Friday, July 27, 2012

Banana Dream PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely by coincidence..Please Do Not put this on any website/Yahoo group/Forum,without my permission.
The Art I am using is FTU by Anna Rigby and can be found Here
The Cluster Frame is By Raspberry Roads  Designs called " Country Sunshine Two" Found Here  
The Lovely Kit is By Cari at Black Widow Creationz called "Banana Dream" can be found Here  
Mask WSL 26 found Here
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5,black
Resize = R
Copy and Paste = C&P
New Raster Layer = NRL
Select None = SN
Tag Reference = TR
Duplicate = Dup.
Merge Down = MD
Merge Visible = MV
Blend Mode = BM
Let's Begin
800 X 800
1.) Cluster Frame-B-- R= 24%--sharpen--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--onto center of canvas
2.)With Magic wand--click inside--selection--modify--expand 10--repeat
3.) Paper 14 (or 1 match color of tube)--C&P as NRL--Invert on frame--delete on paper--crop opaque--DS--move paper below frame..DS both
4.) C&P Tube as NRL (R--if needed)--mirror--and place on top
5.) Dup.--blur--gaussian 6-- BM-- hard light -- opacity = 80%--MD--dup.--move dup. below frame--on top layer--erase any of tube hanging over the frame.

SN--then on the bottom --delete any hanging below frame--DS--TR
6.) Close Background--MV all layers--Rename --frame
7.) Palm Tree 2 --C&P as NRL--DS--move layer below frame--TR--dup.--mirror--MD
8.) Monkey--R= 50% & 80% X3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL- place on tree---DS---dup.--mirror--move up a little--dup.--R= 80%--mirror--move it behind 1st tree-- TR--MD
9.) Fern 1-- R = 80% unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--mirror--place on left-- DS--dup..mirror--place on right side--dup..move behind frame-- on top one erase any thats blocking the wings--MD---TR
10.) Flower 1-- R = 60%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--Mirror--place on left side--near middle--TR--DS--dup.--mirror--place on right side--TR
11.) Corner 2--C&P as NRL--move over to left--place layer below tree--DS--Dup. --mirror--MD
12.) Banana 14--R= 50% & 80% X4--Unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--Dup..and close original..DS-- it on trees-dup.-resizing 80% as you go,place a few around on the trees. when done--MD
13.) On original place it on bottom left--DS--TR--dup. R= 80%--mirror--place in middle--dup. --R-80%--mirror--place in front--MD--TR
14.) Banana 1--R= 50% & 80# --unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--  DS-- move just in front of Bottom sunflower--dup--TR for placement.
15.) Lollipop 1--C&P as NRL-place rt below frame layer--DS--TR--left side
16.)Lollipop 3--  C&P as NRL--DS--place below frame layer on right side--TR
17.) Beads 3--R= 80% X 2--unsharp mask---C&P as NRL- Place on Bottom center--move layer below frame layer--DS
18.) Bow3 --R= 50% unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL- place on right side of frame--DS
19.) with background still closed..MV all layers
C&P paper 13 (or your choice) as NRL-- place below merged layer--add mask--I used WSL-26--delete mask--ungroup layers---crop opaque--now open background an MV all layers.
20.) R--63% all layers--==504 X504--Add All Copy Right Info,,name and Save as Png.
Thank you for trying out my Tut.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gangster PTU

I wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely by coincidence. This Awesome kit called "Gangster" is by Purple of Purples Kreationz Here 
The Artwork I am using is by Popeye Wong and can be found Here 
You will need 3-4 tubes from same artist
Drop Shadow = DS -- 2,2,50,5 black
Copy and Paste = C&P
New Raster Layer = NRL
Duplicate = Dup.
Resize = R
Merge Down = MD
Tag Reference = TR
Select None = SN 
Blend Mode = BM
Merge Visible = MV
Let's Begin
800 X 800 
1.) C&P Film Reel as NRL--with Magic Wand--click inside each square--selections--modify--expand 8-C&P paper 15-- invert on film --delete on paper -- SN--DS-- Both-- move paper below film.
2.) With magic wand-click inside 1st square--sel. -  modify 8-- C&P tube as NRL--R= If needed--- Invert on film--delete on tube--crop opaque--DS--move below film..
3. Dup. tube--adjust--blur-- gaussian 6 --BM = Soft Light -- Opacity-- 100--- MD-- DS
4.) Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the other 2 squares. Once done--close Background layer-- MV all other layers..rename= Frame
Move it up a little.
5.) Glitter Splat2--C&P as NRL-- place above background layer--DS--Dup.--mirror--flip--MD
6.) Skull 2 --R= 80%-- Sharpen--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- place on top right corner--- DS
7.) Charm C&P as NRL-- place bottom right of film-- DS-- TR
8.) Glitterball--- R = 80% X3--unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL-Place center film strip-on bottom--DS--TR
9.) Star spray--C&P as NRL-- move it center top-- DS--TR--dup. flip-- move this lower right---dup.--move to center of film strip.on bottom-- TR.--move layer right below frame.
10.) Star Chain--C&P as NRL place on left side frame-- DS
11.) Shoes--C&P as NRL--place on left bottom---DS--TR
12.) Skull---C&P as NRL and place above shoes on left side---DS
13.) Limo --R = 80-- sharpen--C&P as NRL, Place on right side--bottom---DS --- TR
14.) Hands--- R =80 X 3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL --place on right side of ball---DS-- dup..mirror--place on left side  of ball---- TR---
15.) Gun-- R = 80% X2--unsharp mask==C&P as NRL--place on left side above the shoes-- DS --free rotate left 20--- dup. -- mirror--place together in front of shoes--TR
16) Glasses-- R = 80% X 2-- unsharp mask--C&P as NRL --- place above the film-- DS-- TR
17.)  Dice -- C&P as NRL --- place top left of film-- DS -- TR
18.) Bullets -- R = 60%-- unsharp mask --C&P as NRL -- place on bottom left corner--- DS-- place layer below boot layer-- move up and over --- TR-- Dup. -- flip--mirror-- place beside skull on top--- TR
19.) Bag-- C&P as NRL-- place on bottom left--move layer below Boot layer-- DS--- TR
20.) C&P Tube as NRL --(R -- if needed) -- Place Left-- between 1st and middle film--- DS--- TR
21.) C&P as NRL the last Tube-- Place between middle and last film-- DS-- TR
22.) With background still closed... MV all layers
C&P Paper 7 (one of choice)---as NRL--- Add a mask-- delete mask----ungroup layers--Opscity on Mask = 80%
23.) Lips-- R = 80%-- C&P as NRL and place top left --right side of dice--DS--
24.) Dup.. and paste a few around-- resizing and maybe free rotating them left-20%.. add a gradient Glow-- 3 medium (white) DS
25.) open background layer--MV--all layers--R= 63% ( 504 - 504)
Add ALL COPY RIGHT and save as PNG
Thank you for trying out my TUT
Here is another tag I did for my Oldest Daughter..

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pink in Pretty 2 (PTU)

