Sunday, May 5, 2013

Claudia Joy PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence, Please DO NOT add this to any Yahoo-group, Forum or website with out my permission.
The kit I am using is by Cari at Black Widow Creationz and can be found Here 
The Tube I am using is by Jose Cano and now can be found at Scraps n the City Here  
Drop Shadow = DS-2,2,50,5 black
Filters= Mura's Meister - Copies
 My supplies Here
Download supplies
Let's begin
900 X 900
I know it's a tad big,but trust me, we will resize when done.
1.) EL 17--Resize = R =50%-sharpen-unsharp mask --USM-- Copy and paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL-- place in center--    Go to filters--Mura's Meister copies- these settings- EX. 1-Encircle-circle-tile mode- behind-# 10,50,50,0,100,-25,100,0,100,/0,0,/30,0-OK -- 
2.) Get a color from tube-I used (5190a0) Fill-- Bkgrnd-close
With Ellipse tool-Create as vector--line style- long-width = EX 2-- draw a circle- Anti alias- checked--convert to raster layer--move below roses-- DS both --Tag reference= TR  
3.) With Magic wand- click in center of frame-selections--modify- expand X10--paper of choice-P10--C&P as NRL-place over frame-Invert on frame-delete on paper--select none = SN-move paper below frame--DS
4.) Tube of Choice (R--if needed)  -C&P as NRL- place in center of frame--duplicate = Dup.-- and move - -below frame--on top tube-erase any thats over frame--dup. -erase any that is over the frame--DS on dup.--TR
5.) Close Background or bottom layer-- merge visible all layers--rename frame--TR
6.) EL 11-  -C&P as NRL- place on bottom of canvas--with raster deform tool or pick tool-straighten out flower so it looks like mine -image and flip --EX 3.   DS
7.) EL 19 - -C&P as NRL-place on right side--dup. -- mirror--merge down = MD--move below EL 11--TR
8.) EL 27 ---C&P as NRL- move to lower right corner--DS--dup.--mirror -- flip--TR-- move top one to above bottom layer
9.) EL 26-- -C&P as NRL- move layer below #27- dup. & mirror--NO DS--
10.) EL 36 ---C&P as NRL- place on left top--dup. & mirror--MD==plae right below EL 11--TR
11.) EL 5--R = 56& USM-- -C&P as NRL-place on right bottom--DS--TR--dup-R = 80%- sharpen-mirror-place on top right..TR
12.)  EL3- R= 50% - USM- -C&P as NRL- place on left side bottom--DS--TR--dup.= R = 80% - sharpen- place around, I did 2 more.
13.) EL 2--R = 50% --USM- -C&P as NRL- place on bottom right corner--DS--Tr--sup. - R = 80%--sharpen--do the same as EL 3.
14.) EL 1 - R = 50%- USM--place on left center--DS--TR
15.) EL 15 R = 50%-USM-- -C&P as NRL- place on right center--DS--TR--dup. - R- 80% -sharpen -place on left side--dup.-R = 80%- place on right 
16.) EL 10 - R = 50% & 80%--USM-DS- -C&P as NRL-- place on right side Center --DS--dup. - R = 80%-sharpen--mirror-place above heart
17. ) EL 35---C&P as NRL- place on upper right. dup.--mirror--flip--NO DS
18.) With Bottom still closed--Merge Visible all layers--R = 56% --sharpen
19.) Add Paper of choice, - I used PP7--  -C&P as NRL---above bottom--add mask of choice -- delete mask--ungroup layers--crop-- opaque--open bottom- merge visible
20.) Add ALL Copy Rights--name and save as PBG
Thank you for trying my tut.

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