Thursday, February 7, 2013

With all My Heart PTU

I wrote this tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please DO NOT add this to any Website,Yahoo-group, or Forum,without permission from me.
This very Beautiful tube is by Seven and you can find it Here
This Awesome kit is called"With all my Heart", Thank you Cari for letting me use this. If you'd like this kit,you can find it at her store Here  
Let's begin
Drop Shadow =DS= 2,2,50,5  black

800 X 800 
1.) EL 42--Copy and Paste= C&P as New Raster Layer= NRL--with magic wand--click on inside of frame--selections--modify--expand 15
2.) P9 (or one of your choosing) C&P as NRL---Invert on frame and delete on paper- crop opaque if needed.
3.) Tube --C&P as NRL-right below the frame layer-- with magic wand -click inside frame- then on frame layer-invert-on tube delete- DS both.
4.) Duplicate tube--adjust-blur-gaussian-5--Blend Mode=Soft light-Opacity= 70--merge down-DS-Tag reference= TR
5.) Now we are going to set it up to animate--Close out Tube and frame layers--on Paper layers- duplicate 2X's = 3 layers--I renamed mine-noise1,2,n 3. Close out 2 & 3, working on #1--with magic wand-click inside different pieces on the paper.I did all the hearts.. ex.1 and ex 2

 once done,go to adjust--add/remove noise- these settings--add noise-uniform 40 -- Monochrome checked'
close 1,open #2 and change the # to 50,'
repeat for layer 3 but change the # to 60--select none
close layers 2 and 3--go back to top--tube layer--
on mine I also added glitter to her make-up with these settings-- uniform-20,30,40--SN,
6.) EL 26-C&P as NRL-----place on left side of tag--Ds
7.) EL 20--Resize=R=70%--sharpen-- C&P as NRL---place on upper right side--DS--TR
8.) EL 14--R=50%--sharpen--unsharp mask---- C&P as NRL---  place on right side - DS-
9.) EL 21-- C&P as NRL--- place on upper left side--DS--duplicate and place it around canvas--TR
10.) EL 29 -- C&P as NRL---DS--place on left side of frame-with raster deform tool or (pick tool) move the flower a little..TR
11.) EL 30-- -- C&P as NRL---  DS--place on left side of frame,and place it beneath the other flower,,DS...and Merge down  TR
12.) EL 23 --R= 50 % & 80% X2--unsharp mask-- -- C&P as NRL---  place in center front.
13.) EL 24--R 70% -- C&P as NRL---place on mailbox--DS
14.)  EL 6---R=50%-- unsharp mask -- C&P as NRL--place on the right side middle of canvas--DS--TR
15.) EL 3 -R= 50% --unsharp mask- -- C&P as NRL--- place on the left side of heart on bottom--DS--TR
16.) EL 39-R=50% & 80% X2-unsharp mask-
-- C&P as NRL-- place on bottom-right side of love heart--DS--TR
17.) EL 40-R=45% & 80%X3-unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL--place next to other one--DS--TR
18.) EL 38-R= 45% & 80%--unsharp mask--- C&P as NRL---place it in front of cupcake on left bottom--DS--TR
19.) EL 37-R=45% & 80% X2-unsharp mask -- C&P as NRL---  place it above the other candy.DS-TR
20.) EL 2 - R = 50% & 80% X2--unsharp mask- -- C&P as NRL---place the kiss in center on top of frame--free rotate-left 25--DS--TR
21.) EL15-R=40% & 80%-- unsharp mask---- C&P as NRL---  place it on right side of the frame,DS -TR-free rotate-left 25--duplicate-R = 80% --mirror--place below the first one.--TR
22.) Close out all layers below frame--merge visible the ones from frame and up.
23.) add a paper to the bottom and add a nice mask--delete mask in your layer pallette--ungroup layers
24.)Once happy--R=63% all layers-add All Copy right info and name..if you don't want to animate,(open all layers and merge as PNG)
Let's Animate
Open Animation shop
make sure #1 noise is open,copy merged--and paste into animation shop as new animation.
PSP--close #1--and open #2--repeat above and do the same for #3.
when finished you will have 3 layers, since I don't know how to save it with a transparent background, so I add a white do this, go to Edit-Select All-go to animation and scroll down to animation properties--go ahead and check the opaque button--and choose white-
while the frames are still active--go to frame properties and change this to 15..
View your animated tag, and once happy save it as GIF,
Thank you for doing my tutorial,
PS.. here is another tag I did, its a PNG--different tube and moved the elements around!


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