Friday, March 30, 2012


I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others, is purely coincidental..Please do NOT post on any website without my written permission.
This Awesome Scrap-kit is called "Ladybug" by ACowgirlsCreations you can find it Here 
The artwork is by Carolina D and can be found Here 

 Drop Shadow= (DS)  2,2,50,black

800 X 800
1.) Copy and Paste= C&P--LBhearts duo---as New Raster Layer= NRL.  Selections--Modify--Expand X5
2.) With Magic Wand Click inside right heart,-C&P LBPaper 2 as NRL..-place over bottom heart,invert on frame and delete on paper, Select None= crop opaque--800X800.Move paper below frame,
3.) C&P Tube as NRL--place over heart, resize if duplicate-- on dup.. adjust-blur-gaussian- 5, Blend Mode= hard light--opacity= 80 merge down.
now duplicate tubes again,place duplicate below frame, on top,erase any of tube hanging over frame,and the same with duplicate,then DS both duplicate and paper..close out background and Merge Visible..
4.) With Lasso tool-set on point-to-point,add shift--feather-1--smoothing= 0--anti-alias-checked, go around the heart,and then promote selection to layer. Keep Selected.
5.) C&P LBPaper 1 as NRL--invert--on promoted layer--delete--on paper layer. select none---crop-opaque-800X800,when happy move paper below frame and give paper  a DS.
6.) C&P Tube again,mirror and place over heart..duplicate--gaussian--blur--10, blend mode= soft light-- opacity= 80--merge down,duplicate tube again,move dupl. below the frame,and erase any of the tube that is over the frame.Repeat with the bottom tube,once happy, DS tube,and merge visible all layers,but background.
7.) LB Hearts Scatters--C&P on Bottom layer (below the merged) Move it up and over to the top right--duplicate--mirror---flip--and merge down.
8.) LB Doille-- place below the hearts--dup.--flip-merge down - duplicate again,with rastor deform tool turn it sideways, till the doille is large--(tag reference) Merge down.
9.) LB Doodle--C&P place above hearts-mirror move up to almost the top (TR) duplicate--mirror--merge down.
10.) LB Envelope-R= 75% & 80% X 2- C&P as NRL and place at bottom left--DS
11.) LB Hearts png---C&P as NRL--Place on the upper right corner.
12.) LB Red Berry Tree-- Place on left side below merged layer---DS
13.) C&P LB Rose 2 as NRL-- place it above the berry tree--then move it down a little (TR)
14.) Working on top Layer--- C&P Corsette as NRL R= 60%-- mirror and place it on lower right bottom of canvas. DS
15.) LB Charms 2 = R= 60% & 80% X 2,sharpen-unsharpen mask--and put it on top of corsette--DS
16.) LB LadyBug- R= 60% and 80% X 3--unsharp mask-place it on bottom,right side of the envelope--duplicate and R=80%,place wherever you wish, I also duplicated and mirrored,and resized them, and placed them all over the canvas...
17.) Merge Visible---63%--Xero--Porcelain--(If you wish)
Add all CR and your name.  Save as PNG
Thanks for trying the tut..

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