Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Irish Luck Danielle

 I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim this as your Own or put on any website without My written permission.
I am using this New Kit by Danielle at Scraps by Danielle,and can be bought Here 
You Can use Danielle's kit like I did, or you can choose another Tube..
Filters/Plugins used: Mura Meister---Copies
Eye Candy 5--Textures--Texture Noise
Mask--Vix Big MaskHere

1.) 800 X 800
2.) Using a Preset shape-Clover-- Colors--B/ 7cde13   F/ 56a110
Anti-alias--checked....- create on vector--checked..--Line width--- 2.. straight---- draw out a small clover---go to Objects--align--center in canvas--then Convert to rastor layer.
3.) Now with Mura Meister--Copies (settings)  Encircle-- Circle--behind--10,50,50,0,100,-25,100,0,100,-/0/-,0,-/30/-,  0 
-/#/- = (line through) ok
4.) Now grab Lasso tool and go around the center of clovers, carefully going to cut off the stems..

Hit delete with lasso tool again-point-to-point-feather=2--smothering=0...go around center again.. Selections--Modify--Expand X 4-- get paper 10 from the kit, Copy-n-paste (C&P) as New Rastor Layer (NRL) in frame---sel., invert and on paper hit delete..
Now Crop opaque, make sure your nodes are on all sides to the end of canvas, going to crop excess paper...
5.) place paper below clover frame...add a modest Drop Shadow (DS) 2,2,50,5,black... also add (DS) to frame.
6.) (C&P) Clover shain as (NRL) place on upper middle of frame, then move layer below frame layer...copy and flip..(DS) both...Tag Reference (TR)
7.) Now place your tube on top layer as (NRL) you can also use the one she has,if you are making one to match mine. (DS)
8.) Close your background layer (bottom) and Merge Visible (MV) all other layers. You can rename this layer (ex. Mgframe) sometimes renaming the layer helps you when you animate. 
9.) C&P--Harp as (NRL) place on lower right corner (DS) resize if needed.
10.) C&P Glass of Beer as (NRL) and place on the left side bottom. (DS) 
11.) C&P Word Art place below frame, on bottom center (TR) if you are going to animate don't add a (DS)
12.) C&P mouse R = 80%..(DS)
13.) C&P Bear Resize if needed..(70 or 80 %). place it in front of harp (DS) (TR)
14.) on Bottom layer C&P Paper 11 as (NRL) add your mask--merge group.
15.) Working on top layer... C&P--Hat,coins and clover as (NRL) Mirror and place on upper left corner--- free rotate to the Left 25% (DS)
16.) Horseshoe with Lucky==R= 80% X2, C&P as (NRL) and place on upper right corner--free rotate Right 25%. (DS)
17.) If your not going to animate MV.. All Layers--R= 63%- all layers checked,ADD CR and as PNG.
To Animate..
18.) Working with the Word Art...Duplicate 3X's = 4 layers..Rename them WA1,2,3,4..
Working on 1 (all others closed) EC5- Texture- Texture Noise with these settings---Color= 56a110--add noise to solid colors--0,0,28,39 rotate textures= 344,texture= diamonds= 49.99,60.00,invert texture--checked..-- seamless tile--checked-- Random seed= 8144...ok
close 1 and open 2...repeat texture...hitting Random Seed 1X
close 2 and open 3, repeat steps and hit RS 1X
close 3 and open 4 repeat steps hitting RS 1x...close out layers 2-4.. Now lets finish...
Copy Merged and Paste 1st layer in Animation Shop as New Animation...Close layer 1 and open layer 2..Copy Merge and paste after current animation..continue to do this till you have all 4 layers in animation shop..
Now go to Edit--select all, and animations--animation properties..opaque--white, this gives you a white background..then with them still all selected and go to animations---frame properties and change the # to 25..
Now, Copy all 4 frames, click on 4th frame, make sure its the only one that is selected, and paste all 4 frames after current frame..go to animations and click on Reverse frames, this will change the last 4 frames...
 view and save.
I would really like to see the finished result

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