I wrote this Tutorial any resemblance to others is purely by coincidence. This Beautiful kit is called "Pink in Pretty" and is by ACowgirlsCreations which you can find Here
The Beautiful art is by Zindy S.D. Nielsen and you can find it at her store Here  
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Copy and Paste = C&P
New Raster Layer = NRL
Resize = R
Tag Reference = TR
Duplicate = Dup.
Merge Down = MD
Merge Visible = MV
Select None = SN
Let's get Started:
800 X 800
1.) Frame 2--C&P as NRL -- with magic wand click inside the frame--selections--modify--5
2.) PP6--C&P as NRL--place over frame--invert on frame and delete on keyboard--SN
3.) C&P Tube as NRl--R. if needed--Move below frame-and place on the left--TR
4.) Dup. tube--adjust-blur-gaussian 6 --BM= Hard light-- opacity = 80% --  MD--DS-- All
5.) PNP Flowers==R = 75%--C&P as NRL--Free rotate--left 90%--place on left side--move layer under paper layer--DS--TR
6.) PNP net--C&P as NRL--place it up to the right side (no DS) dup.--mirror,flip--MD--place layer right above the background layer --close out background layer
7.) PNP Crochet Lace-- C&P as NRL -- place on net---dup.--mirror--flip==MD--and place over net.
8.) PNP Flower blossoms--mirror--C&P as NRL--place on left side of frame-- DS--TR
9.) PNP Flower 2--- R = 75 % & 80% X2--sharpen--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- place on right side of frame--DS--dup.--R = 80% -- place next to 1st one--dup. -- R = 80% place this next to 2nd one--MD--TR
10.) Dup. trio of flowers--R = 80% -- mirror-- place it lower left bottom of canvas--TR--MD
11.) PNP Hat --R = 70% & 80% - unsharp mask--DS--place hat right of frame--on top--TR
12.) PNP Hat Pin-- R = 70 % & 80 % X 4-- unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place it on the hat--With Lasso tool-- (with these settings--- Point -to- Point-- add shift -- feather --1--smoothing = 0 --anti-alias--checked.) Go around an area on the pin-- EX. 1


delete-- EX. 2

DS--MD- onto hat
13.) PNP Pearl Strand--C&P as NRL--Place on the Bottom--and move layer below roses layers--DS--TR
14.) PNP Pearl-- C&P as NRL-- DS--Place it right above Frame..dup. pearl and place around your tag-- once done- MD all--(I did 13 )
15.) PNP Lace --C&P as NRL-- DS--place right above the other lace layer--move it up slightly--TR
16.) PNP Candle--R = 80 % X 2-- unsharp mask--C&P as NRL---place on left side at the bottom -in front of roses-- DS--TR--dup.--R = 80% and move over to the right side slightly--dup. R = 80% -- move it over to left side of candles--TR--MD candle layers.
17.) PNP Doves-- R= 80% -- C&P as NRL-- place on right side of roses--sharpen--DS
18.)  PNP Tag--R = 80% X 2--C&P as NRL-- Place on left side frame--on top--rotate--free--right 90%-- DS--TR
19.) Pnp Sparkles--- C&P as NRL-- Place on papers below the frame.
20.) PNP Butterfly--R = 70% X2 & 80% X2--unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL--place on left side of frame--DS--dup. -- R = 80%-- mirror and move it down slightly--dup. -R = 80% & mirror-- place a little lower on left side-- TR
21.) PNP Feather--R = 70% X2-& 80% X2--C&P as NRL-- place right above tube layer--DS- 
22.) Close out all layers starting with tube down to background layers--once done--MV. all layers--above tube--rename--top
23.) now open all bottom layers-- close top--keep tube,background and feather closed --Click on any layer below tube and MV--rename bottom--
24.) C&P Paper of choice-- I used PP2--place above background -- add a mask of choice--delete mask layer and ungroup layers--MD--bottom,mask layer and background.
25.)If you don't want to animate
Open all layers--MV-- R-- 63% = 504 X 504 -- sharpen--
Add all Copy Rights-and Name--then save as PNG--
Lets Animate
26.) Resize All Layers 63 %
27.) On Feather Layer-place it on the hand--rename # 1
A.) Dup.# 1-- free rotate left 90%-rename # 2- move it so it's even with the 1st one.Close out # 1.
B.) Dup. # 2-- free rotate left 90%--rename # 3 -- move it up a little and make it even with # 2.Close out # 2
C.) Dup. # 3-- free rotate left 90%--rename # 4-- move it up a little and make it even with # 3.Close out # 3
D.) Dup. # 4-- free rotate left 90%--rename # 5-- move it up a little and make it even with # 4.Close out # 4
E.) Dup. # 5-- free rotate left 90%--rename # 6-- move it up a little and make it even with # 5.Close out # 6
28.) Open Animation shop-
Open # 1-Copy Merged- paste into AS--as New Animation-
Close #1 
Open # 2-Copy Merged- paste after current frame.
Close # 2
Open # 3-Copy Merged- paste after current frame.
Close # 3
Open # 4-Copy Merged- paste after current frame.
Close # 4
Open # 5-Copy Merged- paste after current frame.
Close # 5
Open # 6-Copy Merged- paste after current frame.
 34.) On 1st frame-- edit--select--all-- animation--animation properties--opaque--white
35.) Change frame Properties -- 
Frame # 1 = 30
Frame # 2 = 60
Frame # 3 = 90
Frame # 4 = 120
Frame #5 = 150
Frame # 6 = 180
View and Save as gif.
Thank you for trying out my tutorial.
 Here is my PNG.




Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pink in Pretty 1 (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial, any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. The Lovely art I am using is by Barbara Jensen and can be found  Here
This Beautiful kit is called "Pink -n- Pretty",by ACowgirlsCreations You can find it   Here
Thank You, Barbie
Let's get started
Drop Shadow= DS=2,2,50,black
800 X 800

1.) Frame 3-- Copy and Paste = C&P- as New Raster Layer  = NRL --place in center--With Magic Wand-- click on the inside of frame--selections--modify--expand-X8
2.) C&P Paper3 (or one of your choosing) as a NRL-- Invert on Frame--- delete on Paper--Select None = SN--DS both
3.) C&P Tube as NRL--resize if needed--Duplicate =--dup--adjust--blur--Gaussian = 6--Blend Mode = BM--Hard Light--- Opacity= 80% --Merge Down - MD-- dup. again- place this one below frame..working on top layer, erase any that is hanging over the frame.--On dup. erase any that is out,under the frame. DS--
4.) Close Background layer & Merge Visible = MV. (rename-- frame)
5.) PNP Lace-C&P as NRL --place below frame--DS
6.) PNP Net--C&P as NRL-- place --top right--dup.--mirror--flip--MD--place below lace layer--DS--Tag Reference= TR.
7.) C&P tube again- as NRL-- mirror-- place below frame layer--dup.--blur--gaussian 6--BM= screen-- opacity= 80% --MD-- on tube-- BM -Screen -- opacity =80% -- DS.
8.) PNP Rose--Resize = R.--80% X2--sharpen--unsharp mask (default settings) C&P as NRL-- Place on right side of frame--move layer below frame..-- DS.--- TR--
9.) PNP Rose petals-- R.= 90% X 3-- unsharp mask-C&P as NRL--(center it on bottom) DS
10.) PNP Teapot--R.= 70% & 80% X3-- unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL.--Place it on left side bottom, mirror--DS--TR.
11.) PNP Flower blossoms--C&P as NRL and place on left side--DS--TR.
12.) Dup. Blossoms--R= 90% and mirror--place it up to the right a little---TR.
13.) PNP Babies Breath-C&P as NRL---Place it on the right side--move layer right below frame--TR--DS.
14.) PNP Boots--R. =70% & 80%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL---place on right side--mirror--DS--TR.
15.) PNP Bottles --R= 70% X 3 & 80% X 2-- unsharp mask-C&P as NRL--- place below shoes--DS--Tr.
16.) PNP Candle--R= 80% X2--unsharp mask-C&P as NRL--place on left side--move layer below teapot--DS--TR--dup.--R= 80% place next to 1st one.
17.) PNP Feather--R=80% X3 -- unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--place on right side--towards the top--TR--DS.
18.) Dup. Feather---R= 80%-- mirror--place  a little down---TR
19.) PNP Hat--R = 70% X 2 & 80% --unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--place next to boots--DS--TR.
20.) PNP Doves--R= 80 % X 2--C&P as NRL--place on bottom--DS--move layer below hat...TR.
21.) PNP Heat Pin-- R= 70% & 80%--unsharp mask-C&P as NRL---place on ribbon upper right--with Lasso tool-(these settings) point-to-point, add shift--feather = 1-- smoothing = 0--anti-alias-checked-- go around a little on the pin-- EX. 1

