Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vanilla Butter

I Wrote this Tutorial,and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence.
Please do NOT claim this tutorial as your own, or place it on any Website without my written permission.
I am using the fabulous artwork of Shawli,and can now be bought at PTE Here
And this Beautiful Scrapkit "Vanilla Butter" made by Acowgirlscreations which can be purchased Here 
I use a lot of shorthand so I am going to give you the definitions:
Drop Shadow = (DS)-----New Rastor Layer = (NRL)-----Select None = (SN)
Copy & Paste - (C&P)----- Resize = (R)----Tag Reference = (TR)----Blend mode = (DM)
DS = 2,2,50,9 black
Filters needed = Xenofex 2---constallations,--Xero--Porcelain
Tube of Choice.....Font of Choice.....I used---a_dark_wedding
1.) 800X800 transparent canvas
2.) C&P--VB Frame 5 ---as NRL.
3.) grab selection tool--magic wand--click in center of frame--selections---modify--expand 10
4.) C&P  Paper 4--as NRL---(you may have to move the paper up a little so it looks nice under the frame) on frame layer --selection--invert...on paper layer hit delete button on the keyboard,(SN)move  paper below frame.
5.) C&P Tube as NRL. --repeat the above steps,and put tube below frame..Now add (DS) to all 3 layers.
6.) Working on tube,duplicate---on dup. go to adjust-blur-gaussian ---raster---5---BM= Hard Light----Opacity = 85..Merge Down--On tube layer--(BM)--Luminance (legacy)--- close out background layer,---and Merge Visible----R=80% (move up to the right corner---adjust--sharpness-unsharp mask (default settings) (TR)
7.) Duplicate---Mirror  and move to lower left bottom---(TR)
8.) C&P VB ribbon 2 as NRL---place between frames, near the middle(TR)---duplicate--and move this below both frames--working on top ribbon--grab your Lasso tool--point-to-point----add shift---feather= 1----smoothing = 0 ---anti-alias--checked--draw around ribbon like example1-

delete--and (SN)--(DS) on bottom ribbon.
9.) VB Owl ---R=60% all layers checked.---80% X2--adjust--sharpness--unsharp mask--default settings.Mirror--and C&P as NRL--place it on the bow--right side of tag-(TR) & (DS) now crop selection--layers opaque---grab nodes and move to all sides---example 2--

this will cut the other pinecone off as in Example 3

10.) C&P--VBNet as NRL--place on right side of canvas,now move this layer right above Background layer.--(DS)---duplicate--flip--Merge Down--place in the middle (TR)
11.) C&P---VBGrid--- as NRL--place evenly in Middle and move to layer above net--(DS) & (TR)
12.) VBHearts-- R= 80%--place on left side of Grid--move above the grid layer---(DS)
13.) VBHat--R=80 X3--C&P---as NRL-- ---with raster deform tool- move the hat layer up  a little to the right.and place below the heart layer --(DS)
14.) VBGold sprinkles--R=80 X3 place on bottom right--over net--adjust--sharpness--unsharp mask--move below layer frame..
15.) VB greens-for color--place on right side--move layer below frame layers---(DS)
16.) VB Flower Doodle---R=80% X2---Unsharp mask--mirror flip--place below the frames,and move layer above the greens layer (DO NOT DROP SHADOW)
17.) Duplicate the doodle--Mirror---flip--place in middle of hearts--(MD) (TR)
18.) VB dried Leaves---R= 80 X2--C&P--as NRL--place on right side of tag,move below frame.--(DS)--duplicate--mirror---flip--(MD)
19.) VB Bit--R=60% & 80% X 2--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--(DS) and place between tboth frames (TR) move layer below top ribbon layer
20.) VB Candles-- R=60% & 80% X2---place on lower right side (DS) (TR)
21.) VB Corset--R= 60% & 80%,unsharp mask and Mirror-- place on candles--(DS)
22.) C&P paper 3 as NRl..move to frame above background--apply any mask you want--I used WSL-5---delete mask--ungroup layers
23.) close out all layers below flower layers (layer 10)including flower layer--Merge Visible top layers-open all layers below flower layers,and close out merged and flower layer---merge visible..rename top and bottom--now resize all layers-63%
24.) Effects--Xero--Porcelain--default settings on all layers but if you don't want to animate it..go ahead and merge visible all layers..
25.) add all Copy rights legibly,and save as png.
If you want to animate--don't merge layers,add All copyrights and name,then close out all layers but flowers.
26.) with lasso tool-same settings, go around both flowers..
27.) duplicate layer 3x's = 4 layers---rename them 1-2-3-4-,and close out all but layer 1..working on 1.
28.) Xenofex2--Constellations--with these settings--2,40,40,25,50,75,45, keep original image checked--random seed =1
On layer's 2-4, repeat constellation- hitting Random Seed 1 X...close out all constellations,except layer 1.
29,) starting with layer want to copy merged,and open Animation Shop---copy and paste as New Animation..
PSP---close out layer 1, open layer 2 copy merged..and Paste after current frame..
Continue with 3 and 4.. you should now have 4 frames.
30. In animations shop.--on frame 1.. go to Edit--Select all---Animation--animation properties--check opaque--white--ok
31.) change frame properties to 20
View and Save as GIF.
I would like to see what you do,please just email me..


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