Sunday, April 7, 2013

Angel FTU

I did this Memorial for our  2nd child..Candace Mae..Even though she lived a short while, she touched alot of People..
Candy as we called her was born with a rare metabolic disorder. When she was born,the Specialist had only been working on this Disorder for 10 years,and what made it Rare for her,she was the 1st. little girl born with it..the Ugly name is "Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Deficiency Disorder" We had 3 Blessed years with Candy, she enriched our lives,and changed our views about alot of things...Candy loved fast cars,and AC/DC music, and when her Aunt Tricia used to swing her on the swing her Grandma bought her.. she is sorely missed...Love you sweety
I wrote this Tutorial using Cari's "Angel Cry" Scrap kit you can find it Here  Thank you so much Cari...
Let's Begin
You'll need a couple of photos or Tubes.
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5  black
800 X 800
1.) Frame 1-- C&P as NRL--place  in Center.
2.) With Freehand selection tool--point-to-point--add (shift)--feather= 0 --smoothing = 0 ---anti-alias-checked.
go around frame..
3.) Paper 2--or one of your choice-- C&P as NRL--place over frame--invert on frame--delete on paper -- Keep Selected, move paper below frame-- 
4.) Tube/Photo--C&P as NRL --once happy with placement--delete on tube/photo --- SN--place the tube/photo --below frame-- duplicate--Blur--gaussian 6--Blend mode=Hard light--opacity=80&--Merge Down--DS all 3
5.) Close Bottom layer--Merge Visible all layers--R=80%--sharpen
6.) Move frame (merged layer) to upper left hand corner-- TR
7.) C&P 2nd Tube/Photo--as NRL--mirror and place it on bottom right corner.  
8.)  If you followed the instructions on adding your pattern--were going to go to materials properties--pattern--look for angel cry 4 --angle/0  scale/100
9.) With  Ellipse tool in Preset shapes--create on vector--retain style--anti-alias checked--line style--solid  width=20--draw out a circle-- then convert to raster layer..
10.) Repeat line2--C&P =Paper23--as NRL--place in center of circle--invert on circle--delete on paper-move below circle frame-KEEP SELECTED--
11.) C&P 2nd tube/photo--place under circle--delete on tube/photo..Select none---now duplicate tube/photo--blur gaussian 6--blend mode=multiply --- opacity = 80%  md.  --DS all 3--to make it easier--rename your frames--IE: frame 1, frame2---move frame 2 to lower right side...bottom--TR
12.) Angel Wings 1--C&P as NRL--place upper right corner==place above bottom  layer...DS
13.)  Angel 1 -C&P as NRL--place on bottom left side--DS
14.) Beads 3 --C&P as NRL--DS--duplicate--mirror--flip--MD--Move below the wing layer. 
15.) Candle 3 -- C&P as NRL-- place on lower left side--DS--TR--Duplicate--R= 80%-- place right of the 1st one--MD
16.) Clouds 1--C&P as NRL--move to upper right corner--make sure you don't get too close to the edge of your canvas...duplicate--move the dup.. below  wings-- on top erase the area that is over frame 1 (I used the free hand selection tool--same settings--as before-) then opacity = 70%
17.) Doodles 3 --C&P as NRL-- mirror--and place on upper left corner--place above frame 2--- DS duplicate and Mirror--flip--MD--TR
18.) Crystal Ball4--R=50% & 80% X2--unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--place on upper -left corner--on top hook---DS-TR-dup. R= 80% --move to other hook on bottom --TR
19.) Crysal ball 3--R = 50% & 80% X2-- unsharp --repeat #18..
20.) Fence1-- C&P as NRL--place on left side bottom--move layer above background layer--DS--TR
21.) Flower 9--place in center --DS--Tr
22.) Harp 2 --R = 60% --unsharp mask--C&P as NRL--place between Angel and Tube-- DS--TR
23.) Fairy Tales 3--4--C&P as NRL--R = 30% -- unsharp mask--place in front of the statue and Harp--
24.) Now with a nice font (I used) {Angelica text.} I have had this one for many years, and do not know how to obtain it (sorry)
Add a nice saying..
Once happy with bottom still closed,MV all laye
25.)  Add Paper 7 - or one of your choice) Place it above bottom layer
26.) Add mask of choice--place layer above bottom--delete mask--ungroup layers---
When happy..Merge visible to all.
Add All Copy right and your Name
Save as PNG
Thank you for reading my tut..and thank you for allowing me to add some thought to my blog..


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