Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Cutie--PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial,and resemblance to others is Purely a coincidence. Please do NOT place this on any Website,Group,or Forum with out Permission from Myself.
The tube is by Anastasiya Igolochka Here
And this Awesome kit is by Purple Kreationz and can be found Here
Drop Shadow = DS= 2,2,50,5 black
No Outside Filters
Let's get started
800 X 800
1.) Frame 1- Copy and Paste = C&P= as New Raster Layer = NRL
2.) With magic wand- click inside the frame--Selection--Modify--Expand X6
3.) Paper 22 or paper of choice---C&P as NRL-- on frame-- invert and on paper delete Select None = SN---- now Crop--opaque (800 X 800)--- move paper below frame and DS both.
4.) C&P Tube as NRL---Resize = R--if Needed and don't forget to sharpen.  Place tube under frame and erase any that is outside of frame.
5.) Duplicate tube--adjust--blur--Gaussian--6--blend mode= BM- Soft Light--merge down= MD--DS-- close bottom layer and Merge Visible= MV
6.) Duplicate--free rotate right 30, Duplicate original-- free rotate  left 30--- move both behind the original--play with them till all 3 frames are even across the bottom...MV--Tag reference = TR---Move it up a little
7.) Wire 1--move it up in the middle of canvas,place layer below merged--duplicate and flip--MD
5.) Wing 2--Place on bottom wire--DS-- and move it to the side--TR--Duplicate and Mirror, place this one on  the wire--TR--MD
9.) Web 2--working on top layer (in layer palette) C&P as NRL--place on bottom wire...DS
10.) Tombstone 2-R= 80X2-- adjust--sharpen--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--Place between wings on the bottom--DS
11.) String 1 R=80%--place top middle-sharpen--DS
12.) Stars 3--place on bottom right --DS --duplicate--flip--mirror.
13.) Stars 1-- mirror-- C&P as NRL--place on left side-- Ds-- duplicate--flip-- mirror--TR
14.)  Cake1---R= 80% X3--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--place on left side of tombstone---DS
15.) Splat 2--C&P as NRL-- place in the middle of canvas--once happy--in layer palette--place splat right above background layer.
16.) Rose 8--R = 60% & 80% X 2-- un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL--Place on right side of tombstone--DS---TR---- duplicate it--R= 80%--place on the right next to 1st rose--duplicate this one and place it on the left of 1st rose.--TR
17.) Rose 6-- R= 60% & 80%-- C&P as NRL and place behind Cake--DS 
18.) Rose 2 -- 60% X 80 -- un-sharp mask-- C&P as NRL and place it on the lower right side of tombstone ----behind the dark roses---DS---duplicate--mirror--and place it next to the other rose--TR.
19.) Ribbon 1--R-- 60% & 80%--un-sharp mask--place it right side of canvas--on the wing--angle it if you wish--DS--move layer below merged,and above wings--TR
20.) Demon Skull--R--60% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it on splat--DS
21.) Barbed Heart 1-C&P as NRL and place it on the right side of canvas in the Middle...DS
22.) Lips1 (or your choice)-- R= 60% sharpen--place it on left side of frames--DS--TR-- duplicate  and place it around the canvas--R=80% and sharpen--for each lips--TR
23.) Barbed wire-- R= 80% X 2-- un-sharp mask-- place it under the string layer-- DS--TR
24.) With background still closed--MV all layers
25.) C&P P19--( paper of choice ) above background layer--add mask of choice--I used "Babes designs mask 7"--now delete mask in layer palette--and ungroup layers-
26.) Open background layer and MV all layers--
27.) R= 63%= 504X504--- Add ALL Copy Right information--name and save as PNG..
For the Fonts.. I used a Monogram--size 60  stroke 2--and I used the colors from the tag...
For the name I used a Goth font--size 48 stroke 2--same colors..
Thanks for doing my tutorial,and I hope it was easy to follow.

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