Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sweet as Honey PTU

I wrote this Tutorial and any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. This cute scrap kit is called " Sweet as Honey" it is by Betty at Whitemyst Designs Here
The cute tubes are by Elizabeth Austin and you can buy them Here
You will need 4-5 tubes,
900 X 900
Drop Shadow - = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Let's Begin
1.) Film Frame- Copy and Paste = C & P -- New Raster Layer = NRL . Place it in the center of canvas. With Magic wand click inside each squares.--Selection - modify - Expand X 6
2.) Paper 7 ( or 1 of your choice) - C&P as NRL-invert on frame and delete on paper. Select None= SN.-- DS both
3.) With magic wand click inside frame 1-selection-modify-Ex.6 - C&P tube as NRL, place over the frame that is active, invert on frame--delete on tube--SN-- DS tube and move below frame and above paper
4.) Repeat #3 for the next couple of frames, add tubes...-- DS on tubes. Close bottom layer and Merge Visible all layers-- keep bottom closed, rename merged layer-- as--" Frame "-- move it up a little.
5.) Flower - C&P as NRL -place below frame layer --DS- duplicate = dup. -- mirror and merge Down = MD.
6.) Circle frame -C&P as NRL-place on bottom layer - with magic wand click inside center of frame -- sel.-mod.-expand X6 -- add paper of choice - I used P8- invert on frame and delete on paper -- SN - DS - both - tag reference = TR.
7.) Apple With Worm - Resize = R -- 75% sharpen= unsharp mask = USM --C&P as NRL- place on bottom left - DS- TR
8.) Balloons - R = 40% - USM-C&P as NRL- place on center bottom- DS - place layer below Apple layer. -- TR
9.) Cupcake -R= 80% X2 -- USM --C&P as NRL-place on right side of canvas, at the bottom -- DS -- TR
10.) Tube - R- if needed--  C&P as NRL -place  next to cupcake -- DS -- TR
11.) Tube - R- if needed - C&P as NRL-- place on left side center-- DS -- TR
12.) Dozen Roses R = 75% X3-- USM-C&P as NRL-place on middle bottom of canvas. -- DS--TR
13.) Star Lights- R = 80% -- sharpen --C&P as NRL - place on top center -- DS -- TR
14.)Tree with hearts-C&P as NRL --place on right side top-- move layer below frame layer -- DS -- TR
15.) Light Effects -- C&P as NRL --leave it where it is..--DS--TR
16.) Ric Rac Ribbon -C&P as NRL-- place it on top of bottom frame-move layer right above the 2nd frame -- DS -- TR
17.) Milk Shake - R = 70% X2-- USM -C&P as NRL -place on left bottom -- DS -- TR
18.) Heart doodle-mirror -C&P as NRL- place on top left side-- move layer below tree layer- DS - dup. - R =80%- sharpen-- move it a little lower than 1st heart. TR
19.) Cherries -- R= 60% X 2 --USM -C&P as NRL Place on top left side and on the doodle-DS -TR
20.) Candle R = 50% & 80% -- USM-C&P as NRL- Place on bottom right -- DS --TR- dup. -R - 80% -- place it next to other one-- TR
21.) Butterfly - R - 50% X3 --USM-C&P as NRL-place on top right side -DS - TR - Free rotate left 30% --dup. R- 80% == place it in center --TR
22.) Butterfly2 - R = 50% - USM -C&P as NRL-- place on left side-DS -TR - dup. R = 80% sharpen -mirror - place it in the middle --TR
23.) With the bottom closed -- merge visible all layers. R+56% sharpen -= 504X504
24.) Paper 5 or 1 of your choice-- C&P as NRL- place above the bottom-- add a mask--delete mask and ungroup layers--crop opaque- 504 X 504.. open bottom layer and merge visible all layers..
25.) Add all copy right information -- your name and save as PNG.
Thank you for doing my tut, and if you get this kit, please let Betty know what you did with it, she really likes feedback

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