then Delete -- EX. 2

22.) PNP Lace--R = 80%- C&P as NRL---place layer below boot layer--DS--Tr.
23.) PNP Pearl--C&P as NRL--place left side of frame--DS-- Dup. and place a few around tag..(as many as you please)
24.) PNP Butterfly--R= 70 % X2 & 80% X2--unsharp mask- C&P as NRL---place on left side of tag--DS--TR--dup--R = 80% & mirror -- move down a little--TR--dup. -- mirror-- R= 80% -- move down a bit--TR
25.) PNP Sparkles --C&P as NRL-- move a little down on the left (NO DS)
26.( Leaving background still closed)  MV all layers-- C&P Paper 7 ( or your choice) as NRL-- add a mask-- delete mask--ungroup layers-- open background--and then MV--all layers
27.) R-= 63 % add All Copy Right Information--and Name then save as PNG
Thank you for doing this Tut..

R.I.P. Debbie Lundy

I Met Debbie "as she liked to be called," in September of 1989...She is one of the Bravest Women I have ever had the pleasure to meet..I agree that at times she could really be a bear..but there was also times she was a sweetheart.. Our relationship as being sister-in-laws and married to brothers,gave us a bond no-one  else can share.We were truly sisters,in more ways than one..I will always remember the times we shared,and I will really miss her..
Debbie, lost her battle with Cancer on the 15th of July,2012..
She was survived by 2 sons, Jeremy and Jeffrey,Her Mom and Her Sister..also numerous nephews and nieces..along with a bunch of in-laws..
I cared a lot about Debbie,and I told her so the last time we talked...There are so many stories I can tell about her,she could take a lawn mower apart,and rebuild it..and it would
Thank you Debbie for being you..and the gifts you gave us while you were here..especially Jeremy and Jeffrey..
Rest in Peace, my Sister.
Love you Always,

