Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deanna's Heart

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely
a coincidence. Please do NOT claim this tutorial as your own,or Place it on any Website without written permission from me.
I am using A Beautiful Scrap kit called Sincerely by: Butterfly Kisses Scraps and can be found at Scrappin Naturally store Here  Or her Website: Butterfly Kisses Scraps Here 
I Am using the lovely art work by Keith Garvey and is now sold in stores at PTE     Here
For this tut you will need..
a Closeup of a Male and a Female (or tube of choice)
Font I used "Goldy's Valentine" 
Plugins:  EC4--Gradient Glow    and    Xero--Porcelain
(DS) Drop Shadow = 2,2,50,9 black
Colors from tube,I used F / EB839D, B / 78022C
lets get started.
800X800 canvas
               First off we are going to make a heart shaped frame..
         Using a paper from Kit, I used Paper 10,and go to Materials-Pattern,--find the paper-- Angle / 1, Scale / 155
Place it as your Background layer and close out foreground...
Find a good heart shape in your presets,and draw out a nice sized heart.(we'll resize later) use these settings:
Anti-alias checked...
Create as Vector
Line Style= solid
Width= 14
meter limit= 15
Once drawn, go to Objects--Align--Center in Canvas---convert to raster layer..Now we'll add a nice Inner Bevel with these settings
Bevel = 2, Width = 14, Smoothness = 4, Depth = 4, Ambience = 0, Shininess = 0, Color = white, Angle = 315, Intensity = 50 Elevation = 30
Now go to your selection tools and grab your magic wand..Click inside the center of your heart. Now go to Selections- Modify-Expand X4
Copy and paste a paper from your kit, I used Paper 2, as new raster layer, activate frame layer, go to Selections---Invert...activate Paper layer and hit delete on your keyboard.
Place paper below frame. X- out..
On Frame Layer again, use your Magic wand,and click in center of frame...get your Male tube and copy and paste it as new raster layer: Move over to right side of frame..
.on frame layer go to Selections---invert--- and on tube layer hit  delete on Keyboard...move tube below frame.
Duplicate tube,and working on the duplicate go to Adjust---Blur--Gaussian blur--5..Blend Mode--Hard Light---Opacity--70....Merge Down, and on merged---Blend Mode---Multiply---Opacity---75
X out....working on frame again, With magic wand,click inside the middle, Copy and paste as New Rastor Layer,your female tube. I mirrored mine---move her to left side of frame----open male tube layer, to check positioning,Once your happy... on frame layer, selections---invert and on tube layer---delete on keyboard...Move tube under frame...(tag reference)  DS all layers.
Now grab Ribbon 2- resize=50%  C&P as NRL-- (DS)
Now go to Selection tools and grab your Lasso tool with these settings:  Point to point---add shift---anti-alias checked---feather---1---smoothing---0
go around the edges of heart, and cutoff the overhanging in example:

add (DS)
Now C&P Sparkels as NRL---move to upper right side of frame,over the male tube..
Doodle from kit= R= 80% C&P as NRL and move to top of tag...(DS) and move layer right above Background Duplicate doodle and flip...X out background,and Merge Visible all layers---resize 80% (all layers Not checked)
Copy and paste paper of choice as NRL,move it to right above background layer. Now you want to add a Mask of choice..
I am using WSL--10, delete mask, and ungroup layers...
Add any other elements you wish.. I added
Butterfly 1 R= 80% X 5 C&P as NRL place on top left of doodle---rotate---free rotate--right--25 (DS)
Duplicate---R= 80%---Free rotate ---left---50----place on top right, below doodle (tag reference)
Flower 2---R=45% & R=80% X2---duplicate it a few times,and place them all over the bottom side of tag, I duplicated mine 18 X's...Close out (X) all layers but flower ones, Merge Visible the flowers, and move layer right above mask layer....making it look like frame is sitting on the flowers (Tag Reference) open all other layers....
Bow 3 C&P as NRL in center of flowers below heart frame.
Button--R= 29% & 80% X4--sharpen--unsharp mask--0.01,58,0
Place on Bow..give both (DS)
Flower 1---R = 50% X1 & 80 % X2 place left side of bow (TR)(DS)
Duplicate flower and Mirror---Merge Down and move below Bow Layer..
Butterfly 2--R= 50% & 80% X3 Place it on left side of flower on the bottom of tag...(DS) Free rotate---right--25%
Duplicate and R = 80%...move below other butterfly...
C&P Ribbon 1 as NRL (DS) and place on left side of heart,,,move layer below heart layer...duplicate and mirror,make sure this ribbon layer is below the butterfly on the right.(TR)
Stars R= 80%  C&P as NRL and place on lower part of tag, (DS) Duplicate and flip...
Tape with shadow...R=80% X 8,C&P over the silver ribbon on the left side.. duplicate and mirror...make sure its on the ribbon..then Merge down and move this layer below the star layer..
Now Resize all layers at 63% - 504X504
Xero---Porcelain---default settings..
Add all COPYRIGHT info...and your name..
save as PNG
I would love to see anything you make..just send it to me.

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