Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Love

I wrote this Tutorial and any Resemblance to others is purely coincidence.
Please do NOT claim this tutorial as your own..or place it on any website without my written permission.
I am using the fabulous artwork by Anatasiya Igleolkina Here
And this Beautiful Scrap-kit called Sweet Love by Purple and can be found Here  
Drop Shadow (DS) 2,2,50,9 black
NRL = New Raster Layer
C&P = Copy and Paste
Select None= SN
Tag Reference= TR
Font of choice---I used LHF English Rose

1.) Copy and Paste as New Raster Layer Frame 4
2.) With Magic wand click in the middle of top left frame..
Selection---Modify--Expand 8X
3.) C&P-- Paper 10 as NRL,click on frame and Selections--Invert...and on Paper layer..hit delete on your keyboard..SN
(then crop the paper, crop--layer opaque--move the nodes to the edge of the canvas.(this clears up the edges) 

 Once done move paper Below frame.
4.) Repeat 1-3, but use Paper of choice, I used #15..SN and Crop like Examples.
5.) Repeat 1-3,but use paper of choice, I chose Paper #14, SN and Crop.
Now add DS's to all layers.
6.) I closed out all paper Layers, makes it easier for me to do the next step.
With magic wand, working on frame inside the middle of frame..
Sel.--Mod--Expand X8, C&P tube as NRL, Resize if needed. you want to paste a piece of the tube in the frame..once happy with placement, Sel.--invert--(on frame layer) and delete on tube layer.(SN).if there is any part of the tube layer that goes over the canvas, then crop it like before.
7.) Duplicate tube,go to Adjust-Blur-Gaussian blur X5..blend mode---Hard Light--Opacity- 80
Merge down..(DS) paper layer, below tube layer, --Blend Mode---Multiply on tube layer.... and merge down layer with paper
8.) Repeat Steps 6 & 7 for the other frames.--- changing the position of the tube--also remember to crop tube layer if it goes over canvas. You can also play with the Blend Modes,to something you might like I did with the tag on the bottom....
9.) X out Background layer and Merge Visible all layers..rename---frame.
10.) Now add any element you wish, I added
String 3---move to lower right.-- duplicate-- move duplicate below frame layer---then on top layer--got to your Selection tool, grab your Lasso tool set at---point to point---add shift---feather--1---smoothing--0---anti-alias checked..--gently go around bow,like in Example 3
then hit delete on your keyboard---SN.
11.) Balloon 1 -- Resize= 80%--adjust--sharpness--unsharp mask (default settings)
C & P as NRL  and move to left top of canvas...(DS)
12.) Charm 1 Resize = 80% X2--(DS) move over to right place on Bow..(DS).(TR)
13.) Gift---Resize = 80% X2--adjust-sharpness--unsharp mask... move to left side on the bottom of canvas...(TR)
14.) Butterfly 1--Resize = 80% X2-- sharpness---unsharp mask--C & P as NRL--place between top 2 frames--- free rotate-- Right--25 all layers unchecked---(TR)
15.) Candy Cane 1--C & P as NRL place it above butterfly -- between the 2 frame... free rotate---left 25--(DS)---duplicate--candy cane and move dup. below frame layer..
then with Lasso tool again ,go around the Candy cane that is above the right frame, and then delete it..(TR) SN
16.) Cookie----Resize= 80% X 2 (DS) free rotate---left 25--place in lower right corner on bottom part of frame...(TR)
17.) Heart Candies--Resize---80% X 2---C & P as NRL, move to top left frame, place in middle--right below balloon-(DS) (TR)...Now Duplicate candies---Mirror--Flip--place over the star and charm..
18.) Now with background still closed out....Merge Visible all layers..
You now can choose paper of choice, I chose Paper 1, Above the Background layer, C&P Paper as you can add a mask of choice...I chose WSL---10...once done...
delete mask and ungroup layers...
19.) open background layer and merge all visible...then you want to resize your tag 84%
I added a nice Plugin---Xero----Porcelain (default settings)
20.) Add all Copy Rights and your name..
Save as Png..
I would really like to see what you have done with this tut...Please send them to my email..

Other way of using Blend modes and different Elements...

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