Saturday, February 25, 2012

Purfect Pleasures Daniela

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.Please do NOT claim this as yours or put it on any website with out my written Permission.
I'm using this Beautiful scrapkit called:"Purrrfect Pleasures" made by Scrazy-Scraps and can be bought Here 
The tube is by KT.Bryan..who is retired now, but was sold at CDO store Here 
Any Close-up will do.
1.) Copy frame 1 as New Raster layer=(NRL)
2.) With Magic Wand click on the inside of the frame.
Selection--Modify--expand X6 ----2 X's
3.) Copy and Paste = (C&P) Paper 9 as (NRL), invert on frame layer and delete paper crop opaque---make sure your nodes are spread to the width of the canvas, your cutting off unnecessary paper..
move paper under frame, give it a modest Drop shadow=(DS):2,2,50,5 black
4.) working on top layer,(C&P) tube as (NRL),duplicate tube layer,and move this one below the  frame. Close out duplicate.
5.) Working on top layer,with your Lasso tool, point to point---feather=1---smoothing= 0
go around the part of tube,outside of frame..once your done, open bottom tube and delete the part that's sticking out.(DS)  duplicate..close bottom layer (background) and Merge Visible=(MV) all layers. Rename Frame layer
6.) (C&P) Element= EL. 66 as (NRL) No (DS) move slightly to the left 
7.) El 56 Resize=R 60% & 80%---mirror--(C&P) as (NRL) place on lower right corner...duplicate and Mirror..
8.) El.53 ---R= 60% & 80% X1-- (C&P) as (NRL) move to upper left side..(DS) see tag for Reference= (TR)
9.) El.52--R= 60% X2--(C&P) as (NRL) move to upper right side (DS) (TR)
10.) El. 48---R=60% & 80% X2---adjust-sharpness-Unsharp mask (default settings) (C&P) as (NRL) move to under the corset (TR)
11.) El.47---(C&P) as (NRL)--place over to the right corner (DS) & (TR)
12.) El.42--R=60% (C&P) as (NRL) move over to almost on the skate...
If your not going to animate skip the next steps: and go to--# 13...
Now for animation your going to need--Animation shop..when were done..
A.) DO NOT Drop Shadow the pinwheel..
B.) With Lasso tool--point to point---feather-1--smoothing--0---anti-alias checked.. go to top of the pinwheel, and go around the shown in Example 1....

Now Promote selection to layer..Select None= (SN)
C.) Now with lasso tool again, go around the base handle, once done Promote selection to layer, now rename these:  wheel 1 and stem 1
D.) Working with Wheel 1,duplicate and--- Image---rotate and free rotate (all layers unchecked) and rotate it 25 degrees to the left...then rename it Wheel 2, and then duplicate it..
E.) Continue to duplicate--free rotate--left 25 degrees,until your wheel,has gone all the way around.
also don't forget to rename your layers..
F.) now you will need to do the same with the stem, you might need to duplicate stem 2 X's ,and merge them to make the stem longer..--line the stem up with the pinwheel,after having a stem for all your pinwheels,you need to close them out and then add a stem to each pinwheel,merging down and renaming each layer as shown in ex.2 ( I only showed 4 layers,but it took more than that...7 layers in all)

Close out all layers except bottom one,and lets continue with the tag...

13.) El 20--R= 60% X2--(C&P) as (NRL) Place on bottom of frame, (DS) (move layer below frame layer)
14.) El 1--(C&P) as (NRL) Move to the right side,and then place it under frame layer..with background still closed, close out the pinwheel layers and MV all other should have (working from bottom---up)
background...MV Layer....and 7 pinwheel layers...o
15.) Click on background layer---(C&P) paper 10 As (NRL)
add a mask of your choice---I used WSL-93---once added...delete mask layer--click yes---then merge ungroup layers..
16.) (C&P) paper 9 as (NRL) add same mask--and same settings.  Resize 90%
17.) With Pinwheel still closed out, Merge Visible all layers again..
18.) working on top layer..we're going to Resize 63 % which makes the size 504 X 504..
ADD ALL COPY RIGHT INFO...if not animating..merge all visible and save as PNG..

To animate,open layer well as the merge Visible layer and the CR and Name layers..
Copy Merged..and Paste into animation shop as New Animation..
Close layer 1,open layer 2 and copy merge, and in animation shop..Paste after current frame..continue to do these steps till you have all your layers in animation shop... Then go to edit,on 1st frame select all,animation --animation properties--opaque--check it,and change color to white-- this gives you a white background,so you won't have the white image around your GIF.. view your image, when Happy save as GIF..
Thank you.

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