Monday, July 16, 2012

Disco Chic (FTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please Do NOT add this to any group/website/forums without Permission by Me.
This awesome Kit is "Disco Chic" Made by Kerry at Purple's Kreationz and is FTU you can find it Here  
The Art work is by Michael Landefeld and is sold Here 
Template is "Let the music move you:"  found Here
Drop Shadow= DS--- 2,2,50,5,black 
Supplies: 3 tubes of choice-by-same artist
Let's get started
Open Template--delete Copy Right..
1.) Close out all layers but Bottom bar--even the background layer should be closed...
2.) Starting on the Bottom Bar-- Selections--Select all-Float--Defloat-- Copy and Paste = C&P==Paper #8 as New Raster Layer = NRL-- invert on bar layer-- delete on paper--select none = SN--delete --original layer--then crop opaque-  DS
(You need to Crop-- Opaque--600 X 600-- after adding each paper layer--until otherwise stated.) 
3.) open left square--- Select all-float--defloat-- C&P Paper #10--as NRL--invert on square--delete on paper--SN--Delete original square--crop--DS---Merge Down = MD-- 
Select all-float--defloat-- C&P tube as NRL--Resize = R-- if needed..  invert on square -- delete on tube-- MD.
4.) Open top left frame mat --select all --float--defloat-- C&P-- Paper 2-- invert on frame-- delete on paper- SN-- Crop-- delete original mat--
5.) Spiral Stair Case --- R = 40% & 80%-- sharpen--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and  place on mat.--erase any overage--DS
6.) DC Girls--R= 70% & 80%--un-sharp mask-- place over the staircase-- DS-- Tag reference = TR.
7.) Open left chrome-- DS--MD
8.) Open Right Square--select all -- float--defloat-- C&P --Paper # 1--as NRL-- Invert on square-- delete on paper- SN-- Crop -- DS--MD-- now select all--float--defloat-- C&P tube as NRL (R--if needed )-- invert on mat--delete on tube ---SN---DS-- then MD
9.) Open top bar--select all--float--defloat-- C&P --Paper #6 as NRL-- invert on bar-- delete on paper---SN--- crop --delete original layer--DS--MD.
10.) Bottom right frame mat-- select all -- float--defloat-- C&P --paper #9-- invert on mat--delete on paper--- SN--crop-- delete original--DS
11.) DC-Disco-- R= 60% X2 & 80%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place over bottom mat--MD
12.) Open Bottom right Chrome--DS---MD
13.) Open Player frame mat--select all --- flaot--defloat-- C&P Paper #3-- invert on mat---delete on paper--- SN--Crop--DS
14.) Turntable-- R = 50%  on Mat-- select all-float -- defloat- C&P turntable as NRL-- invert on mat -- delete on player-- SN-- DS-- MD
15.) Open Menu mat-- Select all - float-- defloat-- add NRL-- get a light color from tube-- Flood fill -- SN--delete original mat--DS
16.) Open Player--select all --- float--defloat--C&P -- paper #5-- invert on player --delete on paper-- SN--Crop--delete original--DS
17.) Delete left/right bars--with background layer -and all layers above Player still closed -Merge Visible-= MV---all layers--rename- I renamed mine Jukebox
18.) Image--canvas size-- 800 X 800-- now we are going to add elements-
19.) Wire 2-- C&P as NRL-- move it up and to the right-- place layer under JB layer-- (DO NOT SHADOW)
20.) Splat 1-- C&P as NRL-- place it right above wire layer-- (Don't DS)
21.) DC Lights-- C&P--as NRL-- place it right above the JB--layer--DS--TR--
22.) Now grab your Lasso Tool-- these settings-- Point to point--add shift-- feather--1--smoothing--0--anti-alias checked----go around the left light--once happy- promote selection to layer-- SN-- go around each light--after promoting them, name them-- I named mine--left-middle-right--simple-- Now add NRL above each light--
Color -- D44A71--
23.) starting with left light-- select all- float - defloat-- flood fill with color- invert on light--delete on color-- SN--delete the original-- DS
24.) Repeat for each, middle and right-- crop -- 800 X 800
24.) Light ray--C&P as NRL and place over the left light--placing it in the middle..then Crop-- close out ray.
On the Middle light-- C&P ray over light--free rotate--right 3-- crop- 800 X 800
On the Right light-- C&P ray over light--- free rotate--right 90-- crop--800 X 800 -- close them out for right now.
25.) open Music-- you can change the colors I changed mine to match my tubes-- this is how I do it.. add a NRL above the word art or notes-- Flood fill the layer, then on, the WA--select all --float--defloat-- invert and then delete on the colored layer---SN-then crop--add DS--delete WA and Or note layer.
I moved it over a little, TR.
26.) Music text layer and all the rest including the notes, just repeat #25.. remember to crop,and move them over to where you want..TR
Once you have finished with your WA and Notes
27.) C&P main Tube as NRL, place it where you feel comfortable..add DS.
28.) Headphones --R= 50% -- un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place it on the lower right side of canvas--DS
29.) Disco Ball-- R 50%-- un-sharp mask-- place it on the top left of canvas, DS...TR
30.) Dance floor- place this right above background layer, move it to the left a little-- DS
31.) Disco chick-- R = 50% un-sharp mask--place on right top of canvas..DS--TR
32.) If you don't want to animate-leave the rays closed--but have all other layers opened,  delete the white background layer -- the add NRL and move this to the bottom,close it-- MV all layers-- 
Now C&P paper #4 as NRL, place this above the background layer--I added the mask that came with the kit.--delete mask-- ungroup layers--- MV all layers-- and R= 63% = 504 X 504
Add All CR info and Name then save as PNG..

Let's Animate! 
33.) after adding the mask and resizing and the CR info, Copy Merged and Open Animation shop--Paste as New animation..
PSP--open left ray--copy merged and paste after current frame.
PSP--close left ray--open middle-- Copy merged--and paste after current frame-
PSP-- close middle ray--open right ray-- Copy merged--and paste after current frame..
you should have 4 frames-- now select all-- animation properties--opaque -then change the frame properties as well
Frame 1= 100
Frame 2 = 150
Frame 3 = 175
Frame 4 = 200
View and save as GIF.
Thanks for sticking it out and trying this tut.
Non animated..

