Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winters Beauty

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is Purely a Coincidence.
Please do not claim this tutorial as your own,or place it on any Websites without Written permission by Me.
I am using a Beautiful Cluster Frame By Raspberry Road Designs and could be found Here
And the ADD-ON for the CF can be found at their store Here
The Name is Winters Beauty
I am using the Lovely Art By Outlaw By Designs and can be found on her site Here
I also used a few Elements from Rainbow Coffi. You can get them in my supplies  Here
(DS) Drop Shadow on all , 2,2,50,9 Black
700X700 New Image
Copy and Paste Cluster Frame as New Rastor Layer, Resized 19%= 684X684
You can use a nice background or you can use the supplies I have.
                                 Christmas tree by RainbowCoffi R= 80% X3 & 90% X 3. Move it under layer 2 (CF)
                                    Add NRL above Background layer...
                                       With Selection tool, Rectangle draw a rec. 1/2 the size of your about middle of the frame..

Making sure your on  the layer above the Background, Flood fill with White,Select None, (DS) to both Tree and FF Layer.
NRL Above the Background layer...with your Lasso tool,point to point,add shift... go around the frame


Flood fill with BCD8FA  Select None.

On top layer,Copy & Paste Cloud as  NRL R= 80% X 2 , hue and saturation  H= 255  S= 128
then I took it to Adjust-color balance-manual color correction
Source use the clouds ,H=255, S=0, L=128, go back to Hue & Saturation  H=255  S=0
Blend Mode = Luminance (legacy)   Opacity=70
Move layer below tree layer---(DS)
C&P deer from supplies--R=80 X6  Sharpen= Unsharpen  mask
Decorate the tree any way you wish,I used some candy canes and elements  from the add-on kit..
I also supplied the tubes,add any you wish..but remember to check Outlaw's TOU's..
Close out background layer and Merge Visible all others..
Add some doodles underneath MV layer.
On Background layer Copy and Paste Paper of choice, if your using one from the Kit you will need to Resize it to fit the canvas...Now add Mask of choice. delete mask and ungroup layers.
Add any other Elements you wish. Once happy Resize all layers checked...72%
Effects- Xero- Porcelain--50-128-126
Add All Copyright well as name.
Save as PNG.
I would like to see anything you create with my Tut..Please email me.

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