Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bad Teacher 1 PTU

I wrote this tutorial ,any resemblance to others is Purely a coincidence. Please do NOT upload this tutorial anywhere,without asking me 1st.
This awesome kit I chose today is by Cari at Black Widow Creationz it's called "Bad Teacher" you can find it Here 
The Tube is by Keith Garvey,he has his own store and you can find it Here 
My Supplies Here  
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black  
Tubes- 1 Regular and 1 Close up
900 X 900
Let's begin..
1.) EL 42 --Copy and Paste = C&P --New Raster Layer = NRL-- move it yo at least to the 2nd square from top..With magic wand-click in the inside of each square. (or use your freehand selection tool)
2.) Paper 1 (or one of your choosing) C&P as NRL -- make sure it's over the frames--invert on frame-delete on paper--select none = SN--(crop opaque if needed) move paper below frame,DS both
3.) Tube (close up) -C&P as NRL --Resize = R= (if needed,don't forget to sharpen)place on the paper under the frame..delete any that hangs over.DS
4.) Duplicate = dup.-- tube - mirror--and place this one in the next frame..Close bottom layer--Merge visible all others --rename it Frame.--Blend Mode = BM = Multiply -- Tag reference =TR     
5.) EL 5-- C&P as NRL -- place it in front of the frame--DS & TR
6.) EL 14 --C&P as NRL -- Place this on left side of frame--DS & TR
7.) EL 2 -C&P as NRL -- Place upper right corner--DS
8.) EL 13 --  C&P as NRL --  place on left side bottom--DS
9.) EL 10 - C&P as NRL -- place in front of vest -- bottom left--DS
10.) EL 12 --R= 50%--unsharp mask --C&P as NRL -- free rotate--right 30--DS--Place on top of cuffs.
11.) EL 35 -- R = 50% -- unsharp mask --C&P as NRL -- DS & TR
12.) EL 37-R = 75% & 80%-unsharp Mask-- C&P as NRL -- place on top -- free rotate left 35-- dup-and move below frame--on top --with free hand selection tool--settings: point to point --add shift--feather = 0 --smoothing = 0 -- anti-alias checked--go around the top part of hat (EX 1)--when done --delete--SN--DS on bottom -TR    
13.) C&P 2nd tube as NRL- --  -place it on  right side--in front of car--DS & TR
14.) EL 4--R =70%  & 80%--unsharp mask- C&P as NRL -- place bottom right corner--DS & TR
15.) EL 49 -- R = 60% unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL --  place next to music player--TR--DS-- place layer below shoe layer-
16.) EL 7 --R = 60 -- unsharp mask -- C&P as NRL -- place on left side--DS-- TR
17.) EL 9 --R= 60 ---unsharp mask-- C&P as NRL -- --place it on top of leather outfit..DS &  TR
18.) EL 1 --   C&P as NRL -- place above the bottom layer--DS -- dup.--mirror and place it on bottom layer- once happy -merge down--dup.-flip--merge down.
19.) EL 33- R = 50 % & 80%--unsharp mask=C&P as NRL --  place on top center--DS--Tr--free rotate Right -35--dup..R= 80% mirror--place this one on right side of frame.
20.) R-all 56 % -Merge visible-C&P as NRL --  -Paper of choice,place this one on bottom layer--add a mask of choice--delete mask--ungroup layers--now open bottom layer--Merge visible
21.) Now add ALL Copy Right info-- Name and save it as PNG..
I hope you liked my tutorial,

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