Friday, October 4, 2013

Lavender Blue PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial, any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence...Please DO NOT add this to any Group,Forum or Website/Blog..
The kit I am using is called "Lavender Blue" and is by Lady Noelle of Lady Noelle-Buttons and Bows and you can find it Here  
The Art, I am using is by Barbara Jensen and you can find all her tubes Here  
Let's get started.
Filter : Xenofex2--Constillation
My Supplies Here  
Open my supplies and download them where you can see my Examples...
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
900 X 900
2 Tubes, same Artist,
1.) Ln Gate -- Copy and Paste = C&P -- as New Raster Layer = Nrl--Center -- DS
2.) Flower 3--R = 75X2 (if needed) sharpen - unsharp mask = USM --Place on bottom of gate--- DS -- duplicate = Dup.-
mirror-- Tag Reference = Tr.
3.) Flower 2 -- R = 75% USM--C&P as Nrl -- Place on right side--move layer below other flowers -- DS
4.) Flower 1-- R = 75%   USM--C&P as Nrl --Place on left side, move layer below other flowers-- DS
5.) Flower 10 -- R = 75% X3 USM--C&P as Nrl --place on bottom of fence over Rose stems--DS -- Dup.--mirror--Merge Down -= MD
6.) Close out bottom layer,and then Merge Visible all layers-- rename gate -- move it up to the right some--Tr
7.) Tube--(resize if needed)   C&P as Nrl -- (NO DS-)- Tr place on left side top--mirror-then Dup. mirror this one too,place this on the bottom right of tag..- move layer above the bottom-- now use the mask I have in my supplies..and use it for both tubes--Opacity - 50%and when finished --MD
8.) Tube -- C&P as Nrl -- Mirror and place on bottom left of the gate DS-- Tr
9.) Hanging Jewels curtain--R = 75% and 90% 
USM--C&P as Nrl--place on top -move layer below flower (Do not DS)
10.) Journaling mat - R= 60%  USM--C&P as Nrl--place on bottom left--DS --Tr--move below tube layer
11.) Bow 6 - R = 50% & 80%X 2 -USM--C&P as Nrl-- place center top of gate--DS--Tr
12.) Bow4-- R = 50% & 80% X2 --USM--C&P as Nrl--  place on bottom between the 2 flowers--Dup. and move this one below the merged later--then on the top Bow- with your freehand selection tool--(these settings)  Point to point--add shift--feather = 1--smoothing = 0-- and anti-alias-- checked---EX.1 & 2--DS-- on the bottom bow--close out bottom layer--tag and tube layers--Merge visible-- now open all layers but bottom...
13.)  Working on top again..Corset 02B--C&P as Nrl-- place on right bottom--Below masked tube layer--opacity = 70% -- DS--Tr
14.) Corset 03B--C&P as Nrl-- Opacity 70%--place this one on top left and move layer below the masked tubed layer..DS --Tr
15.) Perfume bottle 1--R = 75% USM--C&P as Nrl--place on bottom center--DS--Tr.
16.) Perfume bottle 2--R =75% --USM-C&P as Nrl--place on bottom left side of tag---DS --Tr
17.) Heart 1 -R =75% X2--USM-C&P as Nrl-- place on right side bottom-- DS -- Tr..--Dup.. R- 75% sharpen--leave this on the other heart--DS--MD
18.) Heart 2 -R = 50% USM- C&P as Nrl- place on left center-- DS --Tr.
19.) Safety Pin --R = 50%  USM-C&P as Nrl- Place on mat--DS--Tr.
20.) Lady bug 1-- R =50% & 60% -USM- C&P as Nrl--place on top near bow--DS-- Dup.-- R = 60% -- sharpen-- place on bottom right side ---Tr.
21.)Lady bug 2 -- R = 50% & 60% --USM- C&P as Nrl--place on top right side -- DS--Tr. Dup. --R--= 60% --sharpen --place on bottom left side Tr.. (blue and purple heart) purple on the tag..
22.) Now close all layers But 2,3,4, from bottom up...MV--all layers--rename bottom--rename raster1 --background
23.)  Close Background & bottom layer-rename (raster 3) Diamond Curtains
24.) From merged layer to upper--MV-- rename "Top"
so now you should have 4 layers,working from bottom upward...background -- bottom -- diamonds --- top
25.) Resize 56%=--504 X 504 --add a paper above the background, then add a square mask of choice.delete mask and then ungroup layers, don't forget to crop opaque.
Add all copy right info, if you don't want to animate,then Merge visible all layers,after adding CR, and name save as PNG
If you want to animate..continue
26.) now close all layers beside the Diamonds--with your freehand selection tool,same settings --- go around each diamond as shown on EX.4-once done--promote selections to layer---now duplicate the diamond layer 3 X = 4 -- diamond layers --rename diamond 1,2,3,&4--close out 2,3,4, working on layer #1, go to filter--Xenofex 2 --constillations--with these settings : 1.98,29,17,35,61,57,keep original image--random seed-1. 
as shown in EX. 5 &6
27.) Close layer 1 and working on layer #2, same filter just hit the Random seed 1X..when done with all layers-- copy merged,and paste into animation shop,for all layers, now you should have 4 frames-click on the 1st frame,and then Edit all- now go to animation properties and opaque-- then go to frame properties - and change your speed to 20 for all 4 frames..when happy save as GIF.. as shown in the tag at the bottom.
Thank you for looking at my tutorial


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