Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Leggett (We Miss Ya'll)

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Here are Our Parents, and I mean " Our's  ' There are nine of us, Yes , I said 9.. When Mom and Dad married, it was his 2nd marriage " he was a widower"  and her 3rd, she married her 1st husband twice but we don't count that one time.. and our oldest brother wasn't around for reasons of his own, so Mom and Dad raised 7 of us, you ask, but you said 9, and you've only shown 8, David , our wayward brother, is #9.. we all had to get along, David was 16 and spent 95% of his time at his friends, I think he only came over to torture us, lol.. I love you big Bro...
And they raised a Grand - Daughter
Mom and Dad joined hands on September 5, 1973.. they were married, 37 years, we were raised with Love, even when sometimes we didn't think so.. It really must have been hard on them when at one time , they had 5 teenagers, to raise...we were spanked with a belt, now don't go saying anything, no use sending us to our rooms, that was where all our things were... we got spanked and then was sent to our room, where we didn't play with our things, we were too busy rubbing our butts and reflecting on what we did wrong, and then
They have / Had:
Grand - Children  = 22
Great-Grand-Children = 22
Great-Great- Grand - Children = 2
yep ,we are , a large family  - and will get larger...
Dad passed away, October 14. 2010 (5 Years)
Mom passed away, November 30, 2014 (1 Year, this month)
When we meet again.
You are not here for me to hold, though you are never far from me. You live in my heart and my Memories. and I , know we will see each other again, that is a promise our Father in Heaven told us.
We will continue to tell our children and Grand - Children how Momma chased Pokey down the road one Christmas Morning ( after he and David were told to quit shooting water guns in the house), the last time we were all together for a Holiday..1986
The next time we were all together was October 2010, then Dad died. And we had to bury our 1st love one.. next time was last year, when Mom died.  You never know how much you really miss someone ,until they are gone. You both may be gone, but never forgotten.
Sleep well till we see each other, again
I love ya'll

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