Saturday, January 26, 2013

BedTimeBears-KG PTU

I wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please DO not add this to any Website,Group or Forum,without my permission.
This Cute night time kit is called "The BedTime Bears" by Ronney at Ditzy Dezines Here  
The Tube is by Keith Garvey Here  
Let's begin
800 X 800
Drop Shadow- 2- 2- 50-5
Hint: I changed the colors on some of the elements to match my tube,Always, make sure to read all the TOU's
1.) Star 2-- Resize = R-80 % X3-- Sharpen--unsharp mask-- (color to suit) Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL-- Make sure it's centered-- MMCopies-- Encircle--10-50-50-0-100- --25-100-0-100-0-0-30-0- move it up a little..
MMCopies EX.1
2.) Using dark color from tube--Grab your Ellipse tool--circle--Line width = 5-- Dot (line style)--- Draw a circle in center of stars- Objects- Align--Center in Canvas- Move to where the dots are in the center of the stars, EX. 2
 3.) With Freehand Selection tool- point to point--add (shift)--feather= 0-- smoothing= 0--anti-alias-- checked--go around the dots-- once done-- 
4.) Select Paper -- Paper5-- ( I changed the color of mine)--C & P an NRL--place over stars- invert on dot circle-- delete on paper layer. Move paper and dots below stars...DS both paper and stars.
  5.) Shooting stars 4 -- color to suit--C & P an NRL--move it to upper right side of canvas--- DS- Tag reference -= TR
6.) Cloud 2--- -C & P an NRL-- place on paper and move the layer below the star layer. DS
7.) Bear 5 -- -C & P an NRL-- place on left side of paper---move below star frame-- DS--TR--
8.) Close out Bottom layer and top star-- Merge Visible--rename frame--move to upper right side and then move star up as well--- TR
9.) Tube----C & P an NRL--Place on bottom left of canvas--- DS--- TR
10.) Shooting star 1--- -C & P an NRL--place on upper left side--DS--TR
11.) Ribbon 2- (one to match) ---C & P an NRL--DS.--Duplicate a few times-- and R =  80% as you go,, I did a few-- 
12) Moon 1--( color to suit) C & P an NRL Place on left side top --DS--- TR-- With Deform tool or Pick tool-- change the position of your moon-
13.) Bear2-- R= 80%--sharpen-C & P an NRL-Place on upper right side-- DS-- I colored the purple stars to match my tag.
14.) While bottom is still closed-Merge Visible all layers--Paper 9 ( or one of choiceC & P an NRL--- Add a mask of choice--delete mask---ungroup layers-- now open bottom layer and Merge Visible all layers.
15.) R= 63%-- sharpen-- ADD all Copy Right info. - Name- and save as Png.
Thank you for trying my tut.

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