Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Spring Day (FTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT place on any website or in groups,without my written Permission.
The art I'm using is by Anthony Guerra and is sold Here 
The Scrap-kit and Cluster frame is by Dee and is called,"New Spring day", and can be found on her blog Here
Drop Shadow=DS=2,2,50,5 black
Lets Start.
800 X800
1.) Open Cluster Frame and Copy and Paste=C&P---as New Raster Layer= NRL
2.) With Magic Wand click inside frame--selection--modify--expand X6
3.) C&P Paper 6 (or one of your choosing) as NRL--on frame-invert---and on paper,delete on Keyboard. Select None=SN..DS both frame and paper layers.
4.) C&P tube as NRL- (Resize=R= if needed) Place under frame layer,cut or erase any part of tube sticking out from under the frame.
5.) Duplicate tube--Adjust--blur--motion--A/82 & St/53--ok
Blend Mode= Multiply ---opacity= 80% ok---now move blurred layer beneath the original tube layer,and Merge Down...DS
6.) El. 71--R=50%--adjust--sharpen--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL place below the tube layer--DS--flip--Tag Reference= TR
7.) El. 35--R= 50%--C&P as NRL and place beneath tube layer--DS---TR
8.) Close out Background and Merge Visible all layers.
9.) El. 58--R=80% C&P as NRl and place it on the right side of frame towards the bottom.DS
10.) El.1--C&P as NRL and place beneath the frame layer.--duplicate--mirror--TR--Merge down and then DS
11.) El.36--C&P as NRL--place just below frame layer---
12.) El. 56--C&P as NRL---Place on bottom left of tag and move beneath frame layer, I duplicated mine moved it up a little and made 1 big grass..DS
13.) El. 45--R=80% C&P as NRL and place near rocks on right. side bottom--DS--TR
14.) El.72---R--80%--Place beneath frame, duplicate--mirror--flip--TR--Merge down and then DS
15.) El. 69---R= 80%--sharpen--C&P as NRL--PLace on top of frame---right side--free rotate-left 25---DS--Duplicate--R=80%--place below the 1st beetle---free rotate--right--50---duplicate--R-=80%--free rotate--left--50%--TR
16.) Make sure all layers are open,then merge visible all layers--and R=63%---Sharpen
17.) C&P paper of choice as NRL--I chose Paper 9--Move it under merged layer--add mask of choice--delete mask--ungroup layers--then crop--opaque-(504 X504)--Merge visible all layers
18.) Add all Copy Rights and as Png..
I would like to see what you created..

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