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Valentines dream1

Valentines Dream 1

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidence. Please do NOT claim this as yours,or put it on any website,without my written permission.
I am using the Beautiful scrapkit "Valentines Dream" by Scrap Dimensions which can be found on her blog here and can be bought Here 
I am using the Beautiful Artwork done by Olivia, I am sorry to say, she is retired right now,so you cannot get this tube...but any tube will do..Just follow the tou's of our Scrapkit
font used  Script-p720-swatches
Drop Shadow= DS-- 2,2,50,9 or otherwise stated.
1.) 800X800
2.)Copy & Paste, (C&P) Tube of choice as NewRastorLayer= (NRL)--
Duplicate,and on (Dup).. adjust-blur-gaussian 5, Blend mode, (BM) = multiply Opacity=(OP) 80,Merge Down= (MD)
Right now we're going to work around tube, so if you'd like to rename to help keep up,please do.. now change the (OP) to 60,
and on top layer
3.) (C&P) VD_Mailbox Resize= (R) 63% and 80%,move to left side on bottom..(DS)...move layer below tube layer.
4.) VD Key (R) 40 & 80 X2-adjust-sharpness-unsharp mask.(DS)
5.) VD Hearts (R) 50 & 80 X3 (C&P) as (NRL) and move to right side bottom.
6.) VD Heart 1-(R) 40 & 80X3-unsharp mask-move to upper left on tag , tag reference = (TR)
7.) VD Paper 7- (R) 67% (C&P) above the background layer.
Add Mask of choice, I choice "Tammyheartmask4"Creative Misfits Creations and can be foundHere
Go to Layers-new mask layer--from image--find it--source luminance checked, delete mask,and then Merge-ungroup layers.
8.) VD-Paper 4 (R) 67%--place it above black mask layer..
Redoe #7 using same mask. after ungrouping, (R) all layers unchecked 85% and merge down..
9.) go ahead and change (OP) on tube to 100%, and move tube down a bit. (TR)
10.) Color from scrapkit==B/ 980002 and a light red F/ e30000
grab your heart shape-preset- and draw out a heart with these settings: Heart3=Line=straight ===anti-alias- checked---create on vector-checked---size=14==make a heart--over red mask layer as in example1

 Convert to Raster Layer (DS) and move this heart to above mask layer.
11.) VD Decor-(R) 30% (C&P) onto top of heart--Gradient Glow _(GG) 3 fat colors--red-(980002)----white and (DS) then (MD) with heart frame.
12.) VD Scattered hearts -- (R) 50% move under tube and box of in center of tag.
13.)I also added a small kiss,found in your brushes,then place them where ever you want, I rotated mine--free rotate right 20/and then rotate free left 20..
14.) If you don't wish to animate-MV all layers and (R) 63% then add all Copy rights and your Name..
For Animation
15.) Resize all layers 63% and on top add all Copy Rights and name..
16.) on the heart frame layer--with magic wand,--click inside the center--selections-modify-expand X6
MD heart frame with Mask-- then duplicate 2X=3 Layers..rename them 1,2,3..
17.) Now close off layers 2 and 3...working on layer 1 go to- adjust--add/remove noise---add noise---gaussian 35, monochrome checked.
18.) Close off layer1 and open layer 2.repeat noise moving the # to 45
19.) Close off layer 2,and on layer 3 open and repeat noise moving the # to 50..Select None--
20.) close out #3, and open layer 1
Copy merged--and in Animation shop Paste as New animation..
21.) Repeat above with layers 2 and should now have 3 frames..
22.)clicking on 1st frame go to Edit--select all- animations-animation properties- opaque--white.
23.) then change Frame Properties to 15
View and Save a GIF..
If you do this tutorial, I would really like to see it.

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