Saturday, June 16, 2012

Raceday PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely by coincidence. Please do NOT place it on any Website or Yahoo-group/Forum, without Permission from Me.
The Awesome kit I am using is by Black Widow Creationz called "No Limits" and can be found Here
I'm Using the awesome Tubes by KennyK who used to be at AMI and is now at CDO and you can find them Here 
Filter= Mura's  Meister---Copies
Drop Shadow= DS=2,2,50,5 black
1.) El 38 Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL--onto Canvas--with magic wand--click inside Element--Selection-Modify--Expand X6 Add NRL-- and Flood Fill with Black---select none = SN--and move below the frame layer.
We're going to make a road.
2.) Open New Canvas and in your material palette make one of your colors white.
3.) With selection tool--rectangle--add shift--feather = 1--anti alias checked.---draw a medium rectangle--up and down -- once done add NRL and flood fill with white...SN--(EX. 1)

4.) Resize = R= 75% and go to MMCopies use these setting--Line--off--normal---line and change # to 6,leave all others alone--default settings.
5.) Now go to Images-Rotate and Rotate clockwise 90%---(EX.2)

6.) C&P as NRL on top of frame if the lines are still too big resize them--I resized mine (50% & 70% & 80% X2) duplicate--and flip-- bring them together-- so they look like (EX.3)

I Made mine big so you can see it clearly.Move under frame  and erase any that hangs over.Merge Down = MD
 once done..Close out bottom layer and merge all visible.. free rotate left 90% --Image--Mirror
7.) EL 44 and 43-R= 50%--selections--sharpness--un-sharp mask. C&P them onto canvas as NRL , place them where you wish----Merge Visible all layers & R= 70% sharpen--and move up a little---(tag Reference=TR)
8.) EL 4--R= 75% * 80%--un-sharp mask- place on top right side---DS
9.) EL 5 -- R= 75% & 80% --un-sharp mask-- place on left side--DS
10.) EL 8--R= 75% X2 & 80%-- Unsharp mask-- place on bottom left-- DS
11.) EL 7-- Place on bottom right-- DS--TR
12.) EL 55-- R= 75% X2 -- un0sharp mask-- Place on bottom right--TR-- DS--- Place layer above background layer
13.) EL 28--R= 80% X2 -- Place bottom left--duplicate-- place right next to each other--MD and DS
14.) EL 15--R= 70% --- Place on Bottom layer-- move to left middle--DS--
15.) Add any Tube you want--place them where you wish--add DS
16.. on new canvas 800 X800 C&P EL 30---as NRL--R= 70%-- sharpen--go to MMCOPIES--- Wallpaper-- (Random-tile-normal) default settings--ok
C&P as NRL place on bottom right above background..
Add any mask you wish---delete mask--ungroup layers..
Now Merge Visible all layers-- Resize 63% 
17.) Add all Copy right info.. your name and then save as PNG.
Thank you for doing my tutorial

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