Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lucky Irish PTU

I wrote this Tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.
Please DO NOT add this to any website,yahoo group, or forum, with out my permission..
This Awesome St. Pattys kit is by Cari at Black Widow Creationz called," Pot of Gold" can be found Here 
The cute Tube I am using is by PinUpToons and can be found at CDO  Here 
Let's get Started...
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Alien Skin Xenofex 2 -Constellation
Noise filter 
800 X 800
1.) EL 36--Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL-- with magic wand click on the inside of the frame-- Sel--Modify--Expand X6
2.) PP3-C&P as NRL-- Invert on frame--delete on paper--select None = SN-- move paper below frame and DS both.
3.) Tube -- C&P as NRL--place on frame--Duplicate = Dup..Blur--Gaussian = 6 -- Blend Mode = BM = multiply-- Opasity = OP = 80%---Merge Down = MD---Dup. again--place this one below frame--on top of paper--use your freehand selection tool and cut  around the bottom of tube--- delete any over hang.. do this for both tubes..once done.close background layer and Merge Visible = MV all layers,,rename Frame...
4.) EL 9 --C&P as NRL--place below frame--move to upper right corner--dup.--mirror--flip--MD--(DO NOT DS--if your going to animate or add noise) rename Glitter
5.) EL 14--C&P as NRL--Resize = R=60%--sharpen-- move to upper left side--DS---Tag Reference = TR--Dup. -- R--80% -- sharpen-- place on bottom right
6.) EL 15-- C&P as NRL--Place behind frame layer--DS--TR
7.) EL 16 --- R = 50% sharpen--C&P as NRL --place on left--bottom of frame--Image--free rotate--left - 25-- DS--dup.. and move this one below frame--with lasso tool--settings = point to point--add shift--feather = 0--smoothing = 0 --- anti-alias--checked--go around horse shoe just above the frame--EX 1--
Once happy (making sure your on the top layer) Delete-- select none = SN--TR
8.) EL 21--R = 50% ----C&P as NRL -- place beneath the end of rainbow---DS--Dup.-- mirror--TR---MD
9.) EL 24 --R = 50%-- unsharp mask----C&P as NRL -- place on bottom tight corner -- DS -- TR
10.) EL 23 -- R = 50% -- unsharp mask ----C&P as NRL --place on vest -- DS--free rotate -- right 30
11.) EL 22 --E = 50% & 80%--unsharp mask----C&P as NRL -- place in front of cane --move down a little --DS--TR
12.) EL 3 -- R = 45 % unsharp mask----C&P as NRL --place in center --left of vest--DS--TR--free rotate  left = 20
13.) EL 4 -- R = 45 unsharp mask----C&P as NRL -- place upper right corner--DS--TR--dup.--mirror--dup. again--and place a few around-- I did 16- making sure I sharpened with each resize-- after doing 4-- I just duplicated and moved them around--TR
14.) EL 20 -- R = 50%--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL-- place on left bottom --DS--TR
15.) EL 19 --R = 50%--unsharp mask   --C&P as NRL -- place next to hat--DS--TR
16.) EL 18-- R - 50 %--sharpen-- --C&P as NRL -- place-- on right side of hat--put layer below hat layer--DS--TR
17.) EL 25 --C&P as NRL -- place on top right side--when happy--put layer right above the glitter layer--(DON'T DS -if animating)
18.) EL 1 --R = 30%  unsharp mask --C&P as NRL -- place in front of bears left side--DS--TR
19.) R= 63% all layers--- PP7----C&P as NRL -- place on the layer above glitter-- add mask of choice--delete mask--ungroup layers--crop--opaque--  (If you don't want to animate---MV  all layers--add ALL Copy rights and name save as PNG.) If you want to animate--continue..
Lets Animate

 1.) Close all layers below frame and close pots of gold and glitter layers--MV all other layers-- should look like EX. 2
 2.) Add ALL Copyright and then MD to merged layer.
3.) Dup. Glitter 2X = 3 rename them glitter 1,2,3,close them for now..
4.) With Lasso tool,same settings as before, go around the gold in the pot. Now dup. 2X =3 layers--rename them gold 1,2,3--close out #2 & 3..Keep selected.
5.) now working on gold 1, go  to Alien Skin Xenofex 2 constellation-- settings EX.3
Settings: star size = 4.34--size variation = 16---edge star density = 8
overall star density = 21 ---- overdrive - = 50--twinkle amt. =75--twinkle rotation = 45--keep original image -- random seed = 1 
6.) close out #1, open # 2--redo filter but just hit random seed 1X
7.) close out # 2, open # 3 ---redo filter but just hit random seed 1 X-close #3, SN--all gold layers are closed.
8.) Open Glitter 1--Adjust--add/remove noise--add noise--these settings: Random = 35 -- monochrome -- checked - EX 4
  9.) close #1, open #2 repeat noise --# 45
10.) close #2, open #3--repeat noise -- # 55-- close #3, reopen #1
11.) Open Animation Shop--Open Gold #1--with both #1's open--copy merged and paste into animation shop as New animation..
12.) Close both #1's, open #2's and copy merged and paste after current frame..
13.) Close both #2's, open #3's and copy merged and paste after current frame.. now you have 3 frames
14.) Edit--select all-- Animation --Frame Properties -- change to 20
15.) make sure all 3 frames are still selected--and  go to Animation properties--  opaque--white-- now view your animation..if Happy --add name and save as gif..
Thank you for doing my tutorial
 Here is what it looks like as a PNG.

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