Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Spirit of Spring 1 & 2 (PTU)

I Wrote this Tutorial,and Resemblance to others is purely coincidental.Do NOT place it on any website or Group without my written permission.
This Beautiful kit is by Myst called "A Spirit of Spring" and can be found Here
And of course this Beautiful Tube is By Barbara Jensen and can be found at her store Here 
Drop Shadow=DS=2,2,50,5 black
 You need 2 tubes for this or, a close-up & tube set.
800 X 800
1.) Frame 5 --Resize=RS--40 %--sharpen - un-sharp mask 
2.) With Magic wand click inside the frame--selections-modify--expand X5.
3.) Paper 10 (or one of choice) R=22%--invert on frame,delete on paper,Select None= SN..
crop Opaque
Move paper below frame,DS on both.
4.) Copy and Paste= C&P --Tube as New Raster Layer=NRL---place under frame--erase any of the tube that is sticking out..
5.) Duplicate tube---adjust--blur--gaussian X5---Blend Mode =BM= multiply---opacity 80%--merge down both tube layers,DS
6.) Ribbon 1--R=20--un-sharp mask-C&P as NRL--place it on bottom of the frame--DS--Tag Reference= TR
7.) Sweetpea--R=20% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL and place it on the left side of the ribbon---DS---duplicate--and mirror--move duplicate a little--TR-- with background closed off Merge Visible all layers---R= 80% X2==sharpen
8.) Bead String--R=20%--un-sharp mask--place below frame--DS
9.) Flower Cluster 1--R=70% & 80% X2-- un-sharp mask-C&P as NRL  move it down a little past frame--then place layer above the background layer--DS--TR
10.) Swirl 2--R=50% & 80%X2--un-sharp mask--duplicate and mirror--and place 1 on each side of the frame---TR--merge down & place Layer right above the background layer--DS
11.) Topiary 2--R=50% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--DS--place on left move layer on top of background.
12.) Fuchsia--R= 40% & 80% X3--un-sharp mask--DS- and place it on right upper side of tag--TR-
13.) C&P main tube  as NRL--R= if needed---Place it where you think it'd look good---I placed mine on the bottom of tag--DS--TR
14.) Daffodil Bunch--R= 20% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--place it on bottom of plant--DS--TR
15.) Bubble--80% C&P as NRL--take raster deform tool--or pick tool--place bubble over frame,and using your deform to move the nodes and strech it to fit around the frame,nicely--DO NOT DS-
16.) Brad 1-R=50% & 80% X3--un-sharp mask-- place it on left upper side between the plant and the doodle--DS--TR
17.) Ducklings--R=20% & 80% X1 un-sharp mask--place it on left bottom--DS
18.) Duplicate ducklings ( I resized mine X80% per ducklings-) and place them where you'd like.
19.) Sunflower1-R=10% & 80% X2--un-sharp mask--Place on her left side, move layer beneath tube layer--DS-
Duplicate & Mirror--place below chicks on the right--TR
20.) Rose1--R=20% & 80% X3 un-sharp mask--Place on bottom of tag--below tube--TR--DS--Duplicate and R= 80% X4--Place under tube--keep repeating until your happy---TR
21.) On tube--duplicate--blur--motion blur--A/182--St..53
BM--Multiply--Opacity= 80%---move layer below tube layer---DS
22.) Spring Hat--R=10% & 80%--C&P as NRL--Place it on plant--DS--merge visible all layers but background
23.) Paper 1--or of choice--R=23% & 96%--un-sharp mask--C&P as NRL right above background..add a mask of choice---in layer palette--delete mask--yes--un-group layers
24.) Now merge Visible all layers--including background--R=63%--sharpen
25.) Add ALL Copy rights and your name..Save as PNG.
Alternate Background
26.) Instead of using a mask--I used a background to give it the illusion of a forest.--then just Merge Visible All layers--Add all Copyrights and name--then save it as PNG..
I have an alternate tag below--Hope you enjoyed my tut.

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