xero--Porcelian (optional)
Drop Shadow= (DS) 2,2,50,5 Black
800 X 800
1.) Copy and Paste= C&P-- Paper 4 as New Raster Layer (NRL)-- with deform tool- scrunch it all the way down...Ex.1

Now grab the middle node and move it up..Ex.2

2.) RD14-- C&P as NRL--move to the left side (tag reference= TR) (DS)
3.) RD15--Resize=(R) 50% and 80% X3-- sharpen--unsharp left of tree (DS)
4.) RD22--R=50% and 80% X4--unsharp mask- (DS) place in front of grass.
5.) RD2--C&P as NRL--DS
6.) With Pen tool- B/Null  Fill/CDBCAC---settings= Draw Freehand --tracking-10, Create as vector checked,Line= Solid--- Width= 3, anti-alias is checked, draw kinda like a circle in the corner (TR) once happy convert to raster layer, Ex.3

Move this layer below layer 2.
Go to Effects= Texture--texture--grain fine cloudy--size-81,0,1,0,0,289,50,31,white...ok    (DS)
7.) RD1--R= 40% and 80% X3 unsharp mask---place on top of mound (DS) merge down
8.) C&P cloud as NRL= R= 50%  move it over toward the lighthouse and move it under layer 2--but above the ground--place to your liking (DS)
9.) C&P cloud again R= 70% flip  (On top layer) C&P as NRL (DS) Move it toward left side (TR) Duplicate this one and R= 80% X4--unsharp mask, place to your liking
10.) On top layer--NRL- FF/ 0C719F---Blend Mode= Soft light
11.) C&P Tube as NRL, Place her like shes laying on the chair.. If you use the same 1 I did, duplicate and place the dup, below the chair layer, on the top tube layer,take your eraser tube and gently erase the part you with..(TR)
12.) Duplicate tube again,and this time change the Blend mode to Multiply and Opacity to 85 then MD.
13.)  On the bottom tag I added more elements, resizing and sharpening them as I went, here is what I used.
a.) RD9--R=50% and 80% X3--unsharp mask (DS) moved mine to look like it fell from the tree..
b.) RD10== R=50% and 80% (DS) move below the chair layer.
14.) Add any other elements you wish..
15.) Merge Visible all layers, and Resize all layers 63%
Xero- Porcelain- default settings
16.) Add All Copy Rights and Name
Save as PNG..
I would like to see anything created by my tuts, please just email them to me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Self Injury Awareness--Purple

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT place this on any Website without written Permission from Me.
This lovely new kit is called "Self Injury Awareness" by Purples Kreationz and can be found Here 
The Beautiful tube is by the very Talented Barbara Jensen and can be found on her website,Here 
Filters used: Xero-Porcelain
Eye Candy 5--texture---animal fur
Drop Shadow= (DS) 2,2,50,5 black
1.) Copy and Paste=C&P-Sha-Couch 2 as New Raster Layer (NRL) and (DS)
2.) C&P Sha-Paper 12,place above the background layer- stretch to fit.
3.) Color/ F/ EE5115_- NRL--with selection tube  mark out a large Rectangle- as in ex.1--then go to EC5Textures -animal furs-as in ex.2--place layer the couch layer.

4.) Sha-doodle2 -C&P as NRL-below couch- dup. layer,mirror..merge down (DS)
5.) With sel - tool choose a selection and draw out an area. I chose the Hexagon..add shift--feather=0--anti-alias checked-- then on the layer above the background, hit delete on the keyboard,this should delete an area in your background,the foundations of a window.
6.)  Now if you have a pre-shape to match your shape, find it and with a solid color (i used the one we used for the rug) have that in the background color,and foreground= null.. draw out a shape to fill your hole.. use these settings= anti-alias checked--convert as vector layer checked--line width=10--when happy then, convert to raster layer.
7.) Now find you a nice outdoor stock photo,one that is okayed to it in the background as your scene through the window---don't forget to add (DS) to all layers...
8.) Now add any elements you wish--I added these:
a.) She-clock- Resize=R=80% X 2--sharpen--unsharp mask--default settings---DS
b.) She-books--R-80% X3--unsharp mask--DS--I added photos to mine to look like creative
c.) She-Chocolate- R=80% X2--unsharp mask--DS
d.) Bag--80% X3--unsharp mask--DS
e.) Candles-80%X3--unsharp mask--DS
f.) Cushon1--80% X 4--unsharp mask--DS---duplicate a couple of times and place them where you want...
g.) Cushion2--80% X4--unsharp mask--DS-- do the same to these cushions.
h.) Flip Flops--R=80% X3--unsharp mask--DS--Duplicate--and place next to the other...move them where ever you want..
I.) Glass--80% X3--unsharp mask--DS--place where ever you want.
J.) Open a new Canvas, 800X800....C&P--Vase as NRL-- open Shells-and with freehand selection tool or your Lasso tool--point to point--feather=0--smoothing=0--anti-alias checked..go around each shell one at a time,and C&P them onto the vase..R-80%--DS
then duplicate each and R=80% again,and place these---(TR)
k.) Flowers1- C&P as NRL and place behind the vase...--duplicate--R-80% move flowers together and Merge down..DS--place flowers behind vase,once Happy--merge visible-C&P vase and flowers as NRL onto working canvas--move to the right,or where ever you want...R=80% X3---DS
9.) C&P Tube as NRL place where you wish, DS
Now Resize all layers=63%=504X504---nice size and not too big..
ADD ALL Copy Rights and Name, when Happy Save as PNG.
If you like my tutorial,please let me know..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's a Flower Thing

I Wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely coincidental..Please do NOT claim as your own,or place on any Website without my written permission.
I am using this Beautiful tube by Barbara Jensen and is sold Here  
The Awesome Kit I'm using is called "It's a Flower Thing" by S.G.RoweDesigns which can be bought at "Scrappin Naturally" stores Here  
And the mask can be found at HorsePlays Pastures Here 
Mask 21
Color of choice...
1close-up tube and 1 regular
Filters- MMCopies
1.) With Preset shape tool--light color in background and forground color closed..draw out a med size rectangle--(Tag reference = (TR)) anti-alias checked--create as vector  checked--Line= solid width= 2.Now convert to raster layer.
2.) Brad 1 Re size=(R)=80% on top left corner of rectangle.. duplicate and place a little down on "frame" continue to duplicate and place around the rectangle (TR)
I had a total of 16 close the bottom layer (You can keep it closed till the and Merge Visible all layers..
3.) With Magic wand, click on the inside of frame..selections--modify--Expand X6
4.) Copy and Paste (C&P) as New Raster Layer (NRL) Paper 11 (or one the match tube), Invert on frame layer, delete on paper crop Opaque,making sure your nodes are all the way across the canvas,and its still 800X800,move paper below frame.Select None (SN)
5.) C&P Close-up as NRL..Place under frame, resize if you want to erase the edges that are sticking out from under the frame..(or you can use your lasso tool)
6.) Drop shadow = (DS) 2,2,50,5,black---- all layers. now M.V. and move to upper right of canvas. (TR)
7.) Close out that layer..working on top layer (closed)
C&P Brad 6 as NRL--R= 80 X2 (or use a brad that will match tube,) GO to Mura's Meister= Copies-- encircle--(default settings) once made move it slightly down to the left.
R=80%, open other layer to make sure you have your circle placed right (TR)
8.) With Freehand selection tool, draw a circle around brads,trying to stay in the center as much as you can, like example...settings- point to point, anti-alias checked, feather= 1, smoothing - 0

 9.) C&P Paper 10 (or color to match tube) As NRL---on circle layer invert,and on paper--delete-- crop==opaque--the same as above.move paper below frame, SN. (DS) all layers.
10.) Flower 5--R= 80% X2, place on paper under circle frame..erase any sticking out at bottom..(DS)
11.) Flower 2--R= 80%X2== C&P as NRl on paper below circle frame.mirror and place under 1st duplicate this flower, mirror,and place on the other side of 1st flower.. (DS,on both)
12.) C&P Tube of choice as NRL place on top of frame, place it nicely where it looks like shes laying inside of frame,kinda entwined.(TR) , now duplicate tube, move it just below the frame,and above all flowers, working on top tube gently erase some of the top tube,like I said so she looks like shes laying in the frame...(TR) DS bottom tube only.
make sure the rectangle frame is closed and MV. the circle,flowers,paper and tube..
13.) With a light color as before, we want to draw out another shape,grab your triangle shape and draw a modest triangle, object-center in canvas,and then move it to the top left corner, convert to raster layer.
14.) C&P Brad 5 R=80% X3, paste onto top of triangle,(DS) duplicate,and place dup. right below the 1st one (TR),continue to do this all the way around,I had a total of 14 brads, now MV. the triangle and brad5 layers..
15.) With magic wand click inside triangle,C&P paper 8 (Or one to match tube) invert on triangle layer and delete on paper, crop opaque like before.(DS Both layers)
16.) C&P close-up tube again,re size if needed,and place below triangle,making sure none is sticking out(DS) . MV. Triangle and layers below it.
17.)C&P Sticker 8 as NRL -place it above the background (DS) duplicate and mirror,merge down.
18.) C&P Flower 5 as NRL--- mirror--place on the left side, and below triangle and sticker layers--(DS) duplicate--mirror
19.) Bow 5 C&P as NRL place between the triangle and rectangle layers.. DS (TR)
20.) C&P Paper 7 (or one of your choice),place above the background add your Mask..I'm using one from Horseplays Pasture's #21---delete mask--and ungroup layers.
21.)Flower 3 C&P as NRL and place left of circle--R=80% X2,sharpen--unsharp mask (DS) duplicate R=80%--move down slightly and then Merge Down. move layer below the circle layer (only) and above the rectangle.
22.) C&P sticker 1 as NRl- place on the right side and move layer below circle layer.(DS)
23.) Sticker 9--C&P as a NRL and place between the triangle and Rectangle layers---(DS) place layer below rectangle.
24.) Butterfly 2 R=80% X3--C&P as NRL--mirror--and place on flower left bottom. free rotate to left 20% (DS) duplicate R=80% mirror (TR)
25.) Butterfly 1 R=80% X4 ---sharpen--unsharp mask. C&P as NRL place on flower right bottom,free rotate Right 20%-(DS)-duplicate R-80%--- mirror (TR)
26.) Tassel 4  R-80% C&P as NRL and place on upper right corner of tag (TR) (DS)
27.) make sure all layers are open, Merge visible and then Resize all layers 63%
Xero- Porcelain (default settings) (if desired)
28.) Add all Copy Rights and Name.
save as PNG.
I would like very much to see if you make anything with this tut.