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lemon N Lime (PTU)

I wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please do NOT place this on any website,Blog,Forum or Yahoo group, Without my Permission.
This Beautiful Scrap-kit is by Purple Kreationz and is called "Lemon N Lime" it can be found Here
The Tubes I am using is by PinUp Toons and can be found Here 
Filters: Xero-- Porcelain (optional)
Drop Shadow -- DS= 2,2,50,5 black
2 tubes  
Mask Vix Big mask005 Here
800 X 800
1.) F3--Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL= place in the center.
2.) With magic wand click in center of frame--select-modify-expand X6--resize = R= if needed= 80%-- invert on frame -- and delete on paper..
3.) Move paper below frame--DS--both.
4.) C&P 1st tube as NRL-----duplicate--dup.=adjust-blur-gaussian blur = 6--- Blend Mode = BM = soft light-- opacity = 100--- merge down= MD-- place beneath frame--now erase any sticking out--close out background (keep closed) and merge visible = MV. once done
5.) Move it up a bit --rename it frame
6.) Rt. click and copy the grass below...(it's in png format)
 Now paste it as NRL and place it at the bottom of your canvas..dup. and Mirror--- now MD-- dup.-- flip and bring this to the bottom.- do this 2 more times, or as much grass as you wish..when finished MD.-- now crop --opaque-800X800
7.) Sun Lounger- C&P as NRL--place on the grass--on the right side--DS--tag reference = TR
8.) Tube 2 ---C&P as NRL--place on the left side--mirror if needed--DS
9.) Parasol--R-- 80%-- place behind chair -- DS
10.) Lemon--R = 60% & 80% X4--adjust--sharpen--unsharp mask--place near tube---DS--- now dup.-- a few times and spread it around canvas..R--80% as you go...
11.) Lime--Repeat above steps..
12.) Flowers --C&P as NRL-- move below frame layer-- DS--Dup. and mirror-- MD
13.) Doodle--C&P as NRL-- place below flowers--DS--flip-- place toward right bottom of frame--TR
14.) Fence 2 -- C&P as NRL and place on left side--dup.--and mirror--place on right --MD-- move this layer--below the grass layer--TR-- crop opaque--
15.) PinWHeel-- C&P as NRL--place behind tube--DS--TR.
16.) Sparkles--C&P as NRL-- place it above the frame -- dup..-- mirror--MD--making sure it's above frame--DON'T DS--
17.) Beach Ball-- R=70% & 80% -- unsharp mask-- Place on chair--DS
18.) Cherries--R= 70%  &  80%--unsharp mask-- place on top left of frame--DS--TR-- dup.-- and place this on on bottom middle of frame--TR
19.) Cocktail-- R= 70% & 80% X 2-- unsharp mask--place in front of tube--DS
20.) Bee--R = 50%--unsharp mask--- place on top left- flowers-- free rotate--Left 25%--- DS---dup.-- mirror-- R = 80% -- place on right top flowers--
21) Butterfly 2-- R = 60 % and 80% X2--unsharp mask-- free rotate--left 25%-- place on right side near umbrella--DS--dup--mirror-- place where you wish
22.) glasses --R= 50%--unsharp mask-- place on bottom--DS--TR
23.) Kisses -- Yellow-- White--- & Green-- R-all-- 50% & 80% X 2-- unsharp mask-- and place them around your canvas--DS--place how many you want,and rotate free -- once happy-- MV--All layers
24.) C&P -- Paper of choice-- I used P18-- as NRL and place below merged layer--stretch to fit-using your raster deform tool / pick tool-- add Mask--I used Vix Big Mask 005--- delete mask-- ungroup layers--
25.) Open background layer--MV--all layers--R= 63%--= 504 X 504--
Xero Porcelain (optional)
Add all Copy Right info-- name-- & save as PNG.
Thank you for trying my tutorial


