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Disco Chic (FTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please Do NOT add this to any group/website/forums without Permission by Me.
This awesome Kit is "Disco Chic" Made by Kerry at Purple's Kreationz and is FTU you can find it Here  
The Art work is by Michael Landefeld and is sold Here 
Template is "Let the music move you:"  found Here
Drop Shadow= DS--- 2,2,50,5,black 
Supplies: 3 tubes of choice-by-same artist
Let's get started
Open Template--delete Copy Right..
1.) Close out all layers but Bottom bar--even the background layer should be closed...
2.) Starting on the Bottom Bar-- Selections--Select all-Float--Defloat-- Copy and Paste = C&P==Paper #8 as New Raster Layer = NRL-- invert on bar layer-- delete on paper--select none = SN--delete --original layer--then crop opaque-  DS
(You need to Crop-- Opaque--600 X 600-- after adding each paper layer--until otherwise stated.) 
3.) open left square--- Select all-float--defloat-- C&P Paper #10--as NRL--invert on square--delete on paper--SN--Delete original square--crop--DS---Merge Down = MD-- 
Select all-float--defloat-- C&P tube as NRL--Resize = R-- if needed..  invert on square -- delete on tube-- MD.
4.) Open top left frame mat --select all --float--defloat-- C&P-- Paper 2-- invert on frame-- delete on paper- SN-- Crop-- delete original mat--
5.) Spiral Stair Case --- R = 40% & 80%-- sharpen--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and  place on mat.--erase any overage--DS
6.) DC Girls--R= 70% & 80%--un-sharp mask-- place over the staircase-- DS-- Tag reference = TR.
7.) Open left chrome-- DS--MD
8.) Open Right Square--select all -- float--defloat-- C&P --Paper # 1--as NRL-- Invert on square-- delete on paper- SN-- Crop -- DS--MD-- now select all--float--defloat-- C&P tube as NRL (R--if needed )-- invert on mat--delete on tube ---SN---DS-- then MD
9.) Open top bar--select all--float--defloat-- C&P --Paper #6 as NRL-- invert on bar-- delete on paper---SN--- crop --delete original layer--DS--MD.
10.) Bottom right frame mat-- select all -- float--defloat-- C&P --paper #9-- invert on mat--delete on paper--- SN--crop-- delete original--DS
11.) DC-Disco-- R= 60% X2 & 80%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place over bottom mat--MD
12.) Open Bottom right Chrome--DS---MD
13.) Open Player frame mat--select all --- flaot--defloat-- C&P Paper #3-- invert on mat---delete on paper--- SN--Crop--DS
14.) Turntable-- R = 50%  on Mat-- select all-float -- defloat- C&P turntable as NRL-- invert on mat -- delete on player-- SN-- DS-- MD
15.) Open Menu mat-- Select all - float-- defloat-- add NRL-- get a light color from tube-- Flood fill -- SN--delete original mat--DS
16.) Open Player--select all --- float--defloat--C&P -- paper #5-- invert on player --delete on paper-- SN--Crop--delete original--DS
17.) Delete left/right bars--with background layer -and all layers above Player still closed -Merge Visible-= MV---all layers--rename- I renamed mine Jukebox
18.) Image--canvas size-- 800 X 800-- now we are going to add elements-
19.) Wire 2-- C&P as NRL-- move it up and to the right-- place layer under JB layer-- (DO NOT SHADOW)
20.) Splat 1-- C&P as NRL-- place it right above wire layer-- (Don't DS)
21.) DC Lights-- C&P--as NRL-- place it right above the JB--layer--DS--TR--
22.) Now grab your Lasso Tool-- these settings-- Point to point--add shift-- feather--1--smoothing--0--anti-alias checked----go around the left light--once happy- promote selection to layer-- SN-- go around each light--after promoting them, name them-- I named mine--left-middle-right--simple-- Now add NRL above each light--
Color -- D44A71--
23.) starting with left light-- select all- float - defloat-- flood fill with color- invert on light--delete on color-- SN--delete the original-- DS
24.) Repeat for each, middle and right-- crop -- 800 X 800
24.) Light ray--C&P as NRL and place over the left light--placing it in the middle..then Crop-- close out ray.
On the Middle light-- C&P ray over light--free rotate--right 3-- crop- 800 X 800
On the Right light-- C&P ray over light--- free rotate--right 90-- crop--800 X 800 -- close them out for right now.
25.) open Music-- you can change the colors I changed mine to match my tubes-- this is how I do it.. add a NRL above the word art or notes-- Flood fill the layer, then on, the WA--select all --float--defloat-- invert and then delete on the colored layer---SN-then crop--add DS--delete WA and Or note layer.
I moved it over a little, TR.
26.) Music text layer and all the rest including the notes, just repeat #25.. remember to crop,and move them over to where you want..TR
Once you have finished with your WA and Notes
27.) C&P main Tube as NRL, place it where you feel comfortable..add DS.
28.) Headphones --R= 50% -- un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place it on the lower right side of canvas--DS
29.) Disco Ball-- R 50%-- un-sharp mask-- place it on the top left of canvas, DS...TR
30.) Dance floor- place this right above background layer, move it to the left a little-- DS
31.) Disco chick-- R = 50% un-sharp mask--place on right top of canvas..DS--TR
32.) If you don't want to animate-leave the rays closed--but have all other layers opened,  delete the white background layer -- the add NRL and move this to the bottom,close it-- MV all layers-- 
Now C&P paper #4 as NRL, place this above the background layer--I added the mask that came with the kit.--delete mask-- ungroup layers--- MV all layers-- and R= 63% = 504 X 504
Add All CR info and Name then save as PNG..

Let's Animate! 
33.) after adding the mask and resizing and the CR info, Copy Merged and Open Animation shop--Paste as New animation..
PSP--open left ray--copy merged and paste after current frame.
PSP--close left ray--open middle-- Copy merged--and paste after current frame-
PSP-- close middle ray--open right ray-- Copy merged--and paste after current frame..
you should have 4 frames-- now select all-- animation properties--opaque -then change the frame properties as well
Frame 1= 100
Frame 2 = 150
Frame 3 = 175
Frame 4 = 200
View and save as GIF.
Thanks for sticking it out and trying this tut.
Non animated..

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