Friday, March 9, 2012

GrapeVine BJ---

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely a Coincidence. Please do NOT claim this as your Own or Place it on any Website with out written Permission from Me.
I'm using this Beautiful fairy made by Barbara Jensen and can be bought Here 
The Awesome Scrap kit I'm using is by: Puddicat Creations called "Along the Grape Vine" and can be found on her blog.  Here  
Or Her other kits found at "Scrappin Naturally Stores" Here 
Grab Colors from tube:
Filters= Mura's Meister- Copies

800X800 canvas
1.) Doodle 2 Resize= (R)= 60% Copy and Paste (C&P) as New Raster Layer (NRL) and place in center of canvas
2.) MMCopies--color=60387A-settings= Circle=Normal- Encircle= 6,38,38,0,100,-25,100,0,100,/0/,0,/30/,0-- Ex.1

3.) Now grab your Ellipse tool-with these settings= Circle-create on vector- checked-- Line style- whip--size 3--anti-alias checked= draw a modest circle in the center of doodle-objects-align center in canvas,the Convert to Raster Layer  Drop Shadow= (DS) 2,2,50,5,black.
4.) With Magic Wand--click in center of circle---selections--modify--expand X4
5.) C&P tube as NRL=Duplicate tube, on top,--Blur--Gaussian 5--Blend Mode= Multiply  Opacity= 95% Merge Down...add(DS)
6.) I then added some elements around the tag.Working on top layer...
Ribbon 3-Place in center of tag,and move it up to top center above  tube,place layer below tube layer..
7.) Ribbon 5--With Deform tool squeeze the ribbon so it fits under the tube,at bottom (ex.2 and 3.)

9.) Pond 1---R=50%--Sharpen--unsharp mask--default settings--(DS)
C&P and place onto right side of tag--move below tube layer.
10.) Grapevine 2= C&P as NRL-- place on left side, move layer below the ribbon layer...(DS)
11.) Hearts1--C&P as NRL- place on top layer,and move to the left side--(DS)
12.) Flower 6-mirror-(R)=50% Place on the right side,move below pond layer--duplicate-R=80% and mirror and move it over to the right side a bit..(TR)
13.) Bush 1-C&P and place on the left side- move below- raster 3- clean up the edges--using your eraser tool or lasso tool. (TR) and (DS)
14.) Candle 1--mirror and place it on right, move below the flowers and pond,R=80% leave as is---(DS)(TR)
15.) Butterfly 2= R-70%  & 80% X2= sharpen-unsharp mask Place on left side of tag--(DS) (TR)
16.) Duplicate butterfly and R=80%--place on bottom grapes--(TR)
17.) Duplicate again, R- 80% Place above #16, mirror (TR)
18.) Close bottom layer, and Merge Visible all other layers.
19.) C&P Paper 9 (or your choice) as NRL--place it above the bottom layer.
20.) Apply a Mask--I used WSL mask 6 found Here  
delete mask--ungroup layers= merge visible all layers
21.) R=63%--- Xero--Porcelain--default settings.
22.) Add all Copy rights..Name...and save as png..
I would really love to see what you made..