Thursday, January 29, 2015

School Candy PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial, any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please do NOT add this to any Website, Forum or Group without my Permission. Thank You.... The Scrap-kit I am using is by Black Widow Creationz and can be found Here
The Tube is by : Spazz and can be found Here
Drop Shadow = 2,2,50,5 black
My Supplies - Here
Let's Begin
900 X 900
1.)EL.19-Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL - Place in center of canvas
2.)With Magic Wand click on the inside of frame - Selection - Modify - Expand 10
3.)Paper10 - C&P as NRL- Invert on frame - delete on paper -Select None + Sn -- DS
4.)EL.14-Resize = R= 80% - Sharpen -Unsharp Mask = USM - C&P as NRL - place on paper - upper right side.
5.)EL.15-R =50%-USM -C&P as NRL- place on paper upper left- Tag Reference =TR- Free rotate - left 25
6.)EL.20-R=50% USM-C&P as NRL-place on the right side of frame. DS & TR, go around frame,(EX1) cut out to make it look like it's hanging down (EX2)- cut-SN
7.) EL.3-R = 50%- USM -C&P as NRL- place on center-type in something if you wish- now resize- then free rotate - left-25- move below previous layer - DS & TR
8.)EL.28-R=50% & 80%X2 - USM -C&P as NRL - place on paper-DS&TR -  move below frame.
9.)EL.33-R = 50% & 80% X2- USM-C&P as NRL- place on bottom of frame- move underneath - DS
10.)EL.49-R=50% & 80% - USM -C&P as NRL - place on bottom of frame- duplicate= DUP. & lay this on down- free rotate -45 right - move this down below other - Crayola - close off background & Merge Visible = MV. all layers -TR- rename frame - move up a little.
11.)Tube-C&P as NRL- Place on left of tag ( resize if needed )- DUP.- blur-Gaussian 6 - Blend Mode = soft light - opacity = 100 Merge Down= MD.- DS and rename tube.
12.)EL.48-R=75% - USM-C&P as NRL- place on center bottom, DS&TR- move below frame.
13.)EL.12-C&P as NRL- place on right side -DS and move below frame
14.)EL.18-C&P as NRL-DS- move to top right- DUP.- mirror - flip - move both layers above bottom layer - MD.- & DS
15.)EL.10-C&P as NRL - place on upper left side-DS&TR-DUP.-Mirror and flip- place both layers over bottom layer
16.)EL.2-R=50%-USM-C&P as NRL- place on top right. DS
17.)EL.13-C&P as NRL - move below shoes on the right - DS&TR
18.)EL.24-R= 80% sharpen- C&P as NRL - place on top right side- DS&TR
19.)EL.26-R=60%-USM-C&P as NRL-place on bottom left side.
20.)EL.47-R=50% & 80%X2-USM-C&P as NRL-place on bottom, DUP. a few and lay them around the shake. DS&TR
21.)EL.46-R=50%-USM-C&P as NRL-place in front-around shake-you can also DUP.& R a few-move them around.
22.)EL.6-R=50%&80%X3-USM-C&P as NRL-place on bottom center-DS&TR
23.)EL.42-R=80%X2-USM-C&P as NRL-place center bottom. DS&TR
24.)EL.27-R=80%X3-USM-C&P as NRL-place on left side of 1st sucker-DS
25.)EL.41-R=80%X3-USM-C&P as NRL-place on the other side of sucker- DS&TR-free rotate - right 25
26.)EL.43-R=80%X2-USM-C&P as NRL-place on the other side-free rotate-right-35.once happy- MD-DS&TR
27.)EL.22-R=50%-USM-C&P as NRL-place on suckers-DS&MD
28.)EL.30-R=50%-USM-place on pad
29.)EL.38-R=50%-USM-C&P as NRL-place on bottom left-DS&TR-DUP. and move this below tube layer- with freehand selection tool-point to point-add shift- feather=1-smoothing=0- go around the backpack and erase the pack so the foot is in front. DS&TR
30.)EL.4-C&P as NRL-place on top left-move layer below tube layer-DS&TR
31.)EL.36-R=50%-USM-C&P as NRL-place in front of backpack-DS&TR
32.)EL.37-R=50%X2-USM-C&P as NRL-place on bottom left side-DS&TR
33.)EL.9-C&P as NRL-place on right side below the tube (DO NOT DS)
34.)With bottom still closed - MV all layers- R=56% = 504X504-sharpen
35.)Paper 7 (or one of your choice) place it below the merged layer- add a mask of choice- delete mask - ungroup layers- open the bottom layer and MV all layers.
Add all Copy Right info and name.
Save as PNG.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, as much as I liked making this tag.
Thank you


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