Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fun with Animals PTU

I wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please do NOT add this to any website,yahoo-group or forum,with out my permission.
This awesome kit is called "Fun with Animals" By Mrs. W, you can find her kits Here  
Tube is by Jose Cano and you can find his tubes Here 
Let's begin
Drop Shadow = DS--2,2,50,5  black
900 X 900
1.) Frame 1- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL- place in center. 
2.) With magic wand-click inside 2 of the frames (I did top right and lower left)--selections-modify-X15 
3.) Paper 6 (or choice) C&P as NRL-- Invert on frame--delete on paper--Select None = SN -- move paper below frame.. DS 
4.) Paper 2 (or choice) do the same to the other parts of frame..DS both--tag reference = TR  
5.) Tube of choice-  C&P as NRL--(place over frame,then move it below frame (resize if needed) and make sure none is hanging out the bottom--DS--TR
6.) Kitty 1-Resize = R=75% X6,sharpen--unsharp mask- USM - C&P as NRL--DS-place on left bottom square. TR
7.) Mouse 2-R= 40% USM --
C&P as NRL--place it on top right square-Duplicate = Dup.= move below frame-With freehand selection tool-point to point--add shift-feather = 0 -smoothing = 0 -anti-alias--checked. Go around the part of tail hanging on square-- EX. 1-

DS on Dup. when you have all 4 frames filled, close out the bottom layer--and merge visible all layers..Rename - framPle
8.) Resize frame 90% sharpen.
9.) EL 6a --R = 60 % USM-  C&P as NRL-- place top right--DS--Dup. R= 80% - sharpen
10.) EL 6b--R= 60% USM-  C&P as NRL--Place bottom left--DS--Dup.-R = 80% - sharpen--if you choose move them around.
11.)  EL 6c-- R = 50% & 80%--USM- C&P as NRL--place on bottom of tag--DS--TR
12.) EL 6d---R= 50% & 80%--USM-  C&P as NRL--Place on top center--DS--TR
13.) Giraffe 1-R= 70% X2--USM-- C&P as NRL-- Place on top left--DS--TR
14.) Bird 1--R=70%-- sharpen- C&P as NRL--place on top center--DS--tr
15.) Bunny 1 --R= 70 X2 USM--   C&P as NRL--place on bottom left--DS--TR
16.) Bear 1--R=50% & 80% USM--mirror--  C&P as NRL-- place place in upper right corner--DS--Tr
17.) Owl 2 --R= 50% & 80% --USM--
C&P as NRL--place on left side center--DS--TR
18.) Snake 2-- R = 60 % & 80 % X2--USM- C&P as NRL----place bottom center--DS--TR
19.) Mouse 1--R = 50 % & 80% X2 --USM-- C&P as NRL---place right center--DS--TR
Froggy 2 --R= 30 % & 80% X 3 --USM--C&P as NRL--place on left side--DS--TR
21.) Froggy 1--R = 30% & 80% X3 --USM--place on right bottom--DS--TR
22.) With bottom layer still closed--Merge Visible all layers---R=56%--sharpen\23.) Paper 3--(or one of choice)--place above bottom layer--add mask of choice--delete mask---ungroup layers--
24. ) Open bottom layer--Merge Visible all layers--ADD All Copy Rights and name--save as PNG,
Thank you for doing my tut, the other tag is a little different-just wanted to show how you can use this  Cute scrapkit.
Thank you Jill.


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