Sunday, June 3, 2012

MD~Purple (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please DO NOT place this on any website or post it in a group/forum,without my written permission.
This Lovely Scrap-kit is called "Mothers Day" by Purples Kreationz and can be found Here 
This Beautiful Tube is by Barbara Jensen and you can purchase it Here 
Drop Shadow= DS= 2,2,50,5 black
unless otherwise stated.
Any tube will do..
Let's get started.
800 X 800
1.) Frame 2---Copy and Paste= C&P as a New Raster layer = NRL-
2.) With Magic wand--click on the inside of frame, selections--modify--expand X6-
3.) Paper 6 ( or one of your choosing) C&P as a NRL and on frame --selections--invert--on paper hit delete on keyboard. Place paper below frame...DS--both frame and paper layers.
4.) Get 2 colors from your tube,a dark and a light..add a NRL above the paper layer and get a brush( size-5-step= 25--density= 100--rotation-= 0--opacity=100--continuous and wet paint look--checked,add a nice brush,I added a few, I also put them on their own layer, so I can rearrange them to my liking..once done with each brush add a DS if you desire one...
5.) C&P Paste tube as NRL--Resize-= R== if desired.Place her like she is sitting on frame.Duplicate--adjust--blur--gaussian--5--blend mode= multiply---opacity= 80%--merge down--duplicate again and place this layer below on top tube,with lasso tool go around the part of tube you want to delete,I went around her feet, to get the look like shes sitting on the corner...use your imagination...(tag reference-=TR)
6.) KeyChain-R=80% X2--adjust-sharpeness-unsharp mask--(default settings) C&P as NRL and place on the paper..TR.--DS
7.) Ring---R= 50% and 80% X2-unsharp mask--C&P and place it on paper, move it below frame layer and duplicate a few times, placing them all over the paper..TR.
8.) Rose- C&P as NRL--DS-- place on bottom right side of frame (TR)  duplicate--R=80%, place right below other rose--Merge Down.
9.) Windmill- R=80% X2--unsharp mask- C&P as NRL, place it on paper--duplicate a few times moving them all over the paper-- DS---ALL--TR
10.) When happy with this part of tag, close bottom layer (background) then merge visible all layers..
11.) Balloons--C&P as NRL--DS-- and move to left top side of frame.
12.) Bear (optional-- with lasso tool go around a letter, once happy--promote selection to layer--with it still selected,Flood fill with desired color..then add a inner bevel,the one I used was--2,5,49,2,9,12,Color (what you used for letter) 307,50,30 ---DS--2,2,50,5 (color--dr. color from tube) merge down-)-R= 80% X2 unsharp mask--C&P as NRL and place at the bottom on the right---DS--TR
13.) Bag--R=80% X2 unsharp mask---C&P as NRL,place near the bear, and move this layer below bear layer--add DS--TR
14.) Card and Envelope--R--80% X4---unsharp mask---C&P as NRL and place on bottom left of tag--DS--
15.) Champers C&P as NRl and place behind the envelope,move this layer below envelope layer----DS--
16.) With Raster Deform tool or Pick tool, activate envelope layer and angle it slightly (TR)
17.) Bow 3---C&P as NRL and place on the upper right side of frame,DS--TR
18.) Open Rose 2--select all-float--promote selection to layer--close bottom-- on the promoted layer, keep selection activated,go to adjust-color balance-manual color correction---source--dark color on the element--
target--color from tube---ok
adjust---hue and saturation--(find the #'s of the color for this on your materials the color manager--and find the hue and sat---for color--place these #'s  there.._)
19.) Now R=80% X3 unsharp mask---C&P as NRL, place on the left side of frame--DS-- place this layer below the champers layer--Duplicate- mirror--and with the lasso tool--cut off the stem--and then place this rose,right above the other roses...TR
20.) Doodle--C&P as NRL--DS= -2, -1, 50,5 blk.
place layer above background layer--duplicate--mirror--flip--then Merge Down..
21.) Paste the doodle as a new image--your gonna change the color like we did before--using the manual color correction---once happy--activate top layer of tag--C&P as NRL--flip----mirror and place on top right corner---duplicate--flip--mirror--merge down, and place this layer right above the other doodle..
22.) Once happy--merge all visible (except bottom/background layer)
C&P a dark paper above bottom layer-- I used Paper4--with raster deform tool-stretch it to fit canvas--now find a nice mask and add it to paper layer---delete mask-- ungroup layers--open bottom layer and merge all visible
23.) Resize all layers 63%----504 X 504
ADD all Copy Right Info along with the your LIC.#
add name and save as PNG..
Thank you for trying my tutorial

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