Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cute Spring PTU

I Wrote this tutorial,any resemblance to others is purely a coincidence. Please DO NOT add this to any Forums,Groups or websites, without my permission.
This Cute little Spring kit is called "Cute Spring" and is by Priscilla at Cakie Pot Pie and can be found at Here  
The Beautiful Tube is by Barbara Jensen and can be found Here  
My Supplies Here  
Drop Shadow=DS=2,2,50,5 black
First download my files,these are the Examples and the grass and sky.
Let's begin
900 X 900
1.) Grass -- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL--close out bottom layer--place grass on bottom left--duplicate = DUP-- mirror--Merge Down = MD-Crop opaque--now DUP again--flip and move down to the top of the other--MD--DUP--and flip-- (repeat 1 more time) when you have enough grass-Merge Visible = MV-- and rename Grass.
2.) Tree - Resize = R= 22% -- Unsharp mask = USM-- C&P as NRL-- place on right side --DS and Tag Reference = TR
3.) Tulip  - R=22% & 50%--USM--C&P as NRL-place on the right side by the tree--DUP-R=80^ place it next to the other one MD---DS-- DUP--Mirror--place these on right side of tree.
4.) Sun --R = 20% & 80% X2--
USM--C&P as NRL -rename--Sun--place it on top left--DS--TR
5.) Sky ---C&P as NRL- place it above bottom layer--DO NOT DS---Opacity = 75%
6. Rainbow--R =22% & 80%--USM--C&P as NRL-place on right side--behind tree--DS--move layer right above sky--rename rainbow
7.) Kite--R = 22% -USM--C&P as NRL - DS-- Place on left side-- TR
8.) Tube--R--if needed--C&P as NRL---place on bottom left--DS--TR
9.) Cupcake 1 --R = 22% & 80% X3 --USM--C&P as NRL-
place on left bottom in front of tube--DS--TR--DUP.--R=80%--DUP -- R- 80%--place a few around your tag, I did them in different sizes.
10.) Bunny-- R = 22% -- USM--C&P as NRL- Place on right side of flowers--DS--TR--DUP--80%--move it forwars a bit--TR
11.) Jelly Beans scatter-- R = 15%--USM--C&P as NRL-Place on right side and move under the bunny layer--DS--TR--DUP--R= 75-sharpen--place layer below tube--TR--with raster deform tool--make it a little smaller--TR
12.) Open Basket as New layer--Shift key and D--duplicate Basket--close out original-- now R= 50% all layers unchecked--USM--move it down a little--
a.) Leaves--R = 20% & 80%-USM--C&P as NRL- --Place on front left side of basket--DUP--move this one behind basket--Cut off the area hanging over basket-- EX. 1--I used the Lasso tool with these settings - Point to point-- add shift--feathering= 1 -smoothing= 0--anti-alias--checked.--delete--select none= SN-- now make sure there is none hanging over on the bottom tulip..EX. 2 AND EX. 3
b.) Tulip -- R = 20% & 80% X2--USM --C&P as NRL -DUP --and close out--On top one, go around the part that is over hanging-- EX. 4--   DS..
c.)  open the DUP-- move it in front of other tulip, erase any over laying-- DS ---TR
d.) C&P Tulip again, mirror --TR--DS (repeat B & C )=when ready--MV all layers--C&P Basket as NRL -- R = 80% X2-sharpen--move behind tube layer.
13.) Kit Bird -- R = 20%, 50% & 80%--USM--C&P as NRL--
place on the tree--DUP-  R = 80%-- mirror-- place in the front of tag---TR.
14.) I added some butterflys that come with the tube.
15.) Close out the Sun--MV all layers below it-- Rename Top
16.) Close out top and Sun--MD--sky with Bottom layer-- md both tulips with the tree layer--
17.) If you don't want to animate--close out all layers--and MV..R= 56%-sharpen-- ADD all Copyrights and Name--save as PNG.
18.) Grey Cloud--R- 25% USM--C&P as NRL - DON'T DS-- place on top of the sky layer-starting at the tree --TR-- DUP.--NO DS--now DUP, As many clouds as you want...I did 5..Starting near the tree on the right--1st layer= 50,2nd layer= 60, 3rd layer = 70, 4th layer = 80 and last layer 5th- layer = 90, move the 5th layer over the sun...TR
19.) Close out all but the 1st cloud layer.-- Now R=56%--sharpen
20.) Add all Credits and Copy right info,as well as your name..
Open Animation Shop
Let's Animate
DUP. Sun X5--and Close out all Suns but the 1st one..
Now with both #1's open, copy merged, and paste into Animation as New Animation.
PSP-- close #1's --- open #2's-- and repeat till you have 5 frames in animation shop..
Now edit-select all- Frame Properties- with these settings
1= 125...2= 110...3= 110...4=110...5=125
once happy save as GIF
Thank you so much for doing my Tutorial


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