Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Caribbean Breeze PTU

I Wrote this tutorial any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please do NOT add this to any website,forum or group,with out my permission.
This Awesome Summer kit is called " Caribbean Breeze",By Margie of "Fancy Flair Designs", you can find her kits Here 
The Tube is by a Anastasiya Igolochka and can be found Here 
My Supplies ( Examples) Here  
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 blank
Filter-- Mura's Meister --- copies
Let's Begin
900 X 900
1.) Swim 2-Resize = R = 50% and 100% X3--sharpen = Un-sharp mask = USM- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL-place in center of canvas, You can change the suit's if you wish..
2.) Mura's Meister -- go to copies-Encircle--default settings : circle-(tile mode) Behind--12,50,50,0,100,-25,100,0,100,o/,0,30/,0 (the ones with /,those are the ones lightened) EX1 & EX.2
 3.) Tube-R-if needed-C&P as NRL- (sharpen if you resized)--now duplicate-blur-gaussian-6--blend mode=hard light--opacity=80- Merge down=MD -DS- Tag Reference = TR
4.) Picnic Bag --R = 56% X 2--USM.---C&P as NRL- mirror and place--on bottom right.-DS--TR
5.) Swim R = 30% & 50% --USM.---C&P as NRL-  Place on bottom left corner--TR &DS
6.) Swim Bed 1 -R = 20% & 60%--USM.---C&P as NRL- (EX.3)- On pool-(EX.4) dup. bed--close out the original-with freehan selction tool-these settings: point to point-add shift-Feather=1 - smoothing=0 -anti-alias-checked-open original and do the same-once done,where it looks like the bed is coming out of the pool--DS,on bottom bed-merge down with pool.
7.) Swirl 1-- Open it up as new raster layer--(you are going to re-color- it, the next ( EX.5- EX.8,)so I wont go into it,just follow the examples.) Use a nice color from tube...mostly the light color
Now R = 48% & 35%  USM.---C&P as NRL- place this one on upper left side--DS--TR--now dup.-mirror and place this one right above the bottom layer. TR
8.) Flip Flops--R = 20%  USM.---C&P as NRL- Place it on the bottom in the middle- DS--dup. and mirror--MD--TR

 9.) Swim 2 = R = 50% X2 --USM.---C&P as NRL-DS--move below tube layer--Rename  Sw1
 10.) Ribbon 1-R = 20%--USM.---C&P as NRL-Move it to the upper left side,on top of the swirl--dup..R = 80%--mirror--Place right over Swim2--rename A1--TR 
11.) Bubbles 1 =R=30%--USM.---C&P as NRL-Place on left center--DS--TR--dup. R = 80% - move this one down a little--TR
12.) Now if you don't want to animate--go ahead and open bottom layer and then Merge Visible= MV---Resize 56% sharpen--
Add ALL copy rights and name--then save as PNG--
If you want to animate then continue..
Open Animation shop
13.) Close out all layers Below tube -- then MV-- re-name- top
B.) close out A1 and Sw1--MV all layers below--re-name bottom
C.) Sharpen all 3 layers--and add ALL CopyRights and MD to top layer.
14.) Dup. Sw1 2X=3 layers--close out top 2, we're going to add noise first..Rename layers--Sw2 and Sw3
on Sw1-add/remove noise--add noise--Gaussian-30--monochrome checked-close open Sw2- change 30 to 40 and hit Ok--repeat this for Sw3 change 40 - 50--close and open Sw2- we don't need to change Sw1
15.) working with Sw2- free rotate 25-- (EX.9) you want to even them out,like in the EX.--close out
16.)  open Sw3--repeat rotate but change it to Right 25--as in EX. 10- even them out..close out..now open Sw1- make sure your on that layer in layers pallete- Now Copy Merged = CM--and paste into animation shop as New animation--
17.) back in PSP--close Sw1-open Sw2- make sure your on layer 2
CM and paste after current frame= back in PSP--
Close Sw2 and open Sw1-make sure your on that layer
18.) CM -and paste after current frame close Sw1 and open Sw3-make sure your on that layer
19.) CM and paste after current frame-- you should now have 4 frames--
20.) Now go to Edit- select all- animation-animation properties--opaque and change it to white
21.) now with all layers still checked you want to change your frame properties--go to frame properties and change it to 25, now you should have all 4 frames running at 25.. once happy-- view--and then save as gif..
I sure hope you had fun with this tut..like everyone has ever said, this is just a tut on how I did this, you make it yours..As always I sure would love to see what you did..

Non animated


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