Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spring in the Air PTU

I wrote this Tutorial,any Resemblance to others is purely by coincidence. Please DO NOT place them on any Website,Group or Forum,Without my Permission.
The art I am using is by Bez Boardman  Here 
This Beautiful kit is by Black Widow Creationz called "Spring in the Air" and can be found  Here 
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5
Let's begin
800 X 800
1.) EL 37--Resize = R= 80% Copy and Paste = C&P---as New Raster Layer = NRL.
2.) with Magic Wand clink inside frame--Selections--modify--expand X6
3.) PP11-C&P as NRL--Place over frame--on frame layer--invert and on Paper layer--delete--Select None= SN---DS both Paper and frame. Move paper below frame
4.) EL 55---C&P as NRL and place it on paper below frame--Move layer below frame layer---DS
5.) EL 6--C&P as NRL and place behind #3) DS
6.)EL 52--R= 80%---C&P as NRL place below frame---DS---Tag Reference= TR
7.) Close off background layer--merge visible = MV--all layers--then move up to the right a little---TR
8.) C&P Tube as NRL--R--if needed.Sharpen if needed---DS
9.) EL 5--C&P as NRL---Place above background layer--move it towards bottom left--DO NOT DS--TR
10.) EL 13--R= 80% X2--place on lower bottom right---DS--duplicate--R-80% X2--sharpen--place lower left bottom--move layer below tube.
11.) EL 10-- R--80% X4-adjust-sharpen-unsharp mask--place on lower bottom--DS (if you wish, duplicate and place a few around canvas --resizing some)
(For Animation---Duplicate 7 X's--working from top #1-R--80% X3-free rotate RT.--30-- this should be about 2 squares from top
#2- R= 80% X2-- free rotate Lt--30--this should be 6 rows from top
#3--R-80%- free rotate Rt--30--this should be 3 rows from #2
#4- free rotate Lt--20--move this one below #3 a little.
#5- free rotate Rt--20--move this one below #4 a little.
#6--  leave and move it down a little from #5
#7--move this one to the bottom of canvas,TR
Close out all layers but 7 )
12.) On top Layer---EL2--R--80% X2--unsharp mask-C&P as NRL and place on left side of frame--use deform tool to position--DS--TR
13.) EL 18--R= 60% & 80% X2--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place on bottom right--DS--duplicate and Mirror--place below petal layer.
14.) EL 11--R--80% X 2--C&P as NRL --Mirror--DS and move layer below #7
15.) EL 35--R= 80% X2--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--Place behind Tube--DS-TR
16.) EL 23--Flip--C&P as NRL--DS-Place on left side of frame,move layer below merged layer--duplicate --mirror--move it down a little--TR
17.) EL 25--R--60% & 80%--C&P as NRL--mirror-- move to left side --DS--place layer below tube and lily layers
18.) EL 16--R= 60% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL Place on right side and on bow--use deform tool to turn it,move it until your happy..Move layer below # layers
19.) Duplicate-- R= 80% and mirror-- place below #1 (TR)
20.) EL 33--R= 80% X2--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--Plae on right corner below Bow
21.) Make sure you Layers #1-7 and background layers are closed... now MV all layers
22.) PP5 (or one of your choice) C&P as NRL--place above background--add  mask of choice-- I used WSL # 56 Here
on layer palette--delete mask--ungroup layers
23.) open background,leave layers #1-7 closed,--MV all layers and R--63%= 504 X 504--add all Copy Right information and your name-- save as PNG if your not animating,,
Now lets animate--Open animation shop and 
Starting with #1, C&P for a 7 frame tag..once all downloaded--go to edit--all--animation properties--animation--opaque--white--- this puts the white background on all frames now lets change frame properties..
Click in frame 1-- go to Frame properties and change to 100--
#2= 110
#3= 120
#4= 130
#5= 140
#6= 150
#7= 200
View and save as GIF--
thank yo for trying my tut..
Here is a PNG tag

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