Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Puppy Tails (PTU)

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental..Please DO NOT place it on any website or Yahoo-group/ Forum with out my written permission.
This Awesome Animal kit is by Alika's Scraps named" Puppy Tails" and is sold here 
The Tube is by Jose Cano..I got mine at MPT..but he is now with PTE and you can find it Here 
Drop Shadow= DS- 2,2,50,5 black
Let's get started..
800 X 800
1.) Frame 82-- resize - R= 90% & 80% -sharpen - Copy and Paste = C&P-- as New Raster Layer = NRL
2.) With Magic Wand click in the center of frame--selection--modify--expand=6
3.) C&P Paper 4 as NRL place over frame...Invert on frame and delete on paper...then crop --opaque--800x800--move paper below frame,and add DS.
4.) C&P Tube as NRL (R= as needed)  place over frame...duplicate tube and place below frame--- on top tube,with your erase tool gently go over the part of tube that is over the frame..-- on duplicate add X out background layer and Merge Visible all other layers (you can leave background closed)
5.) Resize 90% --sharpen--move up to the 3rd box from top..
6.) El. 16-- R- 80 % --sharpen--unsharp  mask-- Place on lower right side of frame--DS--Tag Reference = TR
7.) El 18 -- R= 80 X 3-- unsharp mask-- Place next to dog house-- DS
8.) El 2 ---R- 80% X 2-- unsharp mask-- Mirror---Place next to bowl--DS
9.) El 30 -- R= 80% --- unsharp mask-- place on top of frame--right--DS--TR
10.) El 33--Place on left side top frame--then move layer below merged layer---DS---TR
11.) El 34--Mirror---Place on left middle--flip and place below dog house---DS--TR
12.) El 48-- Place below merged layer--with lasso tool--point to point- add shift--feather=1---smoothing=0---anti-alias=checked--- go around bottom loop-- then hit delete on keyboard--DS
13.) Paper 13---Place on bottom above background layer---add mask of choice ( I used Artmama's mask 15) delete mask-- and ungroup layers..
14.) El 9--R-80% X 6--unsharp mask-- place on bottom left of canvas--DS---next to puppy--TR
15.) El 8-- R 50 % and 80%  C&P as NRL --place below El 9 layer DS and TR
16.) El 5--R= 50% C&P as NRL place right above background layer--unsharp mask--place on top of left corner--DS
17.) El 54 --Mirror--C&P as NRL and place it on right side in the middle---DS-- mirror---merge down-- place this layer on top of background layer--duplicate--flip and merge down
18.) El 102-- C&P as NRL--DS-- place layer on top of mask layer 
19.) El 65--- R=50% X 3--unsharp mask-- C&P on doghouse as NRL---Gradient Glow--3--med...--DS-- TR
20.) El 68--R= 50% unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL place layer above background layer--duplicate it a few X's--I did 5 X's and placed it around the canvas---TR
21.) El 7-- R= 80% mirror---C&P as NRL--place on top layer as NRL--move to right side--DS--TR---
Un-X background layer
22.) Merge Visible all layers---R= 63%--sharpen
23.) Add all Copy Right info..your name and save as PNG.
The font I used is Ennobled Pet --thought I'd add that, since it took me awhile to find it...
Thanks for trying my tutorial

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