Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pink Sunshine PTU

I Wrote this Tutorial, any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. Please Do NOT place this on any website,group of forum without my permission.
The tubes I am using are by Barbara Jensen and can be found Here 
The Kit I am using is called "Pink Sunshine" and is by Alexis's Graphics Palace and can be found Here  
You will need 1 Close-up and 1 full size or half size, tubes
Drop Shadow = DS = 2,2,50,5 black
Let's begin
900 X 900
1.) EL. 23-- Copy and Paste = C&P as New Raster Layer = NRL--center it.
2.) With freehand selection tool-(point to point --add shift--feather = 0-- smoothing = 0-- anti-alias -checked- )- go around the yellow part of the element..
3.) Close -up -- C&P as NRL--resize = R = if needed-- place it in center of element--invert on element--delete on Close-up--Select none = SN--DS--element and tube--Close out bottom layer and Merge Visible= MV --move it to upper left side of canvas--tag reference = TR--rename #1
4.)  EL. 25 - C&P -As NRL-- place on bottom right corner-- DS
5.) EL. 26 -- C&P as NRL-- place on upper right corner-- DS --duplicate = dup -- mirror and flip --Merge Down = MD
6.) EL. 52-- C&P as NRL -- place on middle right side--DS--mover layer below the #1 layer--TR
7.) EL. 51--C&P as NRL-- place on top , left side-DS--free rotate --left 25--TR
8.) EL. 57 --C&P as NRL----place on left center--DS--move it over-- TR
9.) EL. 01--C&P as NRL-- place upper right ( R= 80 X2--sharpen --unsharp mask = USM--) DS
10.) EL.6--C&P as NRL--mirror- place over sun--DO NOT DS
11.) Other Tube- --C&P as NRL--R= if needed-- place in center--dup.--blur--gaussian-6-blend mode=soft light--opacity= 90--MD--DS
12.) EL. 60 -- R = 50% --USM  --C&P as NRL--place on full tube at bottom--dup.--place this one under EL.25--on top one- with freehand selection tool--go around top ,.and then delete as in EX.2--DS bottom one--SN
13.) EL.60--C&P as NRL--Place on right side top--DO NOT DS--move layer below EL.6--opacity 80%--TR
14.) EL. 20 --C&P as NRL-- place on left side--DS--move layer below music note layer.
15.) EL. 45-R = 50%--USM--C&P as NRL--mirror and place on bottom left--DS--TR
16.) EL. 46 -R = 50% -- USM --C&P as NRL--place right above EL. 45--DS--TR
17.) EL. 47 - R = 75 % --USM--C&P as NRL--place on right side bottom next to mask--DS--TR--free rotate = L 25%
18.) EL. 48 - R = 75 %-USM--C&P as NRL--place on left side--DS--TR
19.) EL. 50-R = 75%--USM--C&P as NRL--place right below sun--free rotate--R25 --DS-- TR
20.) With bottom layer still closed--MV-all other layers--R = 56%--sharpen
21.) EL. 63--C&P as NRL--move layer above bottom layer--crop--opaque - 504X504---Opacity 70%--open the bottom layer--MV - ALL Layers
22.) Add All Credits and save as PNG.
Thank you for doing my tutorial.

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