Friday, July 6, 2012

Bight Butterfly's PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others,is purely a coincidence. Please DO NOT place this on any Website,Blog or Group without My Permission..
This Lovely Kit is By Raggedee Anne Graphics, called " Bright Butterflies"..Thank you Anne for allowing me to use this kit.. you can find it Here
The Tubes I am using are by Barbara Jensen and you can find her Awesome Art Here  
Mask--WSL12 Here
My Examples Here
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5, black
4 tubes (if you wish)
Let's Start !
 800 X 800
1.) EL 113--Resize= R-29% & 85%--adjust--sharpen--un-sharp mask- Copy and Paste = C&P--As New Raster Layer = NRL-- Rotate Clockwise 90%
2.) With magic wand, click on the top square-Selection-Modify-Expand X6
3.) P1--R= 23%--C&P as NRL-- invert on frame--delete on paper--crop--opaque--800x800-- move layer below frame--DS
4.) Repeat above for squares 2-4--changing out the papers.. I used for
#2= P3, #3= P7 ,#4= P10-- on the 3rd and 4th square-- grab deform tool and move the paper out to fit the square..- don't forget to crop- opaque-- 
5.) Open 1st tube, R-- if needed-- place it over the 1st square-- duplicate--adjust- blur- gaussian X6--Blend Mode= BM= hard light-- Opacity= Op= 90%-- merge down=MD-- now duplicate= dup..--- this one and move it below frame--on top one--erase any overage--DS--on dup.-- Ex. 1 & 2
6.) Repeat above for all squares-- when done--crop opaque---800x800.--X-bottom layer and merge visible..(keep bottom X--closed)
7.) EL 64--R=60%-- un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--with Raster deform tool (or Pick tool) turn it so the orange flower is sticking out at the top of frame-- DS--make sure this layer is right below frame..tag reference = TR...-- now dup.-- and place this one above the frame-- with lasso tool go around the top and then delete- (Ex.3) mv all layers
8.) EL66--R= 60% X2 & 80%--un-sharp mask-C&P as NRL-- place on left side of frame--DS--dup..and move dup..-below frame-- on top one--erase the part that over flows-- once happy--mv--and rename frame
9.) El 45--R= 50 X2=un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--mirror and place left side --move below frame-- dup. and mirror- move this slightly closer to frame--DS both and MD blue flowers
10.) EL 172--C&P as NRL and move to upper left side of frame--move layer below flower layer--DS
11.) EL 174--C&P as NRL--mirror and place on bottom right--DS--TR
12.) EL 17--R= 50% X2 & 70% & 80% -unsharp mask-C&P as NRL--place on right side...DS
13.)EL 15--R=50% X2 & 70% & 80%--un-sharp mask --C&P as NRL--place it on the left side of tag--DS--TR
14.) EL 161--R= 20--- unsharp mask--C&P as NRl and place on bottom right side over the stems..DS--- dup. and mirror-- TR
15.) EL 6-- R= 50 X2 -- unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL-- place on left side robbon--mirror--Zoom in-- with lasso tool go around a piece of the pin, once happy delete---Select none--DS---EX4
16.) EL 100--R= 50% X2--&70% X2--unsharp mask--place it on the very bottom of tag-- move layer below the bow layers--dup-gaussian blur-X6--BM= Multiply---OP= 80% ---md
17.) Now add the butterflies--
A.) EL 18--R= 40% & 80%--Unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- place  on left top--DS--TR
B.) EL 23--R- 40% & 80% X3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--top right side--DS--TR
C.) EL 30--R- 40% & 80% X3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- left side--DS--TR
D.)  EL 36-- R- 40% & 80% X3--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- left side--DS--TR
E.) EL 29-- R- 40% & 80% X4--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- right side--DS--TR
F.) EL 31-- R- 40% & 80% X4--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- right side--DS--TR
G.) EL 21-- R= 40% & 80%--Unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- place  on left bottom--DS--TR
H.) EL 26-- R= 40% & 80%--Unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- place  on right bottom--DS--TR
18.) MV--all layers--
19.) P 8--R--23%--unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL--move this layer right above bottom--
20.) Add Mask-- I used WSL-mask 12-- once happy-- delete mask--ungroup layers-- 
21.) open bottom--MV-All layers-- now crop excess-- crop opaque= 716 X 800-- and then resize = 69% = 494 X 552
22.) Add ALL Copy Rights and Name--save as PNG
Thanks for looking